Monday, August 30, 2004

enrol to vote

friday is that last day you can enrol to vote for this year's election. our prime minister, john howard, shook my brothers hand. you stay away from my little brother you evil chipmunk bastard!

seriously though, dont be swayed by the extra money he gave out to everyone with kids. he was buying votes. he sent us money so we would vote for him. you know that he lies, you know that he kisses george w bush's ass when it comes to whatever he believes in. have a look at this. john howard is on this guys team. you american people who im guessing, leave the decision of whether or not to vote to whether or not theres anything good on tv, need to vote this year. i know it didnt count last time, since he won anyway regardless of the votes, but im sure they'll count them properly this time.
as for you australians, vote properly this time. dont vote for the beer guy, or the one who has the coolest poster, vote for who is going to make our country somewhere that makes sense, stands up for itself with its own two feet and huddling behind some other countries president.

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