Monday, January 31, 2005

Saturday, January 29, 2005

harbour town! harbour town!

you need to sing the above title like you were singing the spiderman song

harbour town, harbour town
friendly neighbourhood harbour town

it was pretty ok actually. there werent as many wankers as i thought, and there were only a couple of bitchy sales girls.
there was a table that said '2 for $15' and i grabbed two tops, one that said $5 and one that said $10. 5+10=15. then i found a skirt that said $10. thried them all on, looking pretty good, go to the counter and she scans them all and says '$35' and i say, 'they were from the 2 for $15 table' and she grabs the 2 tops and says, 'yeah, $5 and $10, makes $15' and gives me this look like im stupid, and i say '...yes...' show her the $10 price tag on the skirt and say '$10 plus $10 plus $5 equals $25'.
'well, that skirt is actually on the $20 table'
and thats when sharyn butts in and says, 'oh, so somebody priced it wrong AND put it on the wrong table?' and she gives me that look again except now its tinged with hatred and charges me $25
then its sharyns turn. she has tops from the 2 for $15 table as well, except one of them has a broken seam and she asks to get it a little cheaper. firstly, i need to point out that she has 4 tops all up adding up to a grand total of $30
bitchy salesgirl says, 'i cant give you a discount on the top if you get it in the 2 for $15 special. i can give you 10% off the price of the top on its own though' so she can charge sharyn $15 for the first two, then the original, before special price of $10 for the 3rd top, then the discounted because its faulty price of $9 for the 4th top, adding up to $34.

sharyn stands there giving her the same look as me. the look that says, 'you realise you're charging me more money for faulty garments?!?!?!' instead she says, 'i asked to pay less, not more' and the salesgirl charges her $30 and we leave, IN DISGUST

in the next shop we go into the same thing happens. sharyn and i get two tops off of a 2 for $10 rack and the girl says '$19.90 thanks' and i remind the poor lass that the price is actually $10 and she says 'ok' in that bitchy way that her and the girl from the other store, who is obviously her friend, speak, and holds out her hand for the money while rolling her eyes.


so that was the crap part, on to the cool parts

there was one really cool sales girl called jasmine who worked for ralph lauren, (yes we shopped there) who when she saw us looking at the jeans, said 'oh, dont touch those, they're too expensive. i'll just get the ones you want out of the window for you, they'll fit you and you'll look great' to karlie, and she's a fucking size 8-10 and got a pair of ralph lauren polo jeans for $15.95.


i didnt get as good a bargain as that but i did manage to get two skirts and three tops for $35. and i got a skirt that was $35.95, had a sale price of $20, then $10 and i ended up getting it for $5. woohoo, go me

a selection of patterns from the clothes i bought today

in other news, last weekend matt attempted to eat an icecream that was bigger than his head. he lost. we took a picture of it with his phone and emailed it to my account but its not here so i cant show you the thing that was the lime, pineapple and choc orange experience. suffice it to say, it was disgusting and he will never do it again. and last night i managed to drop my mobile phone into a glass of coke. it works still, didnt last night but it was fine in the morning. the buttons are quieter now too

anyone who would like to bring me double choc mint clusters from charlesworth nuts is a really nice person

Friday, January 28, 2005

eli: mum, i'll be dorothy and you be a wiggle

me: um, ok, which wiggle should i be?

eli: um, wiggle purple

im going to harbour town tomorrow. im all kinds of excited
oi, drama queen

i would like to know whats going on in your blog right now but i cant. do you know why? because in the time it takes me to read all the other blogs on my adelaide links list, yours is still loading up. then i read all the other blogs and yours is still loading up. i am impatient, so therefore i click that lil X up in the corner and wave buhbye

i dont know how to say thinking of unlinking you. i know this is not exactly unlinkworthy. you didnt...i dont know...confess to loving my husband and then when i said, um, hey thats a bit crap, get all snarky and unfriendlike at me and then unlink me, so i unlinked you for being "in love" with my husband and unlinking me.* your site just takes too long to load and it shits me

and we all know, that its all about me

*i know that only a couple of people wil get this, but it was honestly the first thing that came to mind when i was thinking about unlinking

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

listen up!

the velveteen habit will be on three d radio in about 20 minutes doing an interview on the top 100+1. that puts them in the mid 80's i think.
the chart is made up of the most played new releases of the year, so the 80's is pretty good and it was a funny decade so thats even better


the velveteen habit came in at number 83 with roger moore

Monday, January 24, 2005

i love you too

stupid car

have i told you all how much i hate my car? i hate my car. i never liked it. ever. i loved my old car

here is a shot of my old car. i cant find a better one so you'll just have to make do with this one. its a morris 1300 and it ruled

my current car is a hyundai excel and it is crap. well, ok, its not crap. whats crap about it is that its not my old car. so we're selling my crap ar andbuying me a new car and it is a distinct possibility that it will be matts parents magna wagon.

a magna wagon? matts parents magna wagon? matts dads magna wagon?


i'll let you know how it goes. we're trialing it this week

on another note, anyone wanna buy a hyundai excel? its got a reconditioned motor in it and the gears are great. just needs a new cooling system. you know you want it. i'll even clean it for you first
the suspence was killing me

the above sentance is a complete and utter lie. i watched mission impossible the other night. ok, i may have been more intrigued had i seen it from the beginning not from a third of the way through, but i cannot express to you how boring it was





actually, writing boring the last way that i did was more exciting than watching the film.

there is a scene was the baddy is trying to blame it all on some other guy and tom cruise is pretending to believe him while simultaniously remembering back and realising its actualy the baddy in front of him who is to blame.

you see the baddy, he makes some comment, so blatantly 'you will think this now' that its laughable, his face has totaly the wrong expression . and then tom goes, yeah, you are so right, how could i not have seen it? except he's thinking about how it was really the bad guy. there is even music to create more suspense, except there is none.




you get it?

i watched the film until about the last ad break and then announcd i could not stand the stupidity of it for one more second.
'but this is probably the last lot of ads, it'll be finished in 5 minutes!'
'no, i cannot sit through this a minute longer'
and i went to bed

about a minute later matt went to bed too. so we still dont know how it ended but i dont care because it was booooooooring

Friday, January 21, 2005

self indulgent pic post

re-titled stupid fucking computer until my pics work

re-re-titled self indulgent pic post

i love my babies. look how beautiful they are

e, aka harry potter and c, aka batman, fighting evil in my kitchen

x, the coolest 5 year old in school

poster boy for 'slip slop slap'

surf lifesavers in the making

Thursday, January 20, 2005

im updating my torrid wishlist by deleting all the out of stock stuff, just to make it easier on y'all.

yes, i said y'all

i'm also attempting to use my new favourite word, cuss

dear kent, i like the word mew too

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

depression is a big fish; swallow you whole

the blogging world seems to be full of women with depression and kids. its not that i've only just become one, i've always been this way, its just that i dont normally talk about it. choosing instead to talk about mundane stupid things that piss me off and the like.

but over the last few days its really gotten too much for me. i know there'll be a few of you out there who'll be thinking 'what have a done wrong? what did i do?' and hey, think that all you want, just dont expect to get an answer. its not about you, it is and always has been all about me. which is a good name for a website, but im sure someone else has always taken it. i digress.

i will also get a lot of 'whats wrong? what happened? how can i help? if you'd only just talk about it' which is fine too, please, go ahead and say that all you like, just dont expect to get an answer to those questions either.
depression sucks. thats about all i can say to you. right now, in all honesty, the most important thing to me is playing nature park on my mobile and sleeping.
the sleeping part is only happening in the day when i should be working or spending time with my family. its not happening at night, as documented in an earlier post and here

11 oclock last night i decided i needed to get drunk. this is totally not a me thing to do. i walked down the road in my pyjamas towards the botle o but it was closed so i sat at a bus stop and cut up my arms and legs with a piece of glass.

im not telling you all this for sympathy or for some need to show you how fucked up i am. im just saying it to try and explain a few things. i've dropped out of equus. i cant concentrate on it. with the court stuff going on and everything else in my life right now, its just not important

im sorry to everyone involved in the production, and everyone who was looking forward to seeing me in it. i hope you arent too disappointed. i hope it will still go on and that you will all still turn up.

im going for a while, i might finish this later

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Monday, January 17, 2005

heh heheh haahahahahahhbwaaahhahahahah!!!!!

Anyway. So there’s that boundary. And I’m totally crossing it with this one even though Society tells me that it is wrong to say anything about black people or people who are not white. If you are talking about white people, by all means, please go on, but do not talk about The Others. They can hear you.

Anyway. So you know how women make milk? Out of their boobies? Well, I always thought that it would be cool if black women could make chocolate milk. “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” because I like chocolate milk. And black people too. You know, I knew a black person once. So I’m totally not racist. And if that were true, think that the starving babies in Africa wouldn’t starve anymore because chocolate milk is like, totally fattening!

Anyway. Black people make chocolate milk. They would also make other bodily fluids in the brown color as well.

So today I went to the dentist and it took TWO HOURS to get my teeth cleaned. I was annoyed. But that’s not the important part of the story. When the dentist cleaned my teeth, she used chocolate mint. And then she made me use fluoride that had a horrible salty taste to it.

Now, I’m going to tell you something and you may or may not believe me. I have never tasted “baby batter.” But, that being said, I hear it tastes salty. So, I have a chocolate salty taste in my mouth(and it didn’t taste like popcorn and MnMs either) and all I could think was “So this is what it would be like to give head to a black man.”

heehee, she's a new favourite

oh no! i closed the window where i got that from...grr, hang on. ok, found it!


Friday, January 14, 2005

my boobs are heavy

and apparently that means i cant be bothered actually typing anything. so here are some links to check out instead

equus be there and see me naked! please close your eyes when i start undressing

then he buried his face between my legs

the end

Thursday, January 13, 2005

and then the police came

im working today. i'd just gotten back from lunch where i had two very yummy plums to eat. i've settled myself down in the childrens library, checking in books, putting books away, helping a little girl find books about 'making..just...showing me making'. and im scanning them and handing them back to the mum when i see the police run through the court yard. i quickly wonder whats wrong and then turn back to the patrons and finish serving them

they walk over to the table and put their books in their bags when the police burst in reaching for their guns, 'where's the situation?'

theres no situation

'the alarm is going off in children's, what's the situation?'

wha... um...hang on

'its ok carly, you can go upstairs'

turns out it was a flat battery, but it was exciting for a little while

Sunday, January 09, 2005

recharging my love

i have renewed my love for loud music and it was all due to fridays chords for a cause gig at the enigma bar.
i'll just say this first. velveteen habit played so loud that at one stage i could not hear anything. there was just the feel of sound around my ears


leighstardust kicked off the night and it was so fucking cute. she rules. oh, let me tell you about the stupid bitchy girl. im not going to say where she is from because we may get into trouble but she is a stupid bitchy girl.
i was standing out the back of enigma, waiting to load all the gear in. she walks past, looks me up and down and makes this 'i am so completely better than you' face at me. now, i just have to remind you that all i was doing was standing next to the van with matt and marc. that is all. i didnt make a face at her, i was just looking around,seeing who was here, thats all. stupid girl.
anyway, leighstardust has inspired me to try and write some more upbeat songs instead of the plodding along songs we normally write. ive got a couple of ideas. while matt and jase are rendering my house today i might do a spot of song writing.

next came the simple people. i had to walk away because i was about to burst out laughing and couldnt stop myself. i wanted to enjoy it. i wanted to watch it so i could tell ross my thoughts afterwards. but all i could thinki of was pugwall and the orange organics and i have a feeling that wasnt quite what they had in mind. heehee, pugwall. i love that show.

then came the velveteen habit. i reckon this was close to being the best show they have ever played. loud, rockin, good sound, happy band members, all adds up to a fucking excellent gig. absofuckenlutely brilliant. marc rocked out completely. playing a guitar solo while playing the tambourine AND THEN jumping up onto the speaker box and playing to an adoring crowed surrounding him with their hands in the air. the velveteen habit fucking rock. im going to say that again

the velveteen habit fucking rock

then came brillig and my my, didnt sharyn turn 17 again. she was in her gothic period element. im not so into brillig. the girl is cute tho. she had cute glittery eyelashes and glittery hair and a cute skirt AND she played the violin.
the best part of their set was when leigh got up and they did their cover of fashion. but judging by the gothic crowd that stood there transfixed, brillig played a good show.

its a shame that people left during brillig, cos russian teammate played last and they were fucking good too. oh, and ive got a new love. brendan from russian teammate. must have a thing for bass players, i think.
they were really realy good. marc bought the album and matt and i got a badge each. i sneakily took the album home and i've been playing it quite a bit since then.

oh, bitchy girl. throughout the night she did that exact look at me 4 times. 4 times!! and each time i was doing nothing bitchy or lookworthy at all. and you know i would tell you if i did.
so im talking to sharyn and for some reason it was required of me to do a little dance move with included bending my arms at the elbow and moving them back and forth like i was running or something. and who should walk past me and right into my moving elbow but bitchy girl herself. and i wasnt even aiming. i had no idea whe was coming, i just moved my arm and whack, straight into her bitchy self. she of course turned around and gave me the look again and when she turned around i punched my fists in the air and exclaimed 'yeah!'

it was a good night

and about $3000 was raised for kids with cancer. well fucking done, adelaide.

have you noticed my love for the f word today? i dunno whats done it i'll stop now
15 million?

last night australia united and pledged 15 million dollars to help the tsunami victims of asia.

15 million dollars.

you know, those people have had their lives ruined and it makes me so unbelievably sad that i cannot cry. its like its too much, its unfathomable. its also unfathomable that australian have donated 15 million dollars to help. while this is entirely comendable, its also a little bit lame dont you think? it bothers me that we needed a massive wave to demolish six countries plus television coverage and a 3 channel live simulcast of a concert to raise this money for other countries when there are people here that are starving and dying on the streets and we just ignore them, walk past them, and mutter something about the stinking bums getting a job.

hey, i think what australia did last night was fucking unbelievable and is going to go a long way in rebuilding those countries affected by the tsunami. but i also think that we should try looking after some people a little closer to home as well.

Thursday, January 06, 2005


i am havung the most bizzarre dreams. last night im dreaming that i'm at high school again. im guessing its about year 10 because of all the people who were hanging around. these werent friends as such, just people who were in my classes at that time.
we're running around, trying to get to class on time. karlie gets sooky and starts crying because she's always late for a particular class, so mark thyer turns up and says that if we just looked at life from a different perspective, things would be ok, and leads us around the building rather than through it. although this seems to me to be taking a much longer time, we get there happily and we're able to look at all the gum trees along the way.
then we're downstairs. there's some sort of apple war going on where all the boys are ditching apples at each other. they're hiding behind us girls because they think the other guys wont throw it if we're around. they are wrong. i hide behind a lemon tree.
then im in a hall way, doing a dance that has a lot of walking forward, walking back, turning forward, turning back. i look down and paulini from australian idol is looking up my skirt. then im walking off stage with a whole group of people, hearing a massive crowd roaring for us and talking about how good its going to be tomorrow night.
then im in my back yard, discussing what colour jeans look the best on guys. i say blue. guy sebastion says black. then scott healey grabs my hand and pulls me into my laundry and kisses me and i look over my shoulder and see vicki and say 'dont worry'

what the?

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

impromptu blog-up

chords for a cause

alright yous guys, if i dont see each and every one of you at the enigma bar at 8:30 on friday night i will be mightily pissed.
first of all, leighstardust is playing. now we all know what a spunky little sprite that girl is, so come along and check her out.
next is simple people. now, i've not heard much of them. apparently the first few chords of one of their songs sound like the first few chords of a pete murray song. if you're into that kind of thing, turn up. if you're not, then turn up anyway because the velveteen habit are on next with promises of windmills and behind the head guitar playing.
then there's brillig. they're a scary lookin bunch of freaks but thats never stopped me liking people before. and hey, they covered david bowies 'fashion' with the beautiful leighstardust so we musnt be too harsh on them. they all dress in black so you'll have to keep your eyes open for them, enigma is a dark place.
then theres a raffle being drawn. 2 tickets to kangaroo island with accomodation paid for? yes please! but only if you come to the gig, so get your skates on.
and to finish off the night there's russian teammate. i dont know anything at all about this band, so i'll just say they're ace.

but the most important thing about friday nights gig is that all ticket proceeds are going straight to the childhood cancer foundation, and i request, nay, demand, that if you are in adelaide at the time of that gig, you are at the enigma bar with your $10 at the ready.
and i'm gonna be there and surely you wanna meet me, right?? right???
come on, boost my ego a little, you know you wanna at least tickle it
coast FM

at 8:30 tonight matt and marc from the velveteen habit will be on coast fm, 88.7.
y'all should listen in. also at 8am tomorrow morning they'll be on the breakfast program on 3d radio, 93.7 fm
blogging in my sleep

last night i dreamt that i was reading kents blog and he said how he had walked to glanceys house and had an iced coffee

i was jealous that they'd met

and that they had iced coffee

Monday, January 03, 2005

anyone going to a day on the green?

i have 1 ticket and no one to go with...anyone help me?

Saturday, January 01, 2005

ladyhawke vs the OC

a couple of nights ago, marc and i were watching tv. he was on one lounge watching the OC, i was on the other lounge continuously saying 'change the channel change the channel change the channel' etc.

in the ads, he flicked channels and ladyhawke was on channel 7. ladyhawke. LADYHAWKE was on channel 7, and i was watching the oc. ladyhawke is one of those movies i MUST watch whenever it is on tv. along with the power of one, the breakfast club and many others i seem to have conveniently forgotten at this moment.

some loser on the OC explains to us, the viewing public, that the way you spend new years eve is the way you spend the rest of the year. (and then he got locked in the poolhouse with that grumpy boy from the wrong side of the tracks, oh ho ho).
so i thought about that. looked at myself sprawled on the lounge with a cup of tea, telling someone to change the channel because their choice of television show is crap, and i thought, hey, the oc may actually be right.

last night matt and i put the kids to bed about 9:30 and settled down in the lounge to watch the you am i dvd we bought months and months ago but couldnt watch because of the ants that moved into our dvd zapper. you're still with me? good.
so it was hilarious as we watched all the filmclips with the audio commentary on and those boys are funny guys. after a while my eyes were getting heavy and i somehow managed to turn my head and say 'can you feed the dog? im going to bed'

as i snuggled down and stared at the pages of my book i decided to check what the time was. 11:55. LOSER.

but the OC was right. i will be spending my year in bed early with a book

ps. ladyhawke won out in the end. YEAH!

pps. im trying to keep this blog as light hearted as i can. there are so many unbleievable, un speakable horrors in this world, both natural and man made, that i cannot put words to. we're not letting the boys watch the news lately. we just turn it off. i cant let them see what kind of world we have brough them into. i dont want to have to explain why there are people floating face down in the ocean, and why there are people screaming and crying in the streets. i dont want to shelter them and wrap them in cotton wool, i just want them to be 3 and 5 years old, and the only thing they have to worry about is riding their bikes and running with their dog. some kids are really sensitive and emotional, they take things to heart, they think on things insesantly. these are my children. as beautiful as this child may be, it would have broken my heart to witness this