Thursday, December 28, 2006

adding to the ever growing list of things i never thought i would be doing

not just dancing to spice up your life, but having it stuck in my head and not minding a bit

also, enjoying justin timberlake

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


plans. lots of them. most of them tentative, but here is how its going so far.

this weekend

friday - kraigs kreature shop
saturday - crank and/or gosh!
sunday - crank and/or revolution
monday - sleep
tuesday - sleep
wednesday - work
thursday - work/mountain goats
friday/saturday - undetermined

fast forward to feb 3rd and we will all be happy to know that i have a big day out ticket and shall be attending with glee.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

boxing day

so now i will stab this snowman in the chest with a broom handle

hope you all had an eventful christmas

Friday, December 15, 2006

dear windows media player,
how are you? good i hope. i must say, you're looking quite nice in your updated state. very swish. i wiondered when that would happen. your old self was looking a little...dated? anyway, nice job sprucing yourself up.
so the reason im writing is firstly to thank you for finding some great music that i havent listened to in a long time. there are various reasons for this. thinking i didnt feel like listening to that band, forgetting i had that cd, and the main one, knowing that if i listened to that album i would fall back in time and get sad/mad/sulky, etc (please see convenience, kings of).

so far, i have managed to listen to a lot of songs and simply sing along, thats all. its been great. but, as you may have noticed, there are some songs which see me diving for the 'next' button. im wondering if you will learn this over time, or should i go through and rate them as only one star so you wont play them as often? i dont want to get rid of them totally, as in truth, they are good songs, and one day i hope to listen to them again with no feelings but 'this is a good song to sing along to'. perhaps i'll just go do the star idea, see how that works.

anyway, just thought i'd send you a catch up letter, let you know how im going, see how you're going, that sort of thing. see what you can do about that song thing? thanks mate

talk to you soon,

love carly
i wish it were true

Tripod - Gonna Make You Happy

Baby, gonna make you happy tonight...oh sugar

Gonna make you happy tonight

Give my love to you, oh, baby, gonna make you feel so right...oooh sugar

Gonna make you make you happy

Spend some time with you, do the things you want me to

Gonna make love

Gonna make some sweet sweet love, sugar

So get ready

Oh get ready get ready

Ready for loving tonight


Before we get down to love

Before we get down

I just gotta finish this level

I gotta high score tonight

I just gotta save my game

I'll be with you in a minute sweet baby

I love how you dance for me

(But could you) move a little to the left baby

I can't see the TV

Baby I can't wait till we start, oooh

It's just that the save points are so far this game baby

But I do love you

Baby this bit's got multiplayer

Maybe you can operate a turret with me baby, would you like that?

It's good cause games five you hand eye coordination

And spacial intelligence together with map reading skills

Ahhh, sugar

Turn the lights down low

Lower, lower

Turn the lights down low

Just a little bit lower

Turn the lights down low

It's just that it helps me feel like I'm in a spaceship

Then we can make some

Sweet sweet love honey



Ooo you look so great to me, baby

Have you brushed your teeth yet?

Take your time

No hurry

It's just that I'm not tired. Are you tired?

I'll see you in the bed then

You might want to take a book

Oooh, you so fine baby

Doo doo doo doo

I can't stop thinking about you...and all the coins I have to collect

I just gotta find one secret area

Get one more ability point

And I'll make sweet love to you baby

I think this xbox

Is the best present I ever bought for you...


Thursday, December 14, 2006

you were right

And I
Was busy finding answers while you just got on with real life
Always hoped you'd be my wife
But I never found the time
For the question to arrive
I just disguised it in a song

And songs are never quite the answer
Just a soundtrack to a life
That is over all too soon
Helps to turn the days to night
While I was wrong and you were right


you coming?

the great escape festival - easter weekend, 2007


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

what if

'what if you go away?'
'what do you mean?'
'i mean what if you go away?'
'what if you go away?'
'thats what i mean'
'well we just wont. we wont because they're our kids and they're not bargaining chips or leverage. we cant barter days and fight about who has them longer. they're not an inconvenience, they're children'

and when i said it, i meant it. but immediately afterwards i burst into tears.

i've never wanted to be further away in my whole life
really im just substituting one made up person for another

there are some things you have to lie about as a mother. im sure quite a few of you know that, most especially since about half way through last year, i am trying very very hard not to lie anymore. and i'm succeeding...mostly. the thing is, its christmas, isnt it? and earlier on there was easter, and inbetween those the tooth fairy came to visit a few times.

so you can see that there are some situations where a lie is the right answer, at least for a little while.

one thing i'm being very honest about with my kids is religion. leading up to easter there was a lot of jesus talk at school. i didnt say it was true, i didnt say it was lies, but i did start most sentences with 'some people believe' and i also told them 'i dont believe'.
so when eli and i were at colonades and he stopped to look at the nativity scene, i didnt pull him away, but i didnt explain anything either. i just waited. if he had questions, he'd ask them

and he did.

'whats that baby doing in there?'
'thats baby jesus'
'why is he in there?'
'some people believe that jesus was born on christmas day, so christmas is his birthday'

i reach down and take his hand. we start to walk away.

'so, jesus grows up to be father christmas?'

'yes, yes he does'

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

if i still had my old computer, and it didnt fuck itself in the eye with its giant penis, i could show you a photo of the first boy who stole my heart online.

many years ago, i started chatting in an irc client called mirc. i met quite a few lovely people there. quite a few freaks too, that goes without saying, but some nice people as well.
among the list of names down the side of the screen, was rancor. its not an attractive name...i guess the main thing it has going for it is that its not 'hotstud69', but there was something that attracted me to this boy. quiet and polite, we started talking

his name was jonas.
he was from copenhagen.
he worked in a zoo.

we spoke lots. lots and lots. chatting turned to emails which turned to letters and parcels and phone calls. one night i broke the payphone trying to make sure i had enough coins to talk to him. that night, i later found out, he was going to tell me he loved me.

time went on. i came into a few thousand dollars. i contemplated leaving thepersonwhoimustnevermention and flying to denmark.

then i got pregnant.

jonas and i spoke less frequently. he got a girlfriend. we spoke even less. i emailed him once a year on his birthday. then that stopped. and then there was nothing.

then the other day i was playing in youtube. im not sure if you know how retarded i am at computers. oh you do? then what im about to say will come as no surprise to you, especially those of you who were recipients. i clicked a button in youtube which i thought would show me who in my address book had a youtube account. instead, it emailed everyone and told them i had videos to share. this is a lie. i have no videos.
the replies started rolling in. there were many 'this email cannot be sent's, which was great. a whole lot of people i havent embarressed myself infront of. then there were messages from people i dont know, trying to work out how they got in my address book.
for a little while, my favourite response was



and then this came through

Hi Carly
Hope YOU don't get nervous breakdowns hearing from ME :)
Didn't get nervous or anything about the link... mainly because I had no idea who sent it :)
Hope everything is fine down there in "under"? :)

and my heart skipped a beat and i smiled bigger than i have in a long time.

my jonas :)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

im just going to say that we should all be very proud of sandi right now
look both ways is really very good
father christmas in the south of adelaide

eli and i had a breakfast date with kirsty this morning. apart from dripping with snot, he was very well behaved, and kirsty even played with him when he attacked her with his giant lizard

looking something like this, and at almost a metre long, this is the gift eli has chosen to get personimustnevermention for christmas.

things about elis gift for personimustnevermention that are great
  • its totally an eli gift. no one else would think of a giant lizard
  • he thought of it all by himself
  • he will never guess what it is
  • its a giant lizard and its not going to be at my house
  • he will have to find somewhere appropriate to house said lizard
  • did i mention the giant lizard isnt going to be at my house?
after breakfast we decided to visit father christmas, just to show him the lizard. this turned out to be a fantastic idea, one that father christmas was delighted with. as i stood there and frowned a little at the silver sheen of snot on eli's cheeks, father christmas was looking over the lizard with great intrest, proclaiming how amazing it was, the stuff that you could get at cheap as chips. and the price! you cant beat it. why, he buys all his tools there, for any odd jobs he needs to do. and if they break, he just throws them away and buys another one.
"been to darwin mate?"
(eli stares silently)
"plenty of crocs up in darwin. you'll be in your pool and look up, suddenly theres a croc in there. i tell ya, you get out of there quick smart. been to california? "
im confused, but then i notice it says california on eli's shirt, 'no, its just a tshirt'
"good surf in california. how old are you?"
"play footy?"
"and what about when you're bigger? who will you play for?"
'the crows'
"good lad, here, have a cd. thats a great lizard. i might have to go up there when im finished here today. its amazing what they can make for the price"

its about now that i start to thank father christmas, wrestle the lizard from his hands, and back away slowly. we've had enough santa for today, thanks

Monday, December 04, 2006

what else to say, but 'hello adelaide'

mark says:
mark says:
mark says:
mark says:
does personyoumustnevermention have a beard?
carly says:
mark says:
oh my god
mark says:
i was just about to type
when i got back from europe the girl i was with for the 2 and a bit years before that was with a guy who has two kids
mark says:
his name is personimustnevermention
mark says:
he has a beard
mark says:
our ex's are together
carly says:
mark says:
carly says:
carly says:
of course they are
carly says:
hello adelaide
mark says:
early resolution

to let go of things i shouldnt hold on to

Friday, December 01, 2006

Scrubs Music Video -- Guy Love

i love scrubs

Thursday, November 30, 2006

this is why i cant wait for my kids to do projects

from ampersand duck

Monday, November 27, 2006

tagged by threads of gold who i still havent linked to even though she linked to me aaaaaages ago

1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

What does next year have in store for me?
doorbell - the whitestripes

What's my love life like?
nothing better - the postal service

What do I say when life gets hard?
driveway to driveway - superchunk

What do u think of on waking up?
ready to die - no through road

What song will I dance to at my wedding?
north - phoenix

What do you want as a career?
pink bullets - the shins

Your favourite saying?
lapdog - rail

Favourite place?
tasmanian devils - simon skrodal

What do you think of your parents?
pas si simple - amelie soundtrack

What's your Pornstar name?
middle of the hill - josh pyke

Where would you go on a first date?
gone for good - the shins

Drug of choice?
sundress - ben kweller

Describe yourself
showstopper - sarah blasko

What is the thing i like doing most?
another sunny day - belle and sebastian

What is my state of mind like at the moment?
punks not dead - darren hanlon

How will I die?
my bloody valentine - ratcat

and i tag all my new myspace friends; crevu, miss k, candy lad, james, nicko, and black dog

saturday night

my saturday night started at about 6 when i went to bed and had a nap. when i woke up at around 10, i had a shower, got dressed, fed the cats, by this stage it was 11 and i needed music. i put on the pipettes at the usual volume, then remembered the time, and turned it down.

i got lost in ebay

at 11:30 or so i got a message and headed into the city

i wore my new $5 dress and got lots of comments.

i met ben who likes drum and bass. both brett and mark pretended to be my boyfriends, and joanne shook her head and said no. he still managed to dance up and down me.

then this happened

and this

and then this

and it was fantastic
people who should play at the big day out and arent

the shins
brendan benson
belle and sebastian
the pipettes
ben kweller
deathcab for cutie
jose gonzales

also, lily allen should be playing adelaide

Sunday, November 26, 2006

oh...thankyou...i guess

i got an email on myspace


Date: Nov 26 2006 2:44 AM Flag spam/abuse [ ? ]
Subject: i guess
Body: u really have a pretty cute face..
so when are u comin to milano?
i guess we should meet:)
let me have ur MSN adress..
hope to hear from u soon
dinau dinau dinaudinau aaaaAAAAAAA

its the australian idol theme song, der!

and so it begins. here are my notes from 730 this evening. i wont be explaining them. i made them up to 3 hours ago. i'll just be typing them.

young divas - paulini: skinny
scary diva: has new boobs
kate: cant dance. also made a good financial decision to join the group rather than go it alone
impulse diva: still exactly the same

pretty monkey has lost his mo and other monkey said a whole long spiel without blinking

callea: shorter, uglier, boringer, balder

deni and marcia: is deni dressing like her mother in an attempt to get her to like her more than jess?
'the boys are all jealous' says x.
'of what?'
'they just are'
i wonder if its because marcia is more manly that them and consider asking him, but decide not to as i already teased him enough about not being able to see the new harry potter cos its rated m.
boys go to bed

guy sebastian: what the fuck is that poor excuse for a guitar he is playing? where are the pickups? ooh, rock voice. guys grown some balls. must have got some sex. he should have a chat to dean. then send him my way. pfft, pointy shiny shoes. bored now. teehee, my cat just noticed my new lights. cute. ooh, he's rising up into the air like a god. god, hehe. looks a bit like a spaceship. perhaps hes a scientologist now.

shannon noll, huh. well, i have cheese and crackers here at the moment, so i'll tell you about those. i bought some mainland vintage the other day. it has a nice bitey tang to it, and also i like the little fridge men on the ad. the biscuits are saladas. i tried buying the better for you saladas with less fat and less salt etc, but they dont break on the line so ive gone back to the originals.
shannon is on the spaceship now. if he goes up in the air it wont be exciting cos guys already done it. he has shiny pointy shoes too. wtf is with that?

oh good, its over


ads: season final of tripping over already? that didnt last long. i still think abe forsythe is better looking that the other one, daniel something. that would be because he's younger, probably.

an ad for colonnades. spun out. its not gonna bring anyone down here tho.

back to idol: THEYRE RIDING HORSES! oh, no they're not. its just plebs riding horses. jess and damo are in a cart. boring. your boobs are squished, klanie keough.

that bow is bad, jess. your dress would have looked much prettier without it. ditto damians hood. much prettier without.

aw, my cat is playing with a sock

ok, here we go...

yay its chris! i miss chris. lisa! and scared loser from way back.
mutto...meh. reigan, i quite liked her.
they actually sound really nice together

now its the little aussie battler in a vest, NOT GAY. klancie...old diva...
DEAN! fuck he is a nice looking boy

jess is crying already, beautiful little thing

reigan: stupid gloves
mutto: stupid hair
klancie: stupid twang
joseph: cant think of anything to say about him
old diva: wtf is that around her shoulders?
ooh, nice arms, dean. not even his turn to sing yet
welcome back really cant dance, but you're happy, so thats good
well hello dean!
yeah chris! go chris really try hard...well done, good boy. def not gay...
damien is singing and all i can think is that klancies boobs look so much more comfortable in that top than before...pants tho? bad pants, klanc

is anyone elses set top box tv cutting out a lot tonight? its really shitting me.

ok, i got a bit waylaid watching jess. didnt take any notes, just watched. she is such a beautiful, happy girl. its so nice to see smiles. her cheeks must really hurt

ooh, ben kweller is coming. oh. john mayer. ben better be doing sideshows

you know, damien looks a lil bit spunky in some of those shots. there was one little irish kid that was cute, and damos sister is pretty, but really, the irish arent all that attractive, are they. i am totally basing that assumption on a two minute clip produced by australian idol btw. if you are irish, spunky, and most importantly single, cos im sick of boys with girlfriends, feel fre eto make yourself known. go on. feel free. please? i'll even look away while you type your number in


g: and the winner of australian idol, 2006, is mr damien leith
text from me to kirsty: damien
text from kirsty to me: lame
text from me to kirsty: actually ist quite lovely. jess is still smiling and laughing the entire time, she;s hilarious. damien is making lots of irish noises that make no sense


then i fed my cats, contemplated watching almost famous, but decided that you would be hanging to read my idol wrap up, so here i am typing it out for you.

oh, kirsty. auditions for next years big brother are december 8. i reckon you should go for it

now im gonna go check petstarr and see if their idolblog is done...
i am hot


Saturday, November 25, 2006

i snorted

Slim Pickings

In 2003, Guy Sebastian beat Shannon Noll.
In 2004, Casey Donovan beat Anthony Callea.
In 2005, Kate Farnham-DeRouge beat Emily Williams.
Things aren't looking good for Damien, who seems destined to become the fourth consecutive skinny man to lose the Australian Idol final.
scott, to be certain

im reading moby dick.

well, i'm not actually reading it. im reading 'the art of kissing' by hugh morris. printed in 1936, is a rolliking book of fact finding fun! meanwhile im reading moby dick vicariously through matthew baldwin, who we all know my undying unrequited un-word that means he doesnt love me back, nor does he even know i for.

not only do i get to read selected paragraphs from the actual book, i get a summary of 50 or so of the pages, a list of words and their meanings, and wonderful little gems of his own thoughts, like this one

Likewise with the edutainment chapters. Ishmael knew nothing about whaling before he joined the Pequod; now that they are at sea, though, he suddenly breaks the narrative with entire chapters devoted to the taxonomy of oceanic mammals and the migratory patterns of whales. Apparently he can access Wikipedia via the Pequod wireless network.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

tom: And you are mistaking... Zack braff want's to marry me...Unfortunatly I'm not gay so I just said:"Let's just be friends instead!"

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Monday, November 20, 2006

in my dream i was pashing mark priestley til the cows came home

which they didnt

because there were no cows

Friday, November 17, 2006

blow out the candles

after 12 years, chris crouch is closing down candle records, the most amazing record company ever to walk the face of this earth, if record companies could walk.

i saw darren hanlon last night at the jade monkey. crouchy was there, as always. it was such a great night. i hope he still travels around a bit with some of the bands. of course the batteries in my camera died just as i went to take the first photo, but i have a couple of snaps on my phone.
eli even had the class bear, gummy, to stay over night with him last night so gummy had a bit of an adventure. he got to go to a soundcheck and meet a famous musician.

darren and his tour manager, nat were really lovely with the boys. talking to them and asking them questions. dazz asked the boys what their fav band was. e said darren hanlon, x said the decemberists and shirley bassey. i think they made a good impression. x helped bree set up her drums, and then had a song writing moment in the toilets where he composed a new hit.

i was walking along the road
i fell over and hurt my knee
i was feeling miserable
then i saw my best friend
and then i felt alright

something like that

anyway, thankyou to everyone for a wonderful wonderful night

and thankyou to chris crouch, for the music

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

tomorrow eli is meeting darren hanlon

they're going to sing 'eli wallach' together

it shall be the battle of the guitars
still undecided as to whether or not im big day outting next year. i knowif i dont i'll be pissed that i missed it, but its $115 for bands ive already seen, or dont care about. it'll be the day itself that i'll miss. the walking around and seeing everyone, the laying on the grass looking up at everyone, the stumbling home in the dark afterwards...

something i am looking forward to is my birthday. im not too sure why im so excited this time round. its not a 'big' birthday, like a 16th, 18th or 21st. its not even a 30th. but i've already made the invitations. im wondering now if i should theme it...maybe 80's formal...i've never been to one of those...

will let you know

but you're all invited

in march

so theres heaps of time

dont worry

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

in the hope of ending this ridiculousness, i am going to publish all my crushes. hopefully one or more of these people will get back to me, and we can make out

ive divided them up into categories for you

baby boys



older guys
vincent d'onofrio

mmm, detective goran

harrison ford

han solo or indiana jones, i wont say no

people i've 'met' online


daniel boud

people i know in real life


jb hi fi guy

ok, i dont really know him as such, but we talked and he was cute and sweet and even though i dont know his name it is so totally love and meant to be and stuff. except when i googled 'hot jb hifi guy' nothing came up. weird

i think thats enough for now. surely someone from that list would read my blog and come round
ben kweller write some pretty songs


We've been in the rain
We've been on the mountain
We've been round the fire

In fancy hotels
Drank water from farm wells
We sang with the choir

I kissed your dry lips
We jumped off the high cliffs
And splashed down below

Skin to skin
In the salty river
Made love in the shadow
Woooah ooh

Read books to each other
Read the mind of the other
Flew one thousand jets

We laughed and we cried
At movies and real life
At our ridiculous bets

We danced in the moonlight at midnight
We pressed against back doors and wooden floors
And you never faked it

And infrequently
We ignored our love
But we could never mistake it
Oooh ooh

We met on the front porch
Fell in love on the phone
Without the physical wreck

You gave me the necklace
That used to hang
Around your mothers neck

We questioned religions
Fed bread to the pigeons
We learned how to pray

We stood by the ocean
Turned our hearts in to one
We laid in bed all day

We skipped on the sidewalk
Skipped stones on the water
We skipped town

We've seen the sunrise with new eyes
We've seen the damage of gossip and true lies
We've seen the sun go down

Had passionate makeouts
And passionate freakouts
We built this world of our own

It was in the back of a taxi
When you told me you loved me
And that I wasn't alone.
until i die

I'm so sorry I'm so paranoid
It's something in my head
That I can't avoid
And I want to be with you
And always will
Until I die
Until I die
Until I die

I'm so sorry that I've been like this
You're the one thing in this world
I don't want to miss
And I want to be with you
And always will
Until I die
Until I die
Until I die

Frost on the window
I'm in for the night
You've got a phone
Keep me in mind
Just give me a try

I'm so sorry that I've been so sad
But you are the best friend that I've ever had
And I love you
And always will
Until I die

Frost on the window
I'm in for the night
You've got a phone
Give me a try
It's still on my mind

So sorry I'm so paranoid
I'm so sorry I'm so paranoid
I'm so sorry I'm so paranoid
I'm so sorry I'm so paranoid
And I want to be with you
And always will
Until I die

Monday, November 13, 2006

its been over a week since i texted him

and right now im going to bed early instead of waiting up, just in case

Sunday, November 12, 2006

more ow

i have a bruise
  • on my foot
  • on the right side of my right knee
  • on the left side of my right knee
  • on my arm near my left shoulder
  • below that, another one
  • and another small one on the inside of my right arm
i had a good night saturday
getting things straight

carly says:
you wanna know what else is funny? i had a dream that i had sex with brett
carly says:
but im not gonna tell sandi that
MedusA says:
brett who?
MedusA says:
your brother?
carly says:
oh, brett in the photo
carly says:
thats his name
MedusA says:
good, because that's gross
carly says:
carly says:
sex with your brother is never a good idea unless your brother is johnny depp
MedusA says:

Saturday, November 11, 2006


ebay changed its colour scheme for christmas and it hurts my eyes

Thursday, November 09, 2006

i miss you so fucking much


so i was sent a distraction. it was pretty. then i travelled the intermaweb and found something that i once thought pretty, and now? in the words of kirsty


but my heart will always belong to mark

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Monday, November 06, 2006

a message

i cant get in to see my doctor until the 20th of december

so those of you who insist on fucking with me, had better expect something psycho coming back at you

Saturday, November 04, 2006

spammers, the whole lot of you!

i'll take you back to tuesday to start off with. i was looking after the boys for personwhosnameimustnevermention who had band practice*. it was halloween. there was a knock at my door and a voice called out, 'trick or treat!'. it was e, e potter. complete with cape, wand, glasses and a scar. x followed in a camo vest, knife belt and scooter helmet. i dont think anyone, including x, was quite sure what he was, but they were happy.
so we set off down the road, 'just like hermione' says e. im about to ask him why walking down the road with your mum, dressed as a wizard and an armycop, makes us anything at all like hermione granger when i look down and at his feet is banjo. seems the wizard got himself a trick or treating cat. banjo followed us to each house, occassionally making her way up to the porch with the boys.

first house, woman already standing at her front door, 'we dont do that'
second house, through the closed screen door, 'we dont do that here'
third house, tv sounds clearly heard, 'no ones home, mum'
fourth house, and excited young man of about 25 opens door 'wow, you two look great! let me see what i can find for you' he comes back with $2 each for the boys 'now you can get whatever you like. you guys look great!'

aaaah, things are looking up.

fifth house, calling from somewhere inside 'no, doesnt happen here!'
sixth house, calling from somewhere inside 'we dont do that stuff here!'
seventh house, calling from somewhere inside 'we dont do that!'

me: guys, i think its time to give up
e: why are people on our street so mean?
x: yeah, and rude!

so we went home and we watched the simpsons and ate our dinner and there was a knock on the door.
two 10 year old girls and a boy were standing there with bags of goodies. as i handed them some jelly beans i wished them good luck with my street as the boys hadnt gotten anything

girl dressed as a witch with black wings: your boys got nothing? nothing at all?
gdaawwbw: i have so much...i dont need all of this. your boys can have some of mine

and all three of the kids grabbed lollies out of their own bags and handed them over to the boys.

theres the halloween spirit!

that night there was much wriggling in my chair as dan had quite a lot of screen time on all saints. yay

a couple of weeks ago, as you may recall, sandi and i were approached at the cranka and asked if we were eligible. after he turned out to be gay, i commented on the request list

I seriously think you should set upsome sort of match making thing. There are people looking for someone special, they just need a kick start. Love Carly. PS AGAIN a guy I thought was hot was gay. SEE WHY WE NEED THIS!!?

and guess who makes it to the email list again? oh yes, that would be me. and the response?

Carly maybe on to something here. CRANK DATE - bringing the love lorn and the looking for love together through badly mixed pop music. But I¹m a bit worried about the tone of Carly¹s plea. She sounds a little...antsy. So let¹s be pro-active. THE LET¹S FIND CARLY A MAN CONTEST starts today. Got a friend who is hot and not gay? Are in fact you hot and not gay? Send a picture and details of your potential suitor for Carly to your humble DJ host and I¹ll pass them onto Carly discretely. Any other people loving for a CRANK ASSISTED LOVE MATCH, GET IN TOUCH.

im rather worried about going tonight. although im rather intrigued as well. im not actually looking for a boyfriend really, i was asking more for the blonde guy looking for 'a nice girl, not a blonde slutty skank' so it will be an interesting night
sandi thinks the problem would be solved with a sticker on the forehead. if you have a sticker, you're single and looking. she could be on to something there.

last night i had a dinner date with some wonderful wonderful girls. kirsty, chronicles, rebessac and snadi. we went to the seacliff and had lovely meal. after dinner, kirsty went home and the rest of us trip trapped upstairs for drinks and dancing. first of all, i must tell you that the seacliff does not play music i am accustomed to. for instance, i was serenaded (with actions) by my friends, as 'my hump' played. there was also a rousing rendition of 'hollaback girl'. it was amusing, to say the least. i am so glad i dont know the words. although i do remember reading them somewhere....aaah, here they are. jessculture, you never let me down**

then the lights came on and the dj packed up his stuff, and all of a sudden the police are there and they've grabbed a big fat man and they're wrestling him to the ground and a glass is thrown at a police man and then some bouncers run for the glass thrower and all of a sudden, my eyes are fuzzing up, and its harder to see and i realise people are coughing and i think, actually, yeah, i need to cough too, and people are running for the balcony doors and throwing them open. that, my friends, was capsicum spray, and it hurts like fuck. i cant imagine what it would be like to catch it straight in the face. no thankyou. im a good girl.

also, it has come to my attention that people attempting to leave comments are being met with the massage that they are spammers. im sorry. i know you're not spammers. i have written the comment people and we'll see what happens.

which brings us to now. im about to go get ready and search through my floor for appropriate clothing for tonight. who knows, i may meet my prince (although im still pining for my brave and fierce knight)

*stupid boys and their stupid band, but it inspired me to write some lyrics for the band. its a sea shanty!

carly, i am massively, massively sorry

i should have thought about how she would feel
when i started this band, it didnt seem a big deal
but now ive thought about it, yes she is right
and i'll stay up writing songs for the rest ofthe night
just to make it up to her

into every song i'll slip a small message
only she'll understand
that only she'll notice
and maybe, one day
i'll make it up to her

and perhaps in the long run its better this way
we'd never be able to get up there and play
cos the girlfriends of band members make her freak out
and want to punch people and yell scream and shout

and im sorry, im sorry i started this band
im sorry its come out just like we planned
except you're not involved
and you're not invited
and i clearly see how you'd be less than delighted

but maybe, one day, i'll make it up to her

**except for when you dont post for ages. that makes me a sad panda :(

Thursday, November 02, 2006

palmer cash tees
words of wisdom

carly says:
well i dont know what his stupid problem is
carly says:
other than he's a fucktard
MedusA says:
but I don't want him to be a fuck tard
carly says:
unfortunately you'll find that most boys are
MedusA says:
me me me!

ok, anyone out there struggling for something to get me this christmas? im sure there'd be a few of you. how about this then? or this one? or even this one?

many options there.

Monday, October 30, 2006

fuggers, how i love thee

ive said before that i love the girls at go fug yourself. i will now present to you more evidence as to why they are so great.

put it away!

sure, they didnt make her do this, but they brought it to my attention, therefore i love them

i finished the boys christmas shopping

i hope they'll be happy
a hard promise to keep

Sunday, October 29, 2006

i cant lie anymore. i cant do it. im not happy. im not coping. 'call me if you need me' hearing your voice only makes it worse

Saturday, October 28, 2006

all week, x has been waking up at 6am or earlier. today he made it to 7 before he came in and spelled out an experiment he needed to do.

his notes say
steps for micstyre - top secret

it required a beaker, non carbonated spring water, and a teaspoon of 'food items'.

"whats food items?", i asked.
"oh, its just like, hmm, you know, like brown, kind of bits, like, chocolatey sort of mixture?"
"so you need a teaspoon of milo?"

the steps are
1. spring wartar
2. becker like cup
3. food items
4. stir
5. ceck it
6. study it
7. finished

he also needs supervision. i'll let you know the outcome.

then at 7:45, after i'd scooted him outside to think about the outcomes of his experiment, e came in to snuggle with me.

"you smell mum"
" i? what do i smell like?"
"you smell like 'i love you'"

sometimes i dont mind being woken up at all

Sunday, October 22, 2006

welcome to the world, i hope it doesnt suck too much for you

my beautiful baby cousin alison is in hospital tonight after giving birth to her first son, jett robert j.

hello baby boy

poor thing is in a humi-crib. jett, i mean, not al, cos he was so stressed they had to emergency cesarian him and he lost oxygen so he turned a lil bit blue. but hes 8 and a half pounds, and if all things are right with this world, he should be screaming and feeding and cuddling in no time. poor little bugger was so exhausted he couldnt even cry.

i'm going to see them later in the wwek. i'll bring back photos
stupid cupid

sometimes all you need is a little help from a faerie. now, see me up there in my cupid getup? yeah, well, i didnt need to get the wings out or fly the love hearts around last night. all i had to do was put pen to paper and, with the help of sandi, prove to two people that they really were meant to be.

bek and mick? this ones for you.

apparently they met at the cranka in august. know how i know that? mick showed sandi the text that bek sent him the day after, saying how nice a time she had. see that? HE KEPT THE TEXT MESSAGE! sweetness, much? sandi and i came across bek when we couldnt keep it to ourselves how gosh darn cute she is. she got all coy and embarrassed in her own bek way, and proceeded to inform us that she has stupidly low self esteem which is INSANE because she is beautiful beautiful. so since then, we've been chatting and dancing, and we learn about mick. mick is CSI hat guy. know him? he is the loveliest of lovely, and the two of them are so dumb together its adorable. they dont rush at each other, they just dance around each other, making eye contact and dancing "together" across the room. then they'll cuddle and kiss.
i asked something about mick to bek and she said 'he's not my boyfriend, i wish!' and i thought, thats dumb, becaouse they clearly like each other. so after weeks of this, i decided to get answers.
borrowing dj ians request pen and list, i wrote a note that looked a little something like this

and didnt he get all coy and embarassed! (see how alike they are?) sandi took over from here, having a heart to heart with him, finding out that he absolutely adores her. and you know what? she absolutely adores him. funny about that.

so, the note is back in micks pocket. he's keeping it, of course, sentimental fella. and love is floating around the place like nobodys business. suddenly i turn around an brett is kissing emma.

excuse me what?


ha! that spells 'bike'. anyway, yeah. bret is kissing emma and if it isnt the sweetest kiss ive seen in my lfe. both me and sandi wanted to be the recipients of that kiss, it looked so lovely. there were cheers and hoorays abounding, but im a little concerned it was a kiss between friends that shouldnt really have happened. i hope everything works out for the best, whatever the best may be.

then i spy a nice enough looking boy. he's kinda cute. he comes up to us and asks us if we're eligable. for what? for that guy over there with teh blonde hair and white polo shirt. apparently he thinks its time he settled down with a nice girl. not a blonde slutty bimbo. 'like the girl he picked up the other week?' i ask....'exactly' he says. unfortunately i have to turn down his offer. i thank him for considering us though, very thoughtful. see, i've made eye contact with this boy before. not for any real reason, just cos i was looking around at people, as i like to do. and he made this 'totally not interested and as if i would ever be interested in you' face. so no, sorry nice polite gay boy, im not interested in your friend.

lastly comes...i cant even remember his name. i didnt hear it properly to begin with to be honest.he looked rather like this

except with a black tshirt. he smiles at i kinda smile back, cos im polite and stuff. later in the night he ends up next to me.
'hi, im sdalshshf*'
'and you are?'
'i know this is going to sound really lame but, you look really familiar'
'hmm...k....well, where do you live?'
'new south wales'
'i see...well, i live in adelaide, so it cant be that'
'what do you do?'
'im a librarian'
'oh, well thats not that bad'
', its not bad at all...i actually quite like it...'
walking away now.....

what sort of conversation was that?

at 4am, after jigging to a weird al polka, sandi and i travelled home. there was a bright light over the hills. ' i wonder whats going on over there?' i ask. 'dunno' says sandi, 'oh, i know, its the moon!'

actually, no, its not the moon.

its the sun

the sun is coming up as we drive along the expressway, and as i crawl into bed, my room has already started to take on a blueish tinge. i'll wake up in 7 hours, to the bright lights of the midday sun

*not actual name
**kirsty believes i should have answered 'not interested'

Thursday, October 19, 2006

"EEEEEOWWWFFTZ!"said Scarface Claw.
after a day and a half out the back of my house, i took the nasty feral cat to the rspca. i do feel bad that its going to die..i mean, be euthanased, but its messing with my baby pusscats and that just cant happen.
im hoping that they desex it and it calms down, but i just dont think it will. apart from the fact it was probably shit scared/angry that it was in a cage, i made sure it had food and water, and was out of the weather and comfortable, and the thing kept spitting at me and throwing itself around the cage like it was crazy.
i took it up to the desk and the lady took one look at it and called someone, asking for help getting a feral cat out of a cage. i dont think there's much hope for it, really.

according to the people in the street, it was left here 3 or 4 years ago and has been living around the place ever since. when i was moving in, tom was here on his own one day and heard a noise at the back door. he opened it up and the black cat walked right in like it owned the place. and maybe one day it did, but now my pusscats live here and i cant have them standing in the doorway in fear of being raped anymore.
so i've done a service to the community. im sure it wasnt just my cats that were being terrorised.

i still feel bad though

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


i have a blog where i post my writing. ie, not dribbling crap i post here. i havent updated it in a long while, but today i decided to check out my webtracker and see what sort of people are looking at my stuff.

Last 20 Searchengine QueriesUnique Visitors
10 Feb, Fri, 06:12:32 MSN Search: fell walking hats pictures
11 Mar, Sat, 04:25:28 MSN Search: brutally honest game questions
22 Mar, Wed, 16:09:40 MSN Search: how to get rid of pillow creases on face
30 Apr, Sun, 07:09:43 Google: "i dont want to hold you down" + landing
04 May, Thu, 05:54:05 Google: he stares deep into my eyes what does this mean?
15 May, Mon, 02:45:46 MSN Search: grandmas sex diaries
16 May, Tue, 02:06:10 Yahoo: how to apply eyeshadow for night time with pictures
18 May, Thu, 00:10:05 MSN Search: funny words
24 May, Wed, 16:35:34 MSN Search: inside her
30 May, Tue, 09:34:13 Google: "it was all just a game"
01 Jun, Thu, 12:30:27 Google: "touch my" + "her breast against"
07 Jun, Wed, 22:19:40 Google: sun hurting eyes through window
24 Aug, Thu, 06:37:30 Google: the bottom of my eyes seem to sink in but arent dark
25 Aug, Fri, 14:05:12 Google: "kicked her shoes off
02 Sep, Sat, 17:14:35 Google: link:
22 Sep, Fri, 18:24:02 Google: "I DONT WANT TO HOLD YOU DOWN"

rightio then
if she wants me

I said goodbye to someone that I love
It’s not just me, I tell you it’s the both of us
And it was hard
Like coming off the pills that you take to stay happy

belle and sebastian

Monday, October 16, 2006

i fear im in danger of becoming an idol blogger. so, instead, i'll fill you in on whats going on at the moment.

today i shall be moseying on down to the council chambers to vote no. i havent been paying a hell of a lot of attention to what im voting no too, cos, to be honest, anything more than a page long with no breaks in it hurts my brain and i cant get it to sink in, let alone to make anything that even resembles sense. all i know is that if i vote yes i'll be getting an extra $300 a year, but its possibly over three years, and they'll take away my tea breaks.
not exactly.
here, i'll explain:

you're allowed to have a 15 minute tea break in the morning. but only if you take it at your desk. and only if you work through it.
cant wait for when they brin in wee breaks.

also, i need to pick up a cat cage so i can catch the mother fucker thats terrorising my pusscats. son of a bitch is going down.

tomorrow im getting my hair cut at hairhouse warehouse. i normally get my hair done...well, by me in the shower, or at the colour bar, but HHWH were giving out showbags that had scratchies in them and sandi won a free hair cut, so im trying them out. i'll let you know how i go. i havent seen a coffee machine or a massive big screen television with movies, but they do appear to have massaging chairs at their sinks.
then i'll go visit sandi and bring her some food.

wednesday, thursday and friday i shall be working. on one of these days i hope to recieve a mixed tape from the guitarist from krystapinczh. please gus, make your bands name just a little bit harder to spell, k? cos i dont think its actually hard enough yet.

saturday, sandi and i will be doing whatever the hell we want cos we dont have any kids. YAY! are there any bands playing/parties that we should know about happening on saturday night?
we'll be at the cranka afterwards, but sandi is getting old and is finding it hard to leave for somewhere at 11:30pm. i, on the other hand, feel like i'll get even more tired if i go out dancin/drinkin beforehand, but we'll see
texts between personwhosnameimustnevermention and i during idol last night

me: (following deans performance) how could you not want to fuck that, seriously
personwhosnameimustnevermention: ppffft! he's perfect for this slut show. i reckon youd have to wait til mark holden is done with him

personwhosnameimustnevermention: (following lisas performance) no comparison! shes an angel
me: oh, i agree totally. she is beautiful and i may even buy her album as well as deans. dean is angelic too, but i bet he can be a my pants!

i feel like dancin...dancin...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

a busy week or so

so, the snake enclosure at work started leaking today . that was pretty exciting. i also got to catch a huntsman and put it outside.

last night sandi and i went to see josh pyke, jen cloher and princess one point five. beautiful beautiful beautiful. one day i'd like someone to write a song about me, like josh pyke writes about people.

bevis had a baby boy, named sweetums.

my cousin is having a baby any second now.

i ordered lots of stuff off ebay and etsy. my new favourite thing is this tshirt

i made some girl mad at me.

and its stupidly hot.

saturday night i'll be at the crown and anchor again. i wonder what gems i'll pick up this weekend