Tuesday, August 17, 2004

sticking it to the man

i borrowed that title from katie, i dont know what she was talking about, but im talking about milo bars.

the lovely glancey has come up with an idea and i like it. whip bars were my mums favourite chocolate bar for a while, along with coffee crisps which i havent seen for a long time. i am more than willing to buy whip bars. my only problem is that they rarely come with competitions that help me to win extra chocolate or money, like cherry ripes do. BUT, that said, cherry ripes used to have a really cute picture of a girl on the front and now they dont, so now they suck a little.

a friend of nazz and glancey, maryanne, is also for the whole boycot new milo bars. thats 4. 4 is enough to start a gang. yay! im in a gang!

on the subject of things that were and now arent, what happened to vice versas? they were yummy. could never decide if i liked the brown with a white centre or white with a brown centre so i just kept on eating them. bush biscuits, where are they? toobs....mmmmm, toobs. they've disappeared off the face of the earth. perhaps they burnt some kids tongue till it was unrecognisable so they had to take them off the market, who knows, but i loved them. crows milk, killer shakes, return of the jedi iceblocks, pacman chips, WHERE ARE YOU?????

in other news, i may as well be 15. or younger really, i cant add or be bothered working out how old i was around this time, so im just gonna say 15

i bought the secret diary of laura palmer yesterday

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