Tuesday, July 30, 2002

you know, not one thing i wrote in my last post was meant to be a go at any one.

i was looking forward to talking to sean on wednesday, just not about *stuff*
yes i would have asked about holly, but only how she was since sean had gone
holly can write whatever she wants in her blog, i wasnt taking offence to it at all, i was just saying how matt felt about it
i write things in my blog because its stuff i need to get out, not to any one in particular, just get out in the open
to sean : i didnt email you this week and i've already told you why
i wasn't taking that whole link as a joke, just the picture of the guy and his name, not what he was saying

i really think this should be recording my voice so people can hear what i'm saying, not just read it. fuck

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