Monday, May 31, 2004

x potter

soon, x will sport a lovely, character exuding scar underneath his chin.
he slipped over at personwhosnameimustnevermention;s parents house today and split his chin open. he has 4 or 5 stitches now. poor baby.

girls will think he's tough tho
I promise one day I’ll be good

I read a lot. I write a lot to. I’m not exactly great at the writing part, but I try. I have so many ideas. Ideas that wake me up in the middle of the night, and they are so forceful at getting out of my head. The hurl themselves at my skull, thudding around and repeating themselves over and over until I give in and write them down. They may only be two or three words, or a whole three pages, but if I don’t write them down I’ll never get back to sleep.

I check all the blogs that are linked to mine daily. I am the queen of jealousy. I am appallingly jealous of so many of you. Everyone, in one way or another, seems to be writing what I have been thinking. Except they do it in a much better way than I could ever have imagined.

So I’m thinking I’ll take a creative writing course. I’ve never been good at writing when someone’s told me to. I’m a hell of a lot better at just writing when the need takes me. But maybe I need to be more disciplined, I need to sit down and practice at it until it becomes second nature to get the words out of me the way I intended them to in the first place. Not the way they end up on the paper or the screen.

In other news, x fell over and split his chin open requiring four stitches. He’s rather proud of them. He said that he wasn’t at all brave, because it hurt a lot. But the part that hurt the most was when the doctor, david, pinched him to show him what the injection would feel like. I’m just thankful that amelia was there. He said it as if it made it all better. So thanks amelia

When we got to personwhosnameimustnevermentions parents house to take the monsters…I mean, children home, x called us from the front room, inviting us to visit the ‘e museum’. I looked around the corner and found e curled up underneath a rectangular glass aquarium. He was quite happy, playing with his bob the builder. His cheeks were a tad red though, im imagining that must have been from the lack of oxygen in there.

Saturday night, personwhosnameimustnevermention I and went to jive to see josh rouse. Well, I’m in love, more than I was before anyway. He talked to us afterwards and I invited him to our house to go surfing the next day. He said he had to go to Melbourne so he couldn’t. he shook my hand and I was thinking to myself that I should have slipped him my phone number while I had the chance.
I’m also in love with the support band. Paul vellan I think it was. He used to play in the trims. Im gonna have to get some of their albums, so so good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


just a quick update on my quest to have sex with vincent d'onofrio.
im still in australia with no money and he's still happily married in america.

more updates when they come to hand
i downloaded the google toolbar not long ago, and in that time it has stopped 1144 popups. i am very happy with it, considering it was popups which were using up most of my bandwidth and forcing me to have to pay extra download charges. i dont particularly need to see the amazing x cam ad 50 times a day, nor do i need to pay an extra $15 a month to see it.

now i've gotten my computer back from being 'fixed', i get pop ups again, not anywhere near as many as i did, but still, they're there.

for instance, i typed in my blog address, this blog address, and there was a pop up that said 'congratulations, you are the 500,000,000th visitor to this blog. i know i am popular way beyond belief, but judging by my stat counter, i dont get that many hits.

this leads me to believe that these pop up putter upperers arent paying attention to what i look at. they arent thinking, ooh, carly may want to look at this book, they're thinking, here, have some porn!

how rude

Monday, May 24, 2004

i've begged, now i'm pleading

h for hurry, e for urgent, l for l-l-love me and p for pppplease help
(if you havent seen yellow submarine, thenm that made no sense)

i know i complain quite a lot about the state of my computer. its crap, it really is. it's never worked properly the whole time i've had it. ive sent it back but it's still not working. i complain and complain, i scan for viruses and so forth, i defrag, i scan disk, i clear my cookies and history, i do all that. but still it fails to do what i ask of it, ie, look at websites.

here are some of the lovely messages i get more than frequently while "surfing" the web

surfing wouldnt be the correct term for what i do if i were kelly slater, or even some guy who lives down the street who can stand on a board. but i guess my computer is following in my footsteps and surfing like me. i fight to get past the breakers, almost drown, let the tide take me to shore and colapse on the sand crying.

that about sums it up

so im asking you again, wont you please, please help me?
happy birthday baby

3 years ago today, my baby eli was born.
now he's a big grown up boy who can dress himself and count to 20. he sings all day, is obsessed with dinosaurs and thomas the tank engine, and likes the colour blue. he is the cheekiest thing i have ever seen and i will never get tired of cuddling him.

happy birthday eli, i love you

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Friday, May 21, 2004

share the love in a flash flash flashy way

a massive gigantic thankyou to sean and bruce who's combined efforts enabled me to see flash animation for the first time in about a year.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Label with Care

I have recently been accused of ‘flaunting my queeritude, as I so desperately wanted to be seen as gay’.

I have never really thought of myself as gay. I guess living with a guy and our two kids does not exactly paint the typical gay picture. However, I suppose that is what this is all about. Is a typically gay guy someone you’ll find on ecstasy, staggering out of a nightclub at 5 am? Or is he the bank manager that you’ve known all your life? Is a typically gay girl shouting equal rights from a street corner, wearing overalls and a t-shirt with dyke emblazoned on it? Or is she the kindergarten teacher of your child, or your local member of parliament? And while we’re at it, what if you’re bi? Does that mean you’re out having sex with whomever you choose, male or female? Or perhaps you’re in a committed monogamous relationship with someone of the opposite sex?
A friend asked me if I thought I was gay because I liked girls, or because I had sex with girls. It made me wonder why people feel the need to label. Would she introduce me as her gay friend, or her friend? And in return, should I introduce her as my straight friend? ‘Hey everyone, this is Kristy, she has a boyfriend! Can you believe it? A heterosexual!’

I’ve never actually labelled myself. I suppose, looking back, that has made it easier for me to accept and triumph over the things that life has thrown at me.

Being one of the arty kids in school with a small group of friends, I was labelled a loner, a loser, and even for a few months, a witch. I took all of these names and filed them away. Maybe I was a loner? Perhaps I was a loser? Hey, maybe I was even a witch, but I wasn’t quite ready to use those labels on myself. None of them seemed to fit right. They hung over me like a jumper three sizes too big.

When I was thirteen, I had a crush on a girl who was in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Eisteddfod with me. She was in Year 12, with short dark hair, light blue eyes and pale, pale skin. Her name was Kate. Apart from Drew Barrymore, she is the first girl I can remember having feelings for.

A year later people in our Maths class had taken to calling a certain girl a lesbian. There was absolutely no basis for this, but I tagged along, joining in with all the appropriate exclamations of ‘gross’, ‘how disgusting’ and ‘she’s such a freak’. Not once did I connect this girl’s new label to my feelings for Kate or any other girls.

Through high school and my 20’s I had many relationships with boys. It wasn’t until late last year when I met a girl who liked me back. I guess you could label me a fully-fledged lesbian now, although I’m pretty happy with the label of ‘me’

Friday, May 14, 2004

oh internet, how i love thee, let me count the ways...

actually, not many ways at all. stupid fucking thing still doesnt work properly but at least my computer is aware that there is a modem attached to it now. thats one thing, i guess.

while i was away...

i was majorly fucking busy. here, have a read of the reviews of forum, it was a lot better than they said it was.

A funny 'Forum'


Noarlunga College Theatre, Noarlunga Centre

To May 8


STEPHEN Sondheim penned both the music and lyrics to this musical farce, which has a book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart.

In ancient Rome, Pseudolus is a slave who bargains for his freedom when he discovers that his master is in love with a courtesan.

Grant Hull makes an instant connection with the audience and he continues to carry the show as the narrator and slave.

His opening number, Comedy Tonight, is a highlight.

Playing the domineering Captain Miles Gloriosus, Mark Anolak has a stage presence as powerful as his singing voice.

Theo Badics as Hysterium manages to sell most of the song I'm Calm by injecting a lot of extra humour into it.

But while the rest of the cast may be tops in the acting stakes, they are not good singers.

Chris Aubrey as Hero, Carley Whittaker as courtesan Philia, and Kate Anolak as domineering wife Domina all have particularly good characterisations.

Director Harry Dewar uses as much comedy as possible to cover the lack of singing talent. It works to some extent, but nowhere near enough.

Musical director John Wilson and vocal coach Kylie Toogood have failed to work within the limitations of the ensemble, and Wilson's orchestra has too much brass.

Dewar's colourful, multi-storey set looks good, but the mix of costume styles seems odd.

this one was a lot nice, we love louise

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Noarlunga College Theatre
Until Saturday, May 8

Opus Performing Arts Community attacks Stephen Sondheim's irresistible musical theatre parody with such relish that the production rises above its flaws to heroically win over its audience.

Some of the amateur cast members struggled to sing in tune on opening night but their refreshingly unselfconscious performances hit just the right note.

Director Harry Dewar can take the responsibility for both.

If you are going to stage a musical, you really should ensure your performers have the ability to have a decent stab at the score. On the other hand, eliciting so many fine comic moments from a non-professional cast in such a demanding show is a triumph.

There's no doubt Opus has unearthed a budding talent in leading player and star of the evening Grant Hull.

Hull sings and acts with confidence. His portrayal of the Roman slave Pseudolus verges on brilliant as he plots and schemes to bring two lovers together to secure his freedom.

Hull's long-limbed physicality and wide range of facial expressions are reminiscent of John Cleese and, indeed, the whole production is wonderfully Pythonesque. Dewar knows how to direct comedy and he has the large cast running in all directions with some hilarious results.

As well as Hull, Mark Anolak proves his worth in the vocal department as the blundering captain Miles Gloriosus.

Theo Badics beautifully plays up the role of jittery slave Hysterium and Brian Oates provides a memorable moment as the doddery lech Senex in his jaunty performance of Everybody Ought to have a Maid.

Sets and costumes are a treat and the band plays brightly under musical director John Wilson. Problems with performer microphones are distracting but should be ironed out as the season progresses.

– Louise Nunn

have a look at us, arent we nice?

what else, what else....not a lot really. i was pretty busy with forum and when i wasnt performing i was reading. i have a new love. jodi piccoult, mmmmmm. i am in love with her books. ive read two of them in the past week and i need more more MORE! so far i've read second glance and my sister's keeper. please feel free to buy me the others and send them to me as welcome back to the internet presents.

so...did anyone miss me???

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

fuckin fuckinfuckin


stupid computer. im at mums at the moment. i dropped the broken computer at the shop and it should hopefully be fixed by next wednesday.

if you really really want to contact me, you can call me. otherwise i'll see you all again next week

ps. sean, PANAMA!!