Saturday, November 21, 2009

unrelated things

e found an earwig in his bed. 'oh my god! grandma was right! there are bugs in here!'. children are currently cleaning their room

today i found out tom nook is buying turnips for 318 bells. i sold mine yesterday for 116 bells. and i had a darryl braithwaite song stuck in my head. fml.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


so, we're trying. apparently. i dont know. sometimes it seems its not any different than before. and i see other people trying and i wonder if its all for show. its such public trying that it seems its all done to prove that everything is gonna be alright

im doing my trying quietly, at home, with no spectators. i dont know if its working. maybe. i kept checking my phone. but then the question came, 'do you want me to?' and i didnt know how to answer it. to be honest i cant remember how i answered it. i guess i'll find out in a week or so. 'otherwise it will be ages' is the reason. and yes, otherwise, it will be ages, but maybe thats what we need? or maybe what we need is more time closer together to work things out? but what if that closer together time makes us angry and quiet? i guess i'll have the answer then, wont i.

i keep getting asked how i am. and i dont know how to answer that. im fine. at least, i feel fine, but i know im not. i dont know if that makes any sense at all. im barely speaking, but i think thats a good thing, since no one is home. but thats a problem too, as i should probably be going out. but its so hot... just going to work is enough, really.

but my initial reason for writing, trying. im just not sure i know how to

broke my blog
dear fast food chain

i fail to see how this qualifies to be a whole crispy strip

usually if they are small, you add another one. this time you didnt. thankfully i wasnt hugely hungry. you really should put the sauce in there though, its mean to ask me what sauce i want and then not give it to me

on the up side, the sunkist can is pretty

dear another fast food chain

do you think its possible for you to put a sign out the front of your stores to say when you are cleaning the ice cream machines, so i dont have to go through the drive through to find out i can have any cold milky beverages? its rather annoying, and i always think of how much further down the road i could be if i didnt stop. if i had a thickshake or an icecream, i wouldnt mind so much. or perhaps, you could have two machines that work on a roster system so that there is always icecream available? thats an idea. i doubt you're lacking in cash.

lastly, not related to fast food, but stuck on my fridge so still in some way related to food, this is what greets me every time i go into the kitchen

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the internet is mocking me

facebook suggests i 'reconnect with adam'
email i just received tells me to visit britain again
a time capsule photo gets sent to me every now and then. todays is from 2006