Friday, August 24, 2007

i got a new car. its sporty and zoomy and cooler than my big station wagon thing that i used to have. the problem with this is that as i was driving it last saturday night, i went through a redlight speeding camera when i was doing 70kms. which would have been fine, except that it was a 60kms zone.

i know i shouldnt have been speeding, but it was 4am, i was tired and drunk, and i just wanted to go home. the kids were jumping all around the backseat and i was trying to turn around and yell at them to shut the fuck up, while at the same time, i was trying to text bazza to say we'd be dropping past to score. you would think that the guy i picked up on the way could have had a talk to the kids, but no, he was too busy winding up the window cos it was too cold, and i specifically told him to keep it down cos i dont want the kids breathing in that crackpipe smoke

the fact that i feel the need to add a disclaimer that only the speeding part of this was true annoys me. also, the use of the word 'youse' and putting a 'k' on the end of 'ing' words, like 'sumfink, enyfink, nuffink' etc, that annoys me too

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

for the second time in my blog life, i find myself writing about something that miss apples has already posted about. this time, im doing it on purpose. the last time was purely coincidence. was it something to do with neighbours? i cant remember.


i signed up to a few of those internet dating sites years ago. the first time it was so i could look at someone who a friend had been checking out, since then ive popped my virtual head into those creepy rooms every now and then, and i've even met someone quite nice, but the majority of people on those sites scare the shit out of me. mainly, and if you go read this piece of amazing writing which is far superior to mine you will see that she agrees whole heartedly, WHY CANT YOU PEOPLE SPELL?

please, i'd like to introduce you to jasoncollins

gidday im jason looking to meet pepeol and have fun

hi i lick the bech movies horse riding and fishing outdors and i have tattoo

has no interests, but does have these requirements for his ideal partner

at least 18 years old


Relationship sought: Pen Pal or Friendship with a Female
Long-term Relationship with a Female

sume body that lickes me for me and not what thay lick me to be and i wont them to be honest

PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU, WORLD this can not be the only type of guy who is out there

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Thursday, August 02, 2007

by now, we should all be aware of the lovely aleisha winning big brother 2007. hooray. although, here in our household, we were going for zach

x: some people in my class are saying that zach is G A Y
me: gay?
x: nods
me: well, he is
x: but i dont understand?
me: being a gay boy means you like other boys
x: but...i like other boys
me: yes, but, do you want to kiss them?
x: no
me: well, zach wants to kiss them
e: (singing and marching around the hallway) i wanna kiss boys! i wanna be gay!
me: sweetheart, if you want to be gay and kiss boys, thats fine with me, but if you dont, i dont recommend walking around school saying that
x: (with tears in his eyes) its just not fair mum. no one should be teased just because they are different than another person

there are sometimes shining moments when i know im being a good mum