Saturday, May 01, 2010

internet dating is funny

carlyfaerie:sorry, im doing a test to find out which buffy character i am, which is, obviously, very important

[6:57:25 pm]finnbarrkinkade:Yeah ummm

[6:57:31 pm]carlyfaerie::)

[6:57:46 pm]finnbarrkinkade:what? lol

[6:58:04 pm]carlyfaerie:buffy is ace

[6:58:12 pm]finnbarrkinkade:What?

[6:58:24 pm]carlyfaerie:how is that so hard to understand?

[6:58:27 pm]carlyfaerie:buffy

[6:58:28 pm]carlyfaerie:is

[6:58:28 pm]carlyfaerie:ace

[6:58:42 pm]finnbarrkinkade:I just don't value bad acting so high is all

[6:58:47 pm]carlyfaerie:!

[6:58:57 pm]finnbarrkinkade:yep

[6:58:58 pm]carlyfaerie:there is so much that's good in buffy

[6:59:07 pm]finnbarrkinkade:name some

[6:59:15 pm]carlyfaerie:willow

[6:59:17 pm]carlyfaerie:oz

[6:59:23 pm]carlyfaerie:giles

[6:59:30 pm]carlyfaerie:music

[6:59:39 pm]finnbarrkinkade:What makes them so good

[6:59:54 pm]carlyfaerie:the feeling you get when the theme music starts and you think, hell yeah, buffy is on

[7:00:10 pm]finnbarrkinkade:Do you always avoid listing actual reasons?

[7:00:16 pm]carlyfaerie:yes

[7:00:22 pm]finnbarrkinkade:ah

[7:00:24 pm]carlyfaerie:theyre all actual reasons

[7:00:34 pm]finnbarrkinkade:actually they aren't and we are done so


  1. Anonymous5:30 pm

    haha very funny, thanks for sharing.

  2. Anonymous9:49 pm

    very, very funny!

  3. Anonymous1:28 pm

    Dude's an ass. He FLIPPED HIS SHIT when I rejected him. He was SO into me and I just wasn't feeling it. A 31 yr old man playing the name calling game. SO pathetic.