Thursday, June 30, 2005

it's ridiculously cold, you all know that, right?

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

the secret language of brothers

e : lets play crunchy grain
x : how do you play that?
e : yeah, crunchy grain
x : oh you mean its jumping on the bed?
e : yeah, berry crunchy grain
x : oh, you mean jumping on the bed, naked?
me: put your clothes on!
you'd like to visit? please take acid before entering

many colours aaah, so here's a little montage i put together of the many colours, fabrics and textures on offer in my abode.
first up we have the stripes of the boys rooms. i quite like this carpet, its in the kids bedroom and playroom.

next we have the magic carpet which only inhabits the bottom of the scatman cupboards in the playroom. im convinced that this carpet moves like a magic eye picture

this is the wallpaper in the boys bedroom. unfortunately its only on 2 of the walls, how could they have stopped at just two???

this fetching pink floral wallpaper has been paired with the stripes of the first picture in the playroom. beautiful, isnt it? i love how eveyrging matches so well. the pink flowers with the blue, brown, white, orange, yellow, green and aqua carpet - its a stroke of genius

these are the curtains in the bathroom. they match with the royal puple wallpaper, the mauve, pink and white floor tiles and the mauve and white wall tiles with the bird pattern. this room actually matches. i think its in the wrong house

this wallpaper was originally in the kitchen and dining room, and some if it can still be found in there under the cupboards and in the doorways. but where it is most effective is in the laundry. wow. thats all i can say

this is by far my favourite wallpaper. its only in the two builtins in the toy room, where the scatman lives. it used to cover the whole bedroom, along with the magic carpet. i wish this room was original. oh how i would trip. and charge people admission

this is the wallpaper in my bedroom. it has been paired with a brown/beige/yellow wallpaper on two of the walls, which has been partly removed in patches and painted in with brown/beige/yellow paint. where patches of the blue wallpaper have been removed they've filled in the gaps with pale blue paint. you can hardly tell!!!

i feel like we should be on a boat being paddled by oompaloompas
el presidente

holly has done a pretty nice wrap up of whatever bush has said in his latest speech, but i really think matthew has summed it up perfectly.

i wonder where our little prime minister is. havent seen weaselboy for a while now, is there some really long cricket match on somewhere?

did anyone catch geneva's lovely soundbite on the eviction show sunday night? 'i just wanted to kiss dogs'


working on my collage now

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

found my camera

here's a better photo of clancy. isnt she beautiful. all soft and sweet

when he's not being a shit, eli is being really cute. click here and see for yourself

i'm planning on making a little photo montage of all the different patterns in my home. it should be up soon.

one last pice of information, i read in the sunday mail that there are police divers looking for a snapping turtle because it had a go at a 15 year old boys penis.


Saturday, June 25, 2005

i should know by now

it doesnt seem to matter how many times i learn this lesson, i just musnt learn it well enough. why do i always fall for the ones i cant have?
over and over again, i'll meet someone, find out it could never work out, but my heart decides to try anyway. and i just end up getting hurt, time and time again, i dont understand. i should see the signs by now...i guess it helps when the signs are clear from the beginning, but i knew all along it could never work...why do i put myself through it, knowing what will happen in the end? is a little bit of nice worth all the hurt in the long run? i know i say yes at the time, but now when i lay there and hurts all the more because i cant have it again.

i tried. i really tried. everytime we said goodbye, i meant it. until i turned away and realised that goodbye meant i couldnt see you anymore.
you hugged me goodbye and all i wanted to do was hold on so tight you couldnt possibly go away again

but you did

and you're so far away now i cant see you or hear you, not for a long time.

when you do come back, i will be trying. i'll be trying so hard not to call you, not to message you, not to look like some sad lame stalker girl. i dont know how well i'll go though.

i miss you so much, it stupifies me. i really thought it was just a crush...then i thought i met you for a reason...then you went away and it feels like you've been gone forever and you're never coming back

that last bit is true in part. you're never coming back to me

Friday, June 24, 2005

compulsory lyrics post

because eli is obsessed...OBSESSED with 'catch my disease' by ben lee, i've been listening to 'awake is the new sleep' a lot lately

get gotten

ok baby
what'll it be?
i asked my friends and they all agreed
you're exactly the kind of trouble that i need

i've got songs that give
i've got songs that prove
songs i use when i want to seduce
and i want to seduce you
why won't you let me?

i want to get you
so get gotten
i wont stop til i get to the bottom
i wanna get you
so get gotten

i got big big dreams
in a small small world
and i'm using god to pick up girls
and i'm willing to put it all on the line

i got words that destroy
words that build
i use words and i feel no guilt about it
i got words that go bump in the night

it's no secret that i've fallen
and i won't give up til i get to the bottom
it's no secret that i've fallen

'cause first you're ripe
and then you're rotten
don't stop til i get to the bottom
first you're ripe
and then rotten

once i knew
but i've forgotten
i find out when i get to the bottom
once i knew but i've forgotten

i wanna get you
so get gotten
i won't stop til i get to the bottom
i wanna get you
so get gotten

ache for you

In the rain
Walking slowly
There's a light
In your apartment
I don't know why
I ache for you

And it's alright if
You're undecided or
If you're scared
That you might like it or
If it's true
I ache for you

There's no rhyme, and
There's no reason
You're the secret in the back of my skull
There's no logic
So please believe me
That love's confusing,
But it never gets dull

It's getting late
Anticipation, and
If we talk
Communication, and
Then you'll know
I ache for you

And yes sometimes
It's just desire,
Another problem that you
Really don't want,
But anyway,
I ache for you

There's no rhyme, and
There's no reason
You're the secret in the back of my skull
There's no logic
So please believe me
That love's confusing,
But it never gets dull

I ache for you

And I'm tired
I'm so much wanting
And what if
Don't even think it,
But why not?

It never gets dull

I ache for you
apart from sleeping

i slept all day today, except for the two times i got up to wee, and the two times i got up to go onthe computer. which happened at the same time. i didnt wee on my computer. what ar eyou? some sort of knobhead? sheesh.

other than that i slept all day

but the funniest thing i did all day was answer an email

email : when don't you have a major crush on a boy?
answer : when i have a major crush on a girl

Thursday, June 23, 2005

hahahaha ha ha vomit ha ha

i'm home sick from work. i went there this morning, then spewed and came home. so yeah, the reason im writing this is cos, well, you know how i said email me at that address up there? oh, its so funny, cos you see, ive actually forgotten the passowrd to that account, and it gets funnier, because the alternate email address that i supplied, the one that my password would get sent to if i forgot it and asked for it? well, its the one i had with me old isp. oh, hilarity!

so email me here, if you must...and you must!

anakin_52 at that mail that is burning! yeah, take that bot spammers, kapow!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

home sweet home

i've been here for 3 weeks now and i like it. i've gotten used to my little retro house and i'm happy to come home now.
i was worried about this week, being the first real week without the kids. but i've been doing ok. apart from the whole 'im about to kill someone because of how sick im feeling' thing, im feeling pretty good.

apparently being without the internet for so long has broken my ability to type. im averaging about two words before i need to backspace and retype.

so, yeah, i have a new home and i have two new members of my family.

here is a photo of them

banjo and clancy

look! its a pile of pusscats!

my new little girls moved in last wednesday, so today they're 9 weeks old.
here's a sweet pic of banjo


i'd go take a cute photo of them both right now, all curled up, snuggling together in blanket, but i seem to have misplaced my camera. which is a shame cos i took a picture of this really cool scab i've got on my knee and i wanted to show you all. i guess you'll just have to wait, sorry, cant be helped.

banjo and clancy have definatley made this week go a lot easier. personwhosnameimustnevermention never understod why i wanted a cat, but sitting there last night, watching tv and having my kitties curled up in my lap, patting their soft fur and playing with their little paws, thats exactly why i wanted pusscats, and now i have them and i love them.

the boys get along really well with them too. eli...eli needs to be watched. he has it in for banjo, im sure. or maybe he's just trying to get her ready to be a circus kitty, who knows, but so far he's locked her in a suitcase and thrown her into the air so she lands in the top shelf of the book case. aaah, kids and animals, hey...

well, im freezing my fingers off here, so i'll sign off...i will have a new email address in the coming weeks when i get broadband. oh yeah. say it with me people : broadband internet. that along with the massive tv and digital set top box my brother got me, has brought me straight into the 21st my retro home...yes

i also have a new home address and phone number, so whoever wants it that i havent already given it to, please email me at the 'email me' address up there ^ actually, just email me there from now on, and i'll let you know my other email address when i get it.

bye internet, thanks for missing me and for still being there when i eventually got was as if i never left

ps. i possibly maybe have a major crush on a boy *blush*

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

i am still alive!

but i have no time to blog, so this is all you get. i shall have a phone line soon, so i'll be bloggin away in the near future

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

hark, don't you?

below will be a post made up entirely of random bits and pieces that are probably too small to make a real post

its raining, thundering and lightening.

the song currently in my head is a little ditty to the tune of 'hail to the bus driver'

allan is a fucktard
a fucktard
a fucktard
allan is a fucktard
a fucktard of a "man"

i co starred in a lesbian photo shoot today

ooh, it really is raining.....

you know, after i posted about moving out, personwhosnameimustnevermention got a bunch of flowers and i got an email which included the line

Also, because I'm nosy, did this happen because you screwed around
again in the last few months or because it was just decided between you
both at the same time?

isnt that lovely?

ooh, its very stormy...i think i shall turn the computer off now...

Monday, June 06, 2005

the paisley palace
new house

working from the top left hand corner we have my room, the lounge room and the only source of light in there and the view from my dining room into the kitchen. next row, we have the ghostly children playing in the toy room, the boys bedroom, and personwhosnameimustnevermentions wilco shot of the wallpaper in the boys room.

not totally moved in yet, thanks to a nice healthy bout of food poisoning that has attacked personwhosnameimustnevermention, but i should be settling in by wednesday, i hope.

thankyou for all your kind really helps

Friday, June 03, 2005

i will be back, i promise

just sleeping for a while
a temporary pause and a whole new outlook

so, i've kinda been hiding something from you. its probably time i came out in the open and told you all everything. and what better time to do it than now, when i'll be offline for an indeterminable amount of time.

first of all, i've changed jobs now, so any of you who've come looking for me at noarlunga will now have to travel to the hub. they've transferred me and im not very happy about it, but whatever. something will come up eventually and i'll be back at noarlunga. in the meantime i'll be debiting books. uhuh

it was only my second day today, so i'll probably grow to like it...i hope, anyway. unfortunatley my brain has already switched to bunnings mode and i'm planning sick days way ahead of time. thats a very dangerous thing for me to be doing. especially at this time, cos i need all the money i can get.

on monday im moving out

after almost seven years of living together, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i have finally decided that it's really going to work better for everyone involved if we go our seperate ways. it's been pretty sad around here. i'm packing all my stuff and he's being realy helpful, but its crap. its realy crappy.
im not moving far away. i've found a place which i've called the paisley palace and its just down the road really, maybe a minutes drive in the car. and the backyard has the added bonus of a huge inground swimming pool, entirely filled to the brim with sand.

it will be an adventure.

for any of you who've followed my blog since the beginning, you'll know that while personwhosnameimustnevermention and i have always gotten along well, there have definately been some ups and downs. and i am quite willing to accept that the blame is about 70/30. i know i've made a lot of decisions in our time together that have effected our relationship in some pretty bad ways. surprise! i'm not an innocent little faerie girl. but i know i tried to the best of my ability and so did he. and we both believe that living apart is going to best for the boys in the long run.

i'll be packing up my computer tomorrow. so if any of you leave any comments, negative or positive, im not ignoring you, i just have no computer.

everything should return to semi normal in the next week. there will be updates, and there will be pictures.

i just hope there'll be support

love carly