Monday, August 30, 2004

enrol to vote

friday is that last day you can enrol to vote for this year's election. our prime minister, john howard, shook my brothers hand. you stay away from my little brother you evil chipmunk bastard!

seriously though, dont be swayed by the extra money he gave out to everyone with kids. he was buying votes. he sent us money so we would vote for him. you know that he lies, you know that he kisses george w bush's ass when it comes to whatever he believes in. have a look at this. john howard is on this guys team. you american people who im guessing, leave the decision of whether or not to vote to whether or not theres anything good on tv, need to vote this year. i know it didnt count last time, since he won anyway regardless of the votes, but im sure they'll count them properly this time.
as for you australians, vote properly this time. dont vote for the beer guy, or the one who has the coolest poster, vote for who is going to make our country somewhere that makes sense, stands up for itself with its own two feet and huddling behind some other countries president.

how my money was spent

last year i posted a pic of augustine, the girl from chad that we sponsor. i got sent an update on how she's doing last week. apparently the money that we've been sending has enabled her to be immunised against tetanus and meningitis, and she's been given tablets for worms. she's not old enough to go to school yet, so it hasnt bought her any books or pencils or a school uniform. i guess that's why they sent me a photo of her wearing this

my guess is that she made it herself in a factory down the road...or track, i guess. matt thinks they should have spent the money buying her a longer broom handle.

she doesnt look happy, does she? and she's not wearing the necklace i sent her which makes me wonder if she even got it.

One day a pair of whales, Lucy and Fred, were swimming along when they came across their friend Ned, who looked terribly sad. They asked him what was wrong.

Ned said, “You see that boat up there? It killed my father.”

Fred said, “That’s terrible. But I know what we can do. We’ll take deep breaths, swim under the boat, then exhale and upset the boat. And then we’ll eat the sailors.”

Ned thought this was a great idea, but Lucy said, “Fred, Fred, if I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times. I don’t mind doing blowjobs, but there’s no way I’m swallowing any seaman.”


Two nuns are riding bicycles down an unfamiliar road.

One nun says, “I’ve never come this way before.”

The second nun says, “It must be the cobblestones.”


ok, this one made me laugh so much i cried...

Why do woman wear makeup and perfume?

Because they’re ugly and they smell.

i know my sense of humour is bizzarre


and now for my joke....

one day there was a snail who was selling encyclopedias. he slid up to a front door and knocked. the man inside opened the door, looked around and couldnt see anyone until he looked down and saw the little snail.
"hello!" the snail said and smiled, "i'm selling encyclopedias"
the man picked up the snail, screamed "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!!" and threw the snail across the garden.
two weeks later there was a knock on the mans door. he answered it and looked arouund, and again, it wasnt util he loked down that he noticed the snail sitting on his doorstep.
the snail looked up at him and said "what did you do that for??"

and off i go laughing myself silly..........

Sunday, August 29, 2004

good news*

since the band themselves cant seem to update anything, i'll let you in on the good news. after slipping out of the top 20+1 last week on adelaides own three d radio, the velveteen habit shot to number 2 this week.

shall we all join together in a woohoo? i think so


*good news that has nothing to do with god or the bible, whew
all you need do is ask

imagine, someone asking me to link to them and they dont even link me??? imagine this person just turning up out of nowhere and demanding me to link to them. i say demanding because i dont see any pleases or thankyous. did you not learn any manners? its not that hard to say please, or thankyou. and to type it its even easier because you can abbreviate it; pls, plz, ty or ta for instance. im trying to think of a proverb or whatever they are, a saying that you can remember to learn your manners but all i can think of are hold your horses and you're a beter door than a window. i wonder who was an impatient girl who stood dreamily in the way of people when she was little?

Friday, August 27, 2004

this is really cool. i searched for littlefaeriegirl, but it didnt come up, butif i do it like this little faerie girl


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

new section

got an idea for a new section, so heads up sean, put your html shoes on.

whats tickling my fancy this month? : august

paper tiger
candle records
my new t shirt, courtesy of mushy cat

shouldnt be so nosey

im always sneaking roung the net to find out what people are saying about me. as usual, its nothing. but i did find this site that i hope no one confuses with me. my bits arent nearly as hairy as hers
seems there will be at least six, possibly eight charges laid against someone

yesterday went pretty well, apart from the whole driving in the city thing and the fact that there has to be stupid squares to go around instead of driving straight through which would allow me to go directly from one road to another instead of having to back track gah!

ok, so i got there and had a drink of water and calmed down a bit. talked to damian and it was cute cos he looked about as nervous as i was. i met jai, my prosecutor, and she's really nice. she has 3 kids aged 2, 4 and 6 so she gets the whole stressed out by the boys thing.
we went through everything and she's happy to proceed. she thinks i can do it and that we have enough evidence. her application has to go through to someone else and then somone else yadda yadda yadda...and i'll find out in a few weeks


got paid $40 for working that one day. i dont think they really want me. apparently when i said that i feel weird making food for other people, they took that as i hated working there. meh, i dunno. i mean, it wasnt too bad. its not exactly what i want to do, but hey, its better than bunnings. i just dont think its going to be worth it. $160 a week, minus tax, petrol and childcare isnt gonna leave me much. we'd probably get the same amount of extra money if we didnt buy so much takeaway each week.

coles myer still havent gotten back to me. i checked my application online and its still "under consideration". theres still the job at jungle fever but its 35 hours a week. at casual rates that'd be some good money, but i dont think i could handle working that much, plus how many hours eli especially would have to be in childcare.

it'd be good if humblebee sold heaps of albums and we could just live off that money.

in other band related news, the velveteen habit were album of the week on three d last week, number 11 on the top 20+1 and have sold out of cds in all the shops the cds are in.

pretty bloody good

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Monday, August 23, 2004

just incase you needed more proof of how cool i am

i told you that matt and i gave a rough rough incredibly rough demo of humble bee to mark from the lucksmiths? well, we did. and as you all know i am very impatient, so i went to the lucksmiths website and reminded them on their guestbook about our cd, 'just wondering what you guys thought...'

From : Mark Monnone
Sent : Sunday, 22 August 2004 7:47:45 PM
To :
Subject : Humblebee 4 Mee

Hi guys!

Thanks again for the CD. Sorry I haven't been in touch, but quite honestly,
I've been flat out here in Tassie, doing manual labouring, and saving money
to go to London to see my girlfriend!! (Yippeeee, less than two weeks
now!!) But I've certainly been enjoying your music - you both have wonderful
ace voices! Are you playing shows soon? What's the plan? Are you playing
as a duo, or are you thinking of expanding to a huge swing orchestra? I look
foraward to hearing more of your tunes some day.

Take care.

xx Mark.

Mark Monnone
The Lucksmiths
PO Box 1299
Carlton 3053

proof enough for you now???

yeah, i rule

yaaaay. marc rang last night and read it out over the phone. i was all giggly and smiley for ages, but that could have also been because i was watching criminal, that was wriggly and smiley :P

thanks mark, you're cool too

Saturday, August 21, 2004

a big thankyou to sean for fixing all the ugly code in my template. i like all the new doohickeys blogger, but did you have to make my new template so messy?

also thankyou for all the pretties in that side bar
right now i'm thinking how much fun it would be to go and see some bands with darcie. im thinking a big day out kind of set up, except with only our favourite bands playing.

yeah, that'd be cool

Friday, August 20, 2004

linky linky

i've added shades of grey to the links bar because vicki whined that it wasnt there.

so now it is

i think it's time i paid more attention to my breasts. i've been pretty lazy for a while there. after getting over the whole breastfeeding thing and having to wear ugy ugly but supportive maternity bras, i didnt properly fit into any of my leftover bras. i was still all stupid shaped from having babies and nothing had settled down yet. so i just wore those support singlets from bonds *note, i do not look like that when i wear them* . they are comfy, but after a while they dont really do anything. now, its not like i have huge boobs. everybody knows i have handful boobs and thats the way i like them. but i would like them to be a little more perkier than they are.

i reckon next pay day i might take myself to the new innerwear shop on south road and buy some good bras. its about time i spolied myself

Thursday, August 19, 2004

don't let me down

it's 10 am. i should be getting ready for work and just about to leave but instead, im snuffling around my house with a crying 3 year old snuffling on my lap. my eyes feel like they're blowing out cold air, my throat feels like you could just about slide a strand of cotton down it if you tried hard enough, nothing thicker or it'd just get stuck, and my legs feel like lead. but really really heavy lead. superheavy lead. i dont actually feel that bad, but i look and sound like someone who is very ill and that is not the kind of person you want preparing your food for you.

so on only my 2nd day of work, i have called in sick. im quite sure thats a record.

i feel like i've let so many people down. jude and phil and the duck inn, mostly, but also everyone else who was so proud of me for actually getting out there and finding a job. turns out i cant even work in a snack bar.

i got home from my first day feeling pretty tired, but generally ok. my legs hurt, but i figured that was from standing up all day so i didnt give it a second thought.
i met some interesting people, survived serving scott, dan and simon, and had an all round alright day. i even didnt mind the traffic afterwards, it was good to be able to sit in the car and listen to the radio without people trying to talk to me about something i have no idea about, or show me bubbles they're blowing in their mouths, or try and stop them from killing each other while still driving and conentrating on the road.

when i got home there was a large pile of junk mail, so i poured through that. also, on the front page of the messenger was my new underage boycrush, ben. so that reminded me that i was supposed to go and see man of steel at noarlunga theatre. i was feeling ok, so i went, and im so glad that i did because it was so entertaining and funny.
i love amatuer theatre, particularly school productions. this was willunga high schools first whole school musical in 30 years, and it showed. it showed in how lame the play was, but also in how enthusiastic and brilliant the cast were. for instance, the first line in the play was stuffed up and the girl covered her face and mumbled something like 'oh, yep' and then kept going.
ben played the man of steel himself, clarke kent. wow, ben just keeps impressing me each time ive seen him. i didnt realise he could sing either, and he was one of the few who kept in character the whole way through. why does this boy not audition for OPUS? we dont know, but we'll be forcing him to next time.

so i clap clap clap at the end and then turn to vicki and she says 'go home, you're falling asleep' and its at that moment i realise how crappy i feel. and its the moment i wake up the next morning and try to swallow that i realise how extra crappy i feel. and then after i get off the phone from phil who happily and good naturedly tok my croaky voice call this morning and told me to look after myself, that i feel even more crappy about letting everybody down.

when i got to school this morning i realise that the majority of the kids are not in school uniform. its casual day, and x is dressed in his uniform. im glad that he's not old enough to be mad at me for having to wear his uniform while everyone else got to dress up, but i still feel bad for him. tick him off as the next person i let down. i'll be making it p to him by letting him go to after school care tonight even though i dont need him to anymore. he's looking forward to it, so i'll pay the $12 for him to have fun with his friends for a couple of extra hours.

im gonna go look after my sick coughing baby in the lounge room, hopefully i can make him feel better and not let him down.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

sticking it to the man

i borrowed that title from katie, i dont know what she was talking about, but im talking about milo bars.

the lovely glancey has come up with an idea and i like it. whip bars were my mums favourite chocolate bar for a while, along with coffee crisps which i havent seen for a long time. i am more than willing to buy whip bars. my only problem is that they rarely come with competitions that help me to win extra chocolate or money, like cherry ripes do. BUT, that said, cherry ripes used to have a really cute picture of a girl on the front and now they dont, so now they suck a little.

a friend of nazz and glancey, maryanne, is also for the whole boycot new milo bars. thats 4. 4 is enough to start a gang. yay! im in a gang!

on the subject of things that were and now arent, what happened to vice versas? they were yummy. could never decide if i liked the brown with a white centre or white with a brown centre so i just kept on eating them. bush biscuits, where are they? toobs....mmmmm, toobs. they've disappeared off the face of the earth. perhaps they burnt some kids tongue till it was unrecognisable so they had to take them off the market, who knows, but i loved them. crows milk, killer shakes, return of the jedi iceblocks, pacman chips, WHERE ARE YOU?????

in other news, i may as well be 15. or younger really, i cant add or be bothered working out how old i was around this time, so im just gonna say 15

i bought the secret diary of laura palmer yesterday

Monday, August 16, 2004

i've got a new friend!

you know how i'm totallt TOTALLY in love with taht beautiful house? well, we got our dumb house valued a couple weeks ago by a lovely lovely young lass named shelley.
i really liked shelley the first time i met her. she was at another open inspection, actually of the house that the current owners of my dream house have just bought. she was cute and smiley and played with the kids and told me over and over how gorgeous they are. which they are, i know, but she actually meant it.
when we organised for the house to be valued, it was supposed to be valerie who was coming around. matt has a thing for valerie. she's always sassy looking, but down to earth at the same time. plus he wants to drive around in her fancy car.
but apart from being disappointed when shelley turned up on our doorstep, we were all smiles cos she's just so gosh darned cute. she reminds me a lot of theresa, which is kinda dangerous at times cos me + theresa is just squeeling and giggling till the cows come home. which they don't cos they're all night partay animals.
she loves the kids and actually sat and played with them and talked to them about astro boy and speed racer and answered all their questions. and she's cool


she rang me tonight. to talk about the houses and all that, but mainly to catch up and just have a chat. she said she was thinking about me, and was actually atlking about the boys over the weekend. just before she hung up, she said 'keep in touch, let me know how you're doing...or just call to have a chat'

and i think i will

in less than an hour i'll be leaving for my first appointment with dr kent. he specialises in dissociative disorders and psychotherapy. im a bit worried about going. it would be great to work out what the hell is going on inside my head, and fix it so i can function like a normal person, but i dont want to walk out of there and have all these labels of disorders i apparently have. im worried taht if he says 'yes, you have dissociative identity disorder' that all my inner people are gonna say 'woohoo! we're real, lets go to town inside carly's head!'. and what if he says i dont have it? then they're all going to be mad or upset at me, because it will obviously be my fault that someone else says they dont exist. ugh, its all to hard. im worried about being on too many freaky drugs. i feel like im already outgrowing my effexor, although that may be that i never take it properly.

i've been prescribed two 75mg doses. thats one in the morning and one about tea time. it seemed like every afternoon i was freaking out and not handling anything, so the doctor decised that if i had one in the afternoon it should keep the amount of the drug in my system pretty level rather than petering out towards the end of the day. the problem with that is that i forget to take the one at night so i take 2 in the morning because if the tablets are taken out of order or i skip them it bothers me immensly. so im having a hit of 150mg every morning and its still wearing off around 4 o'clock. this is what happened last time, and the time kept getting earlier and earlier until it seemed the drug was only working for a couple of hours.
im dissappearing quite a bit lately as well. friday night was pretty bad, as was a lot of saturday. saturday night was ok and then sunday afternoon it came back a little.

i dont know what you'd call it...or what dr kent is going to call it, but i'll let you know when i find out.

im worried that he'll say 'you have (insert disorder here)' and that it will define what i am. that everytime i think or feel or do something, i'll say 'oh, thats my disorder rearing itsugly head again. bad disorder! bad! down boy, GET DOWN!'. i dont want to blame everything on a disorder, or have it rule my life. enough crap goes on with me already that limits what i can do. i still seem to get on with things, but what happens when there are so many things that i just cant get up anymore? too many disorders and illnesses that weigh me down so much im stuck in bed not able to move?

am i thinking too much about this?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

is its really sad that i enjoy vaccuuming so much? that i find it immensly satisfying to hear the crap rattle its way up the tube, the hose, and land with a thdunk in the dust bag?

mmm, vaccuuming

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Dear Miss. Whittaker

Thank you for emailing our office once again concerning our new MILO Bar 50g.

We apologise if you felt we were simply being polite and not answering your questions. We shall try and answer them in this email.

Nestle is constantly reviewing it products and continuing to make them better for consumers to enjoy and use. The main reason for discontinuing the old MILO bar was extensive research showing consumers were after a change.

We have all tasted the new MILO bar and were sad to lose the old one but are extremely pleased with the new one both in taste and sales.

At this stage we are currently not considering bringing back the old MILO bar.

Once again we apologise for your disappointment with the new MILO bar and hope that this answers some of your questions.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Consumer Services department on 1800 025 361 during business hours.

Yours sincerely,

Melissa McKinnon
Consumer Services Co-ordinator
Nestle Australia Ltd

dear melissa,
thanks for getting back to me, but i was just wondering if you could possibly answer the questions i asked you, rather than just rattle off the polite response that you gave me. i get that its your job to be all polite and stuff, but i'd prefer it if you actually answered my questions.
just incase you deleted my prior email, here they are again

could you please answer a couple of questions?

1. what was the reason for discontinuing the original milo bar?

2. have you tasted the new one and compared it to the old?

3. did you do any research into whether or not people wanted you to change
the recipe?

4. if the new bar is unpopular, will you be bringing back the old one?

looking forward to hearing from you again,


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Dear Miss. Whittaker

The quality of our products is of the utmost concern to us and whilst we were sorry to hear of your disappointment with our MILO Bar 50g, we would like to thank you for notifying us.

We understand your disappointment since our formulation change and sincerely hope that this incident will not deter you further from enjoying our vast range of products.

We value your feedback and if you have any further inquiries about our products please do not hesitate to contact us on 1800 025 361 during business hours.

Yours sincerely,

Melissa McKinnon
Consumer Services Co ordinator
Nestle Australia Ltd

why dont they answer my questions? i think i know why. i think its because the little people who have to answer the emails and phone calls are under the power of a higher being, THE nestle. the one that used to be called 'ness-ools' who changed their name to the more upmarket 'nest-lay'. nessools is still having the original milo bars made, he's just getting them delivered straight to his lair, and getting the crap new ones out on the shelves for the rest of us to eat. meanwhile, he's brainwashed his workers into dodging questions where they'd actually have to lie and say that they hate the new bars and love the old ones.

its a conspiracy, i tell ya

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

done it again

i've been sucked into the reality tv quagmire that is channel ten and i've been watching australian idol. kinda glad that i have been tho, cos i now have a new crush.

chanel....mmmm, chanel...

and she got through! good on you australia. well done for voting in the weird girl and the fat boy with the girls name. you did a good job.

Monday, August 09, 2004

having another shot at it

dear nestle,
in all the shops and supermarkets i go into, the 'new and improved milo bar' is on sale. there are so many of these stacked into the shelves, it makes me wonder, are they selling any at all?

could you please answer a couple of questions?

1. what was the reason for discontinuing the original milo bar?

2. have you tasted the new one and compared it to the old?

3. did you do any research into whether or not people wanted you to change the recipe?

4. if the new bar is unpopular, will you be bringing back the old one?

i honestly do not understand why you felt the need to change something that was perfectly good to start with. as the old saying goes, 'if it aint broke, dont fix it'


as you can see, im being very polite with this letter. being snarky didnt work before, so im going with a nicer, more gentle approach.

i will keep you all informed of my progress
i kinda wish i was toilet training one of my kids again, just so i could use this story

We went to see Dr.Mark on Saturday, but I was actually feeling a lot better by then. He said I had a virus and that if I didn't want to have panadol, then I didn't have to, so I was happy with that. He also told me about the poo party. I'd never heard of a poo party before so I listened to what he said. Apparently when people do a poo on the toilet their poos go under the house to a poo party where they all have a great time. If boys and girls do their poo in a nappy, then their poos don't get to go to the poo party. I wasn't sure whether to believe him so I told him, 'Poo goes down the drain!' He said that poo goes down the drain to get to the poo party.

oskar tex

one more thing, how cool is this???
psst, pass it on

The Howard Government plans to re-introduce its same-sex marriage ban. This ban will define marriage as between a man and a woman and ban the recognition of valid foreign same sex unions.
click that and have a look because there's a lovely picture of our prime minister kissing another man

please copy and paste and send your email to

Dear Mr Latham and Ms Roxon,
I am writing to express my outrage and deep disappointment in the Labor Party?s decision to abandon its commitment our community.

When the Marriage Legislation Amendment Bill 2004 was first introduced, the Labor Party gave a commitment to our community to send the Bill to a Senate Committee to investigate fully the implications of the Bill. I strongly condemn Nicola Roxon?s announcement at a forum organised by those who hold extremist homophobic views, that the Labor Party plans to renege on its promise to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Australians.

I urge the Labor Party to stand true to its commitment and wait until the Senate Committee hands down its report before making any decision on the Bill.
This Bill will further entrench discrimination against same sex couples and deny same-sex couples who have validly married overseas the right to have Australian courts recognise their marriage.

Howard?s marriage ban sends a strong symbolic message that same-sex relationships are second class. By singling out a section of the population as inherently less worthy and taking steps to deprive us of lawful rights, federal Members of Parliament who vote for this Bill will stigmatise lesbians and gay men. Gay men and lesbians already face alarmingly high levels of violence and discrimination and this Bill gives comfort to those who perpetrate such violence.

By supporting this Bill, the Labor Party is promoting homophobia over equality. As a party that prides itself on fairness and equality I urge the Labor Party to oppose this discrimination, and defend this attack on gay men and lesbians.

I implore you to await the outcome of the Senate Committee inquiry and to vote against this Bill.

Yours sincerely,

there's trouble brewing. my brother is engaged to a young liberal.

last night we were all at my mums house for her birthday. brett, my other brother, announces that something is happening at his house on the 20th of august and we all have to be there. aaron and lisa announce that they wont be able to make it.
why not?
because they are having dinner with the prime minister


they had to pay $200 each to have tea with an uncomfortable little man


we all said what???? and lisa blew up and said something along the lines of 'this is why we don't tell you what we do'.

i wouldn't pay money to eat with that man. I'd pay money to throw food at him, but i don't think i'd pay $200. lisa is a young liberal, one of howards minions, and she has to pay to have dinner with him. on top of that, neither aaron or lisa eat much at all because they're both extremely fussy. they better have some fancy pasta there or they'll be stopping at subway on the way home.

what would possess a 16 year old girl to become a young liberal? Shouldn't she be out having fun, getting drunk and having sex with strange boys? Don't tell me that was just me. ok, aaron and lisa are a little more conservative than most, but a young liberal in the family? sheesh

what is this world coming too? i'm going to have to save their cat before they get to him

Saturday, August 07, 2004

the 15 year old inside me

now that you've all read my newspaper-like review of the velveteen habit's gig, i'd just like to add this.
we're all standing around, discussing gi related things with zac, the co-owner of the jade monkey when all of a sudden, from somewhere in my head a voice pops up with 'did you used to play in the miltons?'
did i just speak? yes, i did, and now he's looking at me and about to answer
'wow, thats a long time ago, back in my long blonde hair days'
'yeah, i have an A4 photo of you guys....' *shut up carly*
' kinda weird'
'yeah, i'll just shut up now'
i actually did say that because i think if i didnt say it outloud i wouldnt have done it and would have just gone on and on, not unlike what im doing right now.

then i walked over to the lounge to talk to sarah masters. eeep, sarah masters. a girl who i think is so cool she' i giggle at the sound of her voice on the radio, i bop along to the songs playing by whatever band she happens to be in. yes i am a big geeky stalker. who, by way of blabbering AGAIN let sarah know that.

kelly: carly, this is sarah, she plays in a band
sarah: hi carly
carly: hi
k: so sarah, what bands do you play in?
s: i used to play in hello minnesota
c: oh, are they not going anymore? i only heard forget boy on the radio last night and drove home singing along
s:(giggling) really? wow. im only really playing in bad girls of the bible now
c: i have that on cd at home too.....jeez, im such a geeky stalker
s:(still giggling) oh this is so embarrassing
c:(giggling) for me maybe, you're not the one blabbing out embarrassing stalker talk
carly and sarah keep giggling

later that night i recount my embarrasing encounter with zac to sarah.

sarah: dont tell me you didnt love jed?
carly: oh, i had a crush on jed and zac
....few seconds silence....
carly: actually, it was renata that really did it for me
sarah: yeah, me too
recommence giggling

then to top it all off, sarah gives me her business card and says to get back to her with a cd form humble bee so we can maybe play at a girls in bands gig.

i am in love

Friday, August 06, 2004

where were you last night?

alright adelaide, where were you last night? if you were anywhere but the jade monkey you were no where. the velveteen habit rocked the socks off of the 65 strong crowd, and not even a power failure could stop the night from kicking on till the wee hours of the morning.
i really like the jade monkey as a venue. it caters for the people who want to stand and watch the band, the people who want to sit and watch the band, and the people who want to sit and chat and enjoy a well priced bottle of coopers or a glass of coke from a bottle, not watered down from one of those hosey things.
andrew p street started off the night with a lovely acoustic set. solo performers spin me out with their guts and bravery. the crowd didnt exactly look like the usual suspects from a career girls/andy p street gig, but he gave it his best anyway and was greeted with rousing applause after his rendition of spandau ballet's 'gold'.
three quarters of the velveteen habit entered the stage then, sporting some snazzy congas. since losing their drummer 2 and a half weeks ago, the band have been focusing on an acoustic set which they played at the stag the week prior. this set was massively better, what with them actually allowed to turn their amps on.
after a brief musical interlude on cd by humble bee/VH member marc, the band tog to the stage again, this time with new drummer jason wall on drums. '2 and a half weeks,' they kept saying, 'thats how long he's been with us and he fucking rocks'.
the addition of the drums certainly kicked the night up a notch. really filling out the music, and with the extra backing vocals of matt and marc the bands music has definitely rounded into a more mature sound.
the seeds of babylon got the crowd moving with their reggae stylin, unfortunately only for 3 or 4 songs before the power gave out. two weeks in a row now for the poor jade monkey. some kind electricly minded person should donate some time and equiptment to the cause, as the mountain goats sing 'we could always use some more electrical equipotent'
this didnt stop them though. in the glow of the single lightbulb, the seeds ventured into an impromptu drum and whistle jam which had the crowd clapping along. later there were acoustic sing alongs in the dimly lit room, and even a couple of songs from humble bee.
all in all, an excellent thursday night gig. we'll definitely be seeing more of these guys.

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

there's this girl i hate, right?

ok, i'll start from the beginning. i dont actually hate her, now or before. i just had a problem with her before because she had a problem with me. maybe it was because i kissed her boyfriend and her friends boyfriends, i dont know. whatever it was it resulted in many a hilarious night, culminating in the funniest night of all when there was a sign taped to the front door of johns house saying that they hated me and that i was a fat ugly hippo. i dont think ive laughed so much in my life. i kept the sign for memories and stuck it in my diary. it still makes me laugh now.


the point of this story, i promise there is one and that im getting to it. there was a guy called james that i went out with when i was 15 or so. i loved him, like LOVED him as much as a 15 year old can love a boy they've just met. he was cool, or i thought so anyway. we stayed together for a while and then in my charming and subtle and oh so sweet way, i just started ignoring him till he went away. yeah, im good at breaking up with people, huh?.
a few years later after breaking up with mark know what? i dont even know why, anyway, i decided it was time for me to go out and be a slut, so i did. what is with all these fibs? i didnt decide to become a slut, it kinda just happened. the boyfriends of certain girls would come up to me and we'd kiss. wasnt me cheating on my boyfriend since i didnt have one. james was on again off again with almost all the girls, one in particular, lisa.
oh how she hated me. was it my fault that her boyfriend wanted to kiss me? no, i dont think so, but i can understand her snootiness. what i cant understand however is how 7 or 8 years after the fact she can still glare at me and ignore me. hey lisa, heres a bridge, im over here, how about you join me?
she was at school today. im not sure how she ties in to it all but she has something to do with xander's friend cameron. anyway, so she's standing there with her baby girl and i thought, fuck it, im gonna talk to her. and she tells me that her older daughter looks just like james' sister lucy, (who wasnt the loveliest looking little girl). did i laugh? why yes, yes i did. oh how i laughed. she seemed to understand though, she nodded and smiled at just said '...yeah'. i told her i was sure she was beautiful.

so what did i learn today? that im glad i didnt end up with james cos he wasnt too crash hot at sex (and as everyone knows i am a good judge because not only am i fucking great at sex, i have done it with many different people so am able to make a good comparison) and my kids wouldnt be as attractive as they are

Tuesday, August 03, 2004


subject: how much your customer support sucks at the moment

im sorry if that sounded harsh, but im sick of getting disconnected after 15 seconds, over and over and over again, and you can check my call list to prove that. im also sick of waiting on hold for over an hour for help. i dont have the time to sit around for an hour listening to bad muzak.
i would like the problem fixed and i would also like to be reimbursed for the money wasted, continually dialling to be disconnected

i trust i'll hear from you soon

carly whittaker

Monday, August 02, 2004

nobody wants me, boo hoo hoo

a lady from the head office of david jones in sydney called me a couple of weeks ago. she was interested in offering me a traineeship where in the end i'd be a retail supervisor. maybe i'm not aiming high enough but i would have been happy with a sales assistant job. anyway, someone was supposed to call me the following week with some more questions and more information. given that its the week following the following week, im guesisng that they arent feeling like giving me that traineeship anymore.

so i decided to check in and see how my coles myer application was going. ooh, ive been selected for a group interview for christmas casual staff. yeah, been there, done that. the interview that is, not the actual job. i suppose i dont really have any right to be picky, but i dont want to work at a supermarket. i know how rude this is going to sound to al your people with their brains in the gutter, but i dont want to handle other peoples meat, other peoples, no thankyou.
working at target, kmart or myer would be good. officeworks would be great too since its just like the stationery department of a newsagent, and we all know how much i love newsagents.

so i have a busy next few weeks. interview next tuesday, seeing dr kent my new psychiatrist the next monday and then my adventure to the DPP the next wednesday. after that its full throttle on cuckoos nest for the next 2 months which brings me to the middle of october.

in other eventful news, my computer has decided that a cdrom drive is really just not necessary. aaron downloaded mozilla firefox for me tho, which means that all those websites that looked like blank pages actually look pretty snazzy now.

what are you all doing on thursday night? thats right, you're going to the jade monkey to see the velveteen habit. matt and i went there last friday night to see the lucksmiths and paper tiger, both of whom i am in love with. we gave a humble bee cd to the bass player form the lucksmiths. we made sure to write 'a rough, rough, incredibly rough demo' on the front, just so they know. he was stoked and excited and said they'd listen to it in the van. eeeeeeep. no ones gotten back to us yet tho. scary scary. i really want to be on the candle records label, so good luck to us.

here's a pretty song by the lucksmiths

Guess How Much I Love You

Good Friday and I’m miles away
And missing you already
From a backyard in Balmain
To the post office and back again
I bought a postcard
I’m getting close
But I haven’t got around to it yet
I know I said I’d write
And maybe I might

You know I’m thinking of you
In the bookstore, in the laundromat
Guess how much I love you
Much more, more than that
More than that

Better Saturday
It’s been that way since I spoke to you this morning
From a pay-phone in a pub
Here’s the rock’n’roll and there’s the rub
And when I spoke to you
You said ‘I’ll see you soon’
But I won’t see you for ages
And your voice sounded so small
The loneliness of the long distance phone call

You know I’m thinking of you
In the bookstore, in the laundromat
Guess how much I love you
Much more, more than that
Guess how much I love you
More than that

Here’s me
Here’s you
Draw a line between the two
This is cartography for beginners
On a map the gap’s three fingers
But it’s more than that
It’s more than that

Sunday, August 01, 2004

what i found on ebay

check out this family. are they not one of the freakiest families you have ever seen? is that dad stoned? has that kid borrowed some new kids on the block hair? who would want such a thing?
me! except i wouldnt pay $25 so im not gonna get it, but im telling you, its hard to resist those freaky faces. i need them to join my denim suited goybirl and my monkey faced baby