Wednesday, July 27, 2011

nick earls

the first time i found nick earls, i was driving. he was reading from 48 shades of brown, about balling up socks

There's something strangely isolating about folding your underpants just metres away from the action, arranging socks systematically in a drawer as though it might be useful. Looking at them sitting there in rows, needlessly colour-coded (although it won't last), which seems to symbolise some very unchosen kind of aloneness. It makes me think of the 'my weekend' stories we had to write at primary school. On the weekend there was lots of sex in my house. Me? My socks, they're totally organised.


it may not have been immediately, but it was pretty soon after, i drove to angus and robertson in colonnades and bought all the nick earls books they had there.
since then i have read all the books and loved them. seen the film and loved it (helped of course because it stars richard wilson who i am more than just a little bit in love with), and internetted all sorts of stuff. like the sunny garden and facebook

and it is through the magic of facebook, that this happened.