Monday, August 09, 2004

having another shot at it

dear nestle,
in all the shops and supermarkets i go into, the 'new and improved milo bar' is on sale. there are so many of these stacked into the shelves, it makes me wonder, are they selling any at all?

could you please answer a couple of questions?

1. what was the reason for discontinuing the original milo bar?

2. have you tasted the new one and compared it to the old?

3. did you do any research into whether or not people wanted you to change the recipe?

4. if the new bar is unpopular, will you be bringing back the old one?

i honestly do not understand why you felt the need to change something that was perfectly good to start with. as the old saying goes, 'if it aint broke, dont fix it'


as you can see, im being very polite with this letter. being snarky didnt work before, so im going with a nicer, more gentle approach.

i will keep you all informed of my progress

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