Monday, September 27, 2010

i breaking up with someone because you have different music tastes a valid reason?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

this is my new favourite blog

it has inspired me to do this

title: outside? fuck no!
explanation: i do this instead of doing other things
disclaimer: my room looks tidier there. cat doesnt look as crazy. smile generally isnt there. view from my window doesnt even remotely resemble this. i dont own a pink mug. nor can i balance it on my quilt. hair is pretty spot on

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

tuesday 21st

took kids to school
went to chemist
went to bed
made tea
put kids to bed

Monday, September 20, 2010

monday 20th september

made plans
got up
got dressed
fell apart
got kids
went to vet
bought food
went to bed

visited karli in hospital, went to lily and oonahs party, visited miffy, had tea at mums, vacuumed

monday job list
clean up bird leftovers
go to jb
buy cat food

Saturday, September 18, 2010

doing things

this post will be boring for you. but its something i have to do.

peaks and troughs. "i thought you were a peak but it turns out you're a ridge, i must climb over you". you know how it goes. so, its right now that i say hello to you from way. down. here.


medicine has been increased by 1/4. this is making me itch. maybe not itch. possibly just tingle. scaring the fuck out of me. if this doesnt work, will i have to stop my life again for three months? its looking that way. can i just live with tingling/itchiness so i can leave my house (when i *can* leave my house).
it would be handy to be better
it would be handy to remember which toothbrush is mine
it would be handy to remember where my indicators are
it would be handy to keep my eyes on the road

so, the plan is, to do things

do things

and write them down, so i have concrete evidence that i am, in fact, doing things. instead of telling myself that i do nothing, and that the kids are far better off with voldemort as they do things there, i write down the things that i do so that i can actually see, in front of me, with my own eyes that are hopefully looking straight ahead and not wandering to the side of the road, that i am doing things

things include taking kids to the bakery, taking kids to the playground, playing lego rockband, playing lego, singing and dancing in the kitchen

things also include taking recycling out, removing clothes from the kitchen table, unpacking the dishwasher

things also also include leaving the house for reasons not related to children, like visiting miffy, or going to the shops.

i dont know if i have been successful yet.

wed 15/9/2010
went out at 10 am, came home at 1pm.
i know i went to the doctor first, currently iunable to remember where i went afterwards
looked after noah for 3 hours

thurs 16/9/2010
went to work
went to kmart
went to marion
cleared off the kitchen table
did one load of washing
took out recycling
went to bed early

fri 17/9/2010
worked 930-6
went to bed

sat 18/9/210
currently midday and am still in bed.
have wiped over one bench in the kitchen

i need to put this out for other people to see. i need to put this out of my head

Thursday, September 09, 2010

music ideas

alan plays a song with bill. bill plays a song with clare. clare plays a song with dan. dan plays a song with enid. enid plays a song with frank, and so on

lyrics are written and distributed to 10-15 local bands. each band writes music and melody to the lyrics given and performs them all on the same night

10 bands. each band plays a song of their own, and a song written by a band playing that night