Saturday, November 22, 2008

an overheard ode to our lunch

x - chicken nuggets, walking down the street, chicken nuggets, crumbing themselves with meat
e - um. yeah, its good
x - crumbing themselves with meat doesnt really work tho
e - thats what i was going to say
me - what about 'the kind i'd like to eat'?
x - wow mum! you're actually really good!
im happy for the rain

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


considering how shit i've been feeling lately, i've had a considerable amount of luck.

i won an ipod shuffle, helping out with jennys film, and that night i met a nice french boy who gave me a parasol and didnt break my heart. and this weekend just gone, i managed to get up and out of my house by 8am on a saturday morning, spend hours in the sun without getting burned, and have a nice afternoon. then later that night, i won a cure album, a ticket to the laneway festival, and managed to stay out all night and actually have a fun time.

but all it seems to be doing is make me wonder when its all going to come crashing down again. what is the big thing that is going to happen, to make everything miserable again? there are a few options that i can think of already, the usual suspects, you know, but there's a niggling feeling that it might even be bigger this time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


nothing much is happening, but i thought i should probably stop by and say something.

so here is some sort of an update

i am successfully growing my nails
i vacuumed my lounge room on monday
i cleared out the top shelf of my computer cupboard after my internet decided not to work for hours and hours
im still eating pretty much healthily
boys are still shit
whilst cleaning my computer cupboard, i found the following cds - stina nordstrom, the cure, blur, darren hanlon, gotye, modest mouse and bird lantern
i am addicted to skins
on saturday i will be a book in a christmas pageant

so, as you can see, nothing much has changed.

band practice tomorrow night.

dear ben,
i promise to try and sing properly
love carly

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

mum! its so awesome!

e turns on the tv after getting home from school:

"mum! come quick! i have to show you something. its so awesome! the right man won america! i knew he would"

from dooce

Sunday, November 02, 2008

photos from the weekend (thanks to henry)

last night i missed out on seeing you am i for the first time in a really long time. i did want to go, but the prospect of going alone, and seeing people there, wasnt one i was prepared to face right now. i've done it before. a year ago exactly, actually. sitting out the back of the jade with clementine and melissa, whilst inside were an ex boyfriend and his girlfriend, someone i'd slept with and his girlfriend, and someone who i was seeing while he had a girlfriend, and his girlfriend.

so this time instead of seeing all that again i decided to dress up like a tea lady and go to dylans halloween party.

miffy, henry and i had helped out as extras in jennys film "justice squad'. i was a tea lady a cup of tea solves anything, miffy was super librarian knowledge is power, and henry was street smart fighting crime from the gutter up. super me won an ipod for having the best costume. go me.

instead of going to see you am i, i stayed home and slept until we had to go to dylans. i was a tea lady again, miffy was the white mouse, and luke was a lumberjack. we met ben, maddy, henry, joel, brendan and dom, (amish man, amish lady, dr who, pirate, jack skellington and superman). seems i also met a french boy who's here for 6 months. i have his phone number. i wont be using it.

on friday i had a doctors appointment. best doctor ever. anyway, i've been told to eat bacon, poached eggs and grilled tomato for breakfast. ive eaten that friday, saturday and today, and it has made me feel full for longer. i also made it from thursday night to now without bread.

now im watching pugwall. and i have a headache