Monday, May 31, 2010

observations i just made about buffy:

buffy is a good role model because she eats proper food, gets outside (mostly at night, but still), has a good friend base and is active. these are all things i need to be doing to make myself better. shes also real, in that she makes mistakes and sometimes she breaks down and its hard to get back up again. sometimes she wears leggings as pants though and i dont agree with that. she also tends to fall for people who are wrong for her, and at least one of her past boyfriends has gone on to marry the next girl he goes out with, which is a kind of magical power i seem to have.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

should have known

dyed my hair
cut my hair
spent lots of money
started watching buffy

honestly, you'd think i'd know by now
timing is one of those funny things

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

i know everyone who has the internet has seen these before, but i want to post them again

also, i had a thought

im wondering if comfortable and safe and happy is what i was supposed to be feeling all this time
what if the love and wanting at the start is just what it is, at the start. because sooner or later i get bored and annoyed with people and i dont want to be around them
what if happy and comfortable and friendly is supposed to be how it starts and the love and the wanting comes later, when you really know each other

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i spilled tea on my book

im sad. for the loss of tea, and for the book

Saturday, May 15, 2010

im sad

because this

has grown up to be this

to make up for it, please send this

Sunday, May 09, 2010

after getting smoothies...

e - wow, i can really taste the mango in this mango smoothie
x - i can really taste the golden in this golden gaytime
e - can you taste the gay?

Saturday, May 01, 2010

internet dating is funny

carlyfaerie:sorry, im doing a test to find out which buffy character i am, which is, obviously, very important

[6:57:25 pm]finnbarrkinkade:Yeah ummm

[6:57:31 pm]carlyfaerie::)

[6:57:46 pm]finnbarrkinkade:what? lol

[6:58:04 pm]carlyfaerie:buffy is ace

[6:58:12 pm]finnbarrkinkade:What?

[6:58:24 pm]carlyfaerie:how is that so hard to understand?

[6:58:27 pm]carlyfaerie:buffy

[6:58:28 pm]carlyfaerie:is

[6:58:28 pm]carlyfaerie:ace

[6:58:42 pm]finnbarrkinkade:I just don't value bad acting so high is all

[6:58:47 pm]carlyfaerie:!

[6:58:57 pm]finnbarrkinkade:yep

[6:58:58 pm]carlyfaerie:there is so much that's good in buffy

[6:59:07 pm]finnbarrkinkade:name some

[6:59:15 pm]carlyfaerie:willow

[6:59:17 pm]carlyfaerie:oz

[6:59:23 pm]carlyfaerie:giles

[6:59:30 pm]carlyfaerie:music

[6:59:39 pm]finnbarrkinkade:What makes them so good

[6:59:54 pm]carlyfaerie:the feeling you get when the theme music starts and you think, hell yeah, buffy is on

[7:00:10 pm]finnbarrkinkade:Do you always avoid listing actual reasons?

[7:00:16 pm]carlyfaerie:yes

[7:00:22 pm]finnbarrkinkade:ah

[7:00:24 pm]carlyfaerie:theyre all actual reasons

[7:00:34 pm]finnbarrkinkade:actually they aren't and we are done so