Wednesday, September 29, 2004

putting a smile on my face x2

not that i needed cheering up today, as it is a sunshiney day and quite lovely, but there were two things that happened today that made me smile. the first being a message i recieved from mogenic

Dear carly w,

You are now crowned as a dirty little princess and the cutest member of Mogenic.

and secondly, kylie told me that last night theo said i was a sex goddess.

yeah! go me!

i think i will end this entry with a quote from jen who left a message on my tag board

I personally wish to advise all readers of my website that it is my own personal belief that Shannon Noll cannot sing. And I've had my ears tested recently, it is something you have to do in call centres. So if you think he can sing, I seriously advise you to seek medical assistance ASAP. Oh, and I really wanna rip that stupid thing off his chin. Go on, click on the link, and take a look at the thing on his chin, and TELL ME that you don't feel the urge to rip/wax/shave that off. I was stuck in a shop the other day, with a friend who was buying a cd, and they were playing his What About Me song. Not only did I feel the urge to purge, I really noticed that even on the CD, he can't sing.

Monday, September 27, 2004


weekend was cool. saturday night i slept at saras for the 4th den night. read more here.

sunday i face painted for a while at the morphett vale sports complex open day with vicki and eliza. that was pretty cool. i found out that i dont totally suck at face painting which is lucky for all the kids that i painted. it was a bit hard to do all the things they wanted with only black and red paint, but we managed. lots of spidermen and girls running around yesterday. i also met a little boy named liam. liam was my favourite boy of the day. he was three years old, had beautiful little boy skin and cute parents with scottish or irish accents. all in all, very cute. on top of all that, he asked me to paint a giraffe on his face.
i love giraffes. not as much as liam tho, it seems, as he had to tell me exactly how a giraffe was to be painted. i did the red body, head, neck and legs. i was painting the splotches...splotches is the technical name, i checked with liam and he would know, and i made the passing comment that i was just about to do the splotches on its legs...
'giraffes dont have splotches on their legs'
'they dont?'
'no, only on their bodies. and they have little horns. have you paint little horns yet and sticky out ears?'
eeep, horns, forgot about those...
'yep, liam, just doing that now...and..'
'and a tail'
'yep, and a tail'
his mum leans over and takes a look. 'its looking really great liam'
'no liam, giraffe'
his mum smiles. 'liam, tell the lady what you want to be when you grow up'
'a giraffe'
i smiled. 'thats great liam, it'll be really handy for when you have to see something up really high'

so so far i have met zac who wants to be a superhero, (zac walkley to the rescue), liam who wants to be a giraffe, and kylies boyfriend who wants to be a fire engine. he's grown up now tho, and i dont know if he's gotten to fire engine status yet.

sunday afternoon i had a workshop at harry's for cuckoos nest. it was really good actually. a rather large shame that dale couldnt make it, considering hers is one of the major parts (nurse ratchett) and that in my opinion she is the one who needs the most work.
kylie and i were bored and were passing notes. we also played hangman with rude words.

then i watched criminal intent and loved vincent donofio again. i think i may write him a letter. if i send it, i'll document my progress here for you all to see

so far only one person has submitted their site to be linked to by the amazing me. while i do find his site interesting, and my coding and linking skills are superior to everyone's the reason i'm linking to him at the moment is because of this link. if this doesnt get you americans voting, i dont know what will.

also, that sims thing is fucking funny. i wanna play sims now.

perhaps lochies little tag is a wish to be linked to??? perhaps lovely locks lochie can provide more reasons than 'ive cleaned it a bit' and i'll link properly to the lil darlin

Saturday, September 25, 2004

one flew east, one flew west

some of you who are good with the looking and seeing and noticing of new things may have noticed the ad for cuckoos nest over there ->

things are going pretty well but we're still short on props. if you could help at all it would be greatly appreciated

Items needed:
Magazine Rack (white); 6 seater table (white painted wood); 10 chairs (white painted wood); Rocking chair (white); TV cabinet with shelves on wheels (pref. white)

Brown Leather restraining belt/strap; Surgical/medical tray; Electrodes for shock therapy; Teeth clamp for shock therapy; 2 x straightjackets; Bandages; Nurses watch.

Games/jigsaw puzzles (empty boxes OK); Old fashioned keys; Small TV (doesn’t need to work); Toilet scrubbing brush with large scrubbing head; Big broom with short handle; Old mop & steel bucket; White blanket; Wooden clip board; Desk microphone (for a loudspeaker); Steel torch; White painted metal bucket; Reel to reel tape recorder; Referees whistle; Cuckoo’s clock; Old clocks; Clock workings.

2 White nurses uniforms (one to be ripped); 3 white orderlies uniforms; 2 Nurse’s hats; Leather hat.
games to play

from kents site, two fun games that had me laughing and playing again and again. and yes mystery man, i played for both sides, but only for yours once :P

election invaders
truth overboard

to be honest, i still dont know who i'm going to vote for. there are a lot of family first posters up around school, and i was considering them. but then i heard on the radio that they were going to give all their preferences to liberal. whats the point in voting for someone if they're gonna make someone else the winner?

maybe i should go the green vote? the democrats? gah! im not looking forward to this

as long as people dont shove flyers in my face i think i should be ok

Friday, September 24, 2004

go me!

you should see me coding, and shit, im like, doing web stuff, yeah!

if you have a blog or website or something that you would like me to link to over there -> then comment and let me know. you have to tell me why i should look at it first, and then why i should take the time to copy and paste a link i already have, delete its webpage info, and then put yours in.

go you!
ive gotta do something at 1 o'clock today, could someone remind me?


Thursday, September 23, 2004

to all the people i owe emails to

get over it, it'l happen sooner or later. as was mentioned in an email to me, i didnt say anything about the boys in my rather large catch up entry.

boys. well, they're ok. they're a bit stinky, but from my experience, school aged boys do have a unique smell.
x is currently attending his second to last day of transission, which means next term he'll be moved up to the reception class to start doing actual real work. hang on, i have to wee. ok, back. so yeah, he'll be moved up. i think he's only 2 kids who are going up so soon. he's only in his first term of school. my clever clever boy. they have their readers all lined up in boxes on the shelf to choose from each day. levels 1, 2, 3 and 4. then there's a level 10 box for x and x alone, because he is so clever :) he's spunky too, such a cool guy.

now e, well, e has been sleeping lots. you may think that is a great thing, and on the surface it is because this kid is a million miles a minute and he does not have day time sleeps. when you're the parent of a million miles an hour kid who DOES NOT SLEEP, you tend to go a litle loco at times. so when e fell asleep at quarter to three on tuesday, slept through getting in and out of the car through school pick up, and then only woke up at 7, i was thinking i must have won some mummy lottery that i'd forgotten i'd entered. then wednesday came and he did it again, fell asleep in the afternon. except this time he woke up at 4:30 with a temperature of 39.9 and covered in spots. uhuh, yeah, i was thinking measels. and i was about to yell some very mean words at the immunization board for making him get a needle when he was gonna get the disease anyway.
i took him to see the lovely doctor robyn, who is cool. she said its showing almost all the symptoms of measels and i should take him down to flinders. i dont know if any of you out there realise what 'take him down to flinders' means, so i'll explain it.
if you go to flinders through emergency, there is every chance you will have to wait there for upwards of 8 hours to see someone. dr robyn saw the look on my face and said, oh no, dont worry, i'll be faxing them, they'll know it could be measels, and they'll see him straight away.
we were seen pretty quick actually. they had to put us in a lock down room with a guard, and then move us to the negative pressure room because its such a contagious disease. turns out its just some virus thats presented itself in a measles like rash, but it was good to get out of there in less that 2 hours.

so yeah, everyone's fine, albeit a litle spotty. did i spell that right? albiet? albeit? anyway, e's spotty but we're all fine

and personwhosnameimustnevermention? well he's decidedly chuffed because the velveteen habit are number 5 on the south australian music industry charts

well done lads
i read on ms fitts blog that labour are edging ahead of the liberals heading up to the election. this makes me wonder if its the reason my mystery man has been so quiet

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

keyboard confessional

i know i've been pretty quiet around here when its come to actual posts. and by actual posts i mean ones with actual news content, as opposed to ones full of crappy dribble.
i've been pretty busy really. doin lots of stuff...yeah, stuff. ok, i havent been busy, but my mind has been. i've been doing a lot of thinking, and that seems to have taken over from my blogging time. some may say thats a good thing, since i only ever blog uninteresting drivel, but i seem to have some sort of a minor following, so i feel like i should update you all on whats been going on in my life.

today i went for a job interview. i meant to tell you all about it weeks ago, but then i decided i didnt want to jinx it. i didnt want a comment box full of 'good lucks' only to have a comment box full of 'better luck next times' in a week or so.

vicki told me there were jobs going with the libraries. i've always wanted to be a librarian. it was my first employment dream. at that stage i thought it would be great because i could just read books all day. i now realise its a lot more work than that, but the fact i'll be working with books all the time is still great.

300 people applied for the job. as of yesterday i thought i was one of 40 who got called in for an interview. as it turns out i was one of only 22. there are 9 jobs available, so the odds are pretty good. i made them laugh too, which is possibly a good thing. ok, they were laughing at me, but i think that's probably ok for now.
they had asked me a question about team work, and my answer was going really well, until...

'when working in a team environment, there needs to be good....good....* can hear my thinking noises...smack myself in the side of the head* my brains just gone, nope, thats enough know that word that means people talking to each other? communication, thats it! there needs to be good communication'

yeah, a fun time was had by all.

so what else has been happening? well matt, marc and i finished recording on sunday. our thirteen songs have been whittled down to 10, and the mixing and mastering will begin soon. once that's all done the duplication will begin and the cd will be out there for all to hear and see. go humble bee go!

i've started sewing up some of my ideas. here's the latest one i've finished

its reversable and very cute. perhaps one day i'll have enough of these things to actually start selling stuff.

in other day to day news, vicki is away on holidays this week, spending time with her family. BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA. i cant even go to her house without getting a scary feeling from her parents, i dont know how she could spend a week in close proximity to them, let alone live with them. actually, come to think of it, she doesnt know how she does it either. but she'll be back on saturday for the 4th den movie night, woohoo! its in celebration of eliza's 16th birthday, which was a few weeks ago now, but this weekend is gonna be the first time we'll all be able to make it. i am bringing desserty goodness and i rule.

had a lovely get together on monday with sharyn, karlie and jodie, three girls i used to go to high school with. we sat around, talking about who we'd seen recently, and what people had been up to. i had my year 12 photo there and we were peering at it, pointing out people. karlie pointed at mark and said 'aww, mark, he was nice, wasnt he?' and we all agreed. so that night i rang him. it had bee almost 2 years since we'd last spoke, and in that time he's gotten married and had a little boy, sam, who's now 14 months old. wow.

    picture key:

  • me: pink circle

  • sharyn: yellow circle

  • mark: blue circle

  • chris: green circle

  • jodie: oh woops, i put a yellow circle around jodie too. well, sharyn's the one near me.

i know the photo is really small, but maybe someone computer savvy can make it so you can click on the pic and it'll open into a window of it's own and be bigger??? maybe.

(Your wish is my command! - Savvy)

the production is going pretty well. with just over 2 weeks to go, it should be going better though. i know all my lines, at least. im sure it'll come together anyway, it always does. i'll scan a copy of the flyer later on.

anyway, thats the catch up...hope you're all well
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What kind of a freaky mother are you?
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Tuesday, September 21, 2004


i dont think there would be many things that i enjoy more than laying in bed and reading a good book. this becomes even more enjoyable when it is cold and rainy outside, and snuggly warm inside with my blankets and pillows and hot cups of honey sweetened tea by my side.

today in adelaide, the forecasted temperature is 30 degrees. thats celcius, friends of the farenheit countries, which means its getting damn close to being summer.
i dislike summer. i dislike the sweaty uncomfortable feeling of clothes sticking to me with the heat. i dislike not being able to find a cool place to lay down, because the entire house has heated up and even the floorboards are warm. i dislike not being able to wrap myself in blankets. all in all, there is not much about summer i really like, excpet being able to wear skirts, of which i own quite a few.

i live in christies beach which is a beautiful little suburb. as marc says 'its like a holiday every day'. i love the fact that i live so close to the beach. so close to the sand and the surf, the gorgeous blue of the ocean, the salty breeze...i dont wish to live anywhere else. i also dont wish to get burnt to a frazzle, so i dont go to the beach really, i just like to look at it and live close by it incase i feel like going there.

so now that summer has started to set in, i'll be spending a lot more time indoors, pretending its winter, and thinking about the beach

Friday, September 17, 2004


im really going to have to go to the dentist. months ago my wisdom tooth decided to come through. except in true me fashion it decided only to break the skin of my gum and leave some "gross openness" there. despite having brushed and brushed i think theres something stuck in this "gross openness" and its caused a "big hurty thing" between my top and bottom rows of teeth. this, im guessing is the reason why my jaw line hurts and the right side of my face is a little swollen.

have i mentioned my intense fear of dentists? no? im sure i would have... i have an intense fear of dentists. when i was in year 4, aged 8, i had to see an orthodontist because i had an irregular bite. my top teeth sat almost directly on top of my bottom teeth instead of in front of them. so this orthodontist says i need something called a bridge set between my top teeth at the back.
to fit said bridge, orthodontist man needed a cast of my mouth so he could determine the size.
'what is your favourite flavour?' he asks, mixing up 'something' over on his desk
'strawberry?' i shrugged. never really had a favourite flavour. dont even think i ate strawberries at that stage, but hey, it was better than getting something gross like banana. i was thinking he might give me a lolly pop or something, so strawberry was the way to go.
'luck you, thats exactly what flavour this is' this happened to be a handful of plaster which he slapped into my mouth as i lay on the chair sputtering and choking.

yeah, good memories

i had to be careful eating things like toast because pieces could get stuck on top of the bridge, between it and the roof of my mouth.
the bridge had a key that needed to be inserted and pushed backwards towards my throat. the key had a length of dental floss attached to it incase it was accidentally dropped, for easy retrieval.
my year 4 teacher was mr aitchison who was an epileptic. we went on camp in year 4, i think it was to narnu, not sure. wherever it was, that doesnt really matter. what did matter was that my mum would not be coming on this camp. therefore she could not insert the key and push it towards the back of my throat. therefore someone else would have to do it. therefore it fell to an epileptic male teacher to insert a key into a small 8 year old girls mouth and push it backwards towards her throat, all the while holding tight to the dental floss, just incase.
i clearly remember sitting on a chair, my mum and my aitchison on either side of me, my entire class surrounding us as she instructed him on the way to insert the key and push it back.

did i mention how much i hate dentists? i really dont like going to the dentist
tickling my fancy - september

kents blog, particularly his about me section
anne rices taltos
obsessively thinking about starting a theatre group
obsessively thinking about what to make with my fabrics
josh rouse, under cold blue stars
as i type this, e is in the toilet, trying to poo. he keeps reminding himself to relax. i've already gone through this with x this morning

poor babies. they've inherited their mummies bad pooing habits. stupid bowels, who needs em
Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Littlefaeriegirl's Lurgy
Cause:zombie attack
Symptoms:sudden heartburn, glowing in the dark, slightly grey skin
Cure:paint a black cross on your front door and wait
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Doctor Unheimlich has diagnosed me with
Carly's Syndrome
Symptoms:embarrassing noises, leaning at 45 degrees, demoniacal visions
Cure:fresh air
Enter your name, for your own diagnosis:

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

im such a stealer!

Ok, I'm stealing this from my friend Andrew, who stole it from our friend Emma, who is just crazy enough to have come up with it.

Instructions: On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first ten songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favourite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.
That means you, punks!


1.She said, "I've got to be honest,
You're wasting your time if you're fishin' around here."
And I said, "You must be mistaken,
I'm not foolin', this feelin' is real."
She said, "You've gotta be crazy!
What do you take me for? Some kinda of easy mark?"

2. start ordering food for one, no one else to enjoy the sun with

3. Smiles awake you when you rise

4. picture macbeth hitchiking with a dagger in one hand and his arse in the other.

5. we dont have problems, that we cant work out, wee wee weeeeee

6. Beyond the suns that guard this roof,
Beyond your flowers of flaming truths,
Beyond your latest ad campaigns,
An old man sits collecting stamps
In a room all filled with chinese lamps.

7. always undercover and never far away

8. They don't sell the product to you they sell you to the product
They don't give a fuck about you they just want their daily dosh
I wish you could see through this I wish you could believe
That you can really do this I know you can

9. I see love and beauty all around, I also see the sadness that's embedded in your frown
I wonder why you choose not to talk to those around, I sense a fear of lifting heavy feet
higher than you want to, I just want to believe your truth...

10. Looking on she sings the songs
The words she knows, the tune she hums

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

someone found my blog by searching for 'cunts who insert things into their cunts'

now that, i'd like to see
funny how your brain works

for absolutely no reason at all, i just remembered how when i was going out with mark, if we were going to have sex in his bed with me on top we'd always have to put a towel down first

Monday, September 13, 2004

dear australian idol,
please stop all this voting bullshit and just keep the people you have got and turn the show into a more grown up young talent time

that would be good

love carly
who knows why my pics wont load? anyone? anyone?

dear mystery man

after my link to a funny post about the government that you found not so funny, i dont think you'd like to see this, although it made me laugh.

anyway, after i read what you wrote, i wrote back. you have yet to answer, but i thought i might show you this.

i am the pretty pink heart, and john howard is the grey splodgy thing. that is how far apert we stand with our beliefs.

nope, dont reckon i'll be voting for little johnny

after the weekend

friday night we went to the show. it was raining, of course. just to prove to you how perfect my idea of starting the show this week is, here is a photo of what it looks like out my back window right now

there you have it. Irrefutable proof that my idea rules.

ok, show. it was raining. it wasnt that cold though, luckily and it didn't pelt down with rain so it was ok to walk around. it just sort of sprinkled all night except for the part when e was having a ride on these trucks. he was driving around, cacking himself, screaming 'im dwivin the trucks!', while personwhosnameimustnevermention, x and i huddled under an umbrella.
after that, and a lot of pleading from x and personwhosnameimustnevermention, the two aforementioned boys went for a ride on the ghost train.
x went in with a huge smile on his face and came out cowering into personwhosnameimustnevermentions armpit.
quote of the night, 'mum, the man said 'i'll be having meat for dinner tonight!', and i think he meant me'
x has not slept in his own bed for more than two minutes since friday night.

in one hall we found a stall of buddies and incense and all things lovely like that. personwhosnameimustnevermention was pretty keen on this buddha who was sitting pretty tall. she was lovely. she was also $90 so we passed. we did pick up this lovely girl though

when we chose her the lady said that we had made a magical decision in picking her. their store had been partially burned down in a fire earlier this year. apparently these buddhas sat there, daring the fire to come closer and came through unscathed, so we were doubly blessed with extra energy for taking her home.

saturday morning we went for a drive to pick up our new pets. in the photo of the backyard, you can see and aviary in the background. in there are 3 budgies and 2 quails. we're gonna have to get another girl budgie cos she's getting hit on by both the guys.
x chose a green budgie with a stripey head. his name is sunbird. e chose a pretty purply blue girl who he named meewee. we also got a bright aqua boy who x has named hairy. the two quails, a male and a female, are named furry and owie. not sure which is which, that decision hasnt been made yet. we're getting the green female later in the week. we may name her ourselves or we'll end up with some other bizarre name.

it hailed on saturday morning, the last day of the show. chalk that up as more evidence that my idea rules.

saturday afternoon we drove all the way out to salisbury to watch marc play in his football grand final.
for those of you that dont know, the drive from christies beach to salisbury is shit arse long. shit arse, yes, perfect measuring lingo. basically, christies is south, and salisbury is north. its a long way and salisbury is an ugly place full of barrys and drug addicts with no jobs. please see this as the blatant disrepresentation that it is. thankyou. we stopped for fish and chips first though, and they do make some really nice chips, and you get lemon with your fish without having to ask or pay extra. kudos fish and chip shop man!
the salisbury football team havent lost a game all season. that is an impressive write up. not as impressive as kicking a winning goal in the dying seconds of the grand final, and winning against the team who havent lost a game all season. the CBOC boys did a very good job,what i saw of it anyway. most of the time i was behind a lot of loud tall men who were all drinking beer. when the game was won i was actually on the playground with x and e, but im told it was spectacular.
quote of the day, called over a megaphone by a CBOC fan to a salisbury player who was kicking for goal 'number 11, can you hear me number 11? you are average'
now, believe me, i do not like football. i only went to support marc, who i didnt see all day, btw. but i did get to catch up with lyndell, eat fish and chips, and...well thats about all. but it was an ok day anyway.

i had rehearsal on sunday. it was pretty crap, but it was good to run the whole play, even if it did take us the whole 4 hours to do it. must learn my lines...

sunday night i came home and watched chanel be her sexy self on australian idol. my top three faves are chanel, courtney and casey. i have to say though, that rikki lee was probably the best last night. then watched detective goran catch a murderer on criminal intent. mmm, detective goran.

Friday, September 10, 2004


we're going to the show tonight!.......and it's raining. it always rains at the show. i dont know why they dont make it start this weekend and go for the next two weeks. i guess its some sort or tradition, i dunno...whatever, im going tonight, so yay!
i've made my showbag wishlist which is printing out now. $150 worth of crap. of course i wont be spending all that, but its nice to dream, isnt it

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

updated so the 'this' link actually works

some people should just shut up

i know it sounds weird coming from me, since i am absolutely stellar at complaining, but i wish some people would shut up and stop complaining about stupid things. complain about the state of our education systems, or health care or whatever, and do something about it, but complaints about lolly wrappers?

i found this via a quiet lads site. cant you people just let a candy wrapper be a candy wrapper? im sure there were people who didnt even look at the wrapper, they just enjoyed the fruity goodness, but i bet there was a whole group of people who loved the fact that those lollies looked like they were enjoying themselves on there.
catholics, shut up, go and have unprotected sex, stop complaining about lollies. its ok about the sex thing, cos you just have to go see your priest afterwards, say a couple of rhymes and you'll be right to get into heaven again.

Monday, September 06, 2004

update on the fathers day entry

x saw the post of his fathers day presents on the screen and gasped in horror
'are you selling those on ebay?!?!?!'
Okay, so this guy completely sucks heinous crusty arse. He absolutely wants to kiss this guy on the balls.

mehehehe heeeheeehee heeeheheheeeeeeeeeeee

ie, funny
i dont know about art...

i have a new favourite painter thanks to dean's world. he really does paint girls exquisitely. i particularly like the paintings of the little girls who've been caught stealing here, and here, but so many of them are beautiful.

john william waterhouse has always been a favourite of mine. i think ive gotten his calendar for at least the last 5 years. might try and find a bouguereau calendar next year.

fathers day was pretty ok this year. i messaged aaron the night before :

if you're gonna msg dad tomorrow, add my name to it. i dont wanna waste my credit on that moron cos...he smells and eats poo, huzzah!

yes, that is the level of my humour and care factor. personwhosnameimustnevermention wasnt real happy with me for not messaging him, but feh. whatever. again with the care factor.

the morning started off like any other. children piled into bed and laying exactly where it would be the most comfortable for me to sleep. x made personwhosnameimustnevermention a keyring and a card

and i helped e to choose a luckmsiths album for daddy. we also got him the poolroom addition of the castle on dvd. this comes in a green felt covered box surrounded by a cut out of a pool table, and includes the pedigree of all their greyhounds, the words to 'we're going to bonnydoon', and a selection of bargains from the tradingpost: original asking price and actual price paid.
we went to the beach and collected some cuttlefish for our new lovebirds which should be coming this weekend. personwhosnameimustnevermention finished off the avairy yesterday so everything's all ready for them.

marc, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i attempted some more recording for humble bee, but we were a bit sucky. ok, i was a bit sucky, but it didnt help that the computer kept losing my vocals. we did get the glockenspiel down tho. yes! glockenspiel! i now have a glockenspiel! whats with the exclamation marks! who knows

thats about all the news i can think of right now, see you later when your legs are straighter...or words to that effect

Friday, September 03, 2004

someone is always watching

i was in the bathroom washing e's hair. personwhosnameimustnevermention was in the loungeroom watching tv. both of us assumed that x was with the other one. that was, of course, until he walked out of the kitchen saying 'dad, there's someone on the phone who wants to talk to you'
personwhosnameimustnevermention : 'who is it?'
x : 'someone..'
personwhosnameimustnevermention : 'hello?'
yet to be identified voice : 'hello mr j, this is the police. are you aware that your five year old son has just called triple zero? please remind him that it is fine to call us, but enforce that it is only for emergencies'
personwhosnameimustnevermention : 'um, yeah, sure, sorry about that...sorry, bye' 'x, what did you say to them?
x : 'i had to call them. you reversed out of the driveway when i didnt have my seatbelt on'

watch out people. my law abiding son is going to get you

Thursday, September 02, 2004

i've complained about aapt again in another email. im not calling them cos i really dont have the time to sit around listening to their bad BAD muzak. i think its quite possibly the worst muzak i've ever listened to.

you know how we have call waiting? i didnt know this before but there is different hold music for the different parts of adelaide that you call. its not better or worse, just different. the one thing that is better with the other call waiting is the editing. the music is on a loop, and our call waiting music cuts out at a stupid time that has nothing to do with teh beat or tempo of the song, and you can hear the sound of the stop button being pressed. stupid tacky no money council.
i'm gonna complain some more about the council. i realise that this is of no interest whatsoever to anyone else, i just need to purge myself of the grring thats going on inside my head.
the garbos broke the axle of my bin. and then they came round and fixed it, except now the wheel falls off. stupid garbos.

hmmmm, what else...i bought a pair of shoes tonight for $4. i'll take a photo of them, hang on

there. like? i do. and for $4 you cant really go wrong.