Monday, August 16, 2004

i've got a new friend!

you know how i'm totallt TOTALLY in love with taht beautiful house? well, we got our dumb house valued a couple weeks ago by a lovely lovely young lass named shelley.
i really liked shelley the first time i met her. she was at another open inspection, actually of the house that the current owners of my dream house have just bought. she was cute and smiley and played with the kids and told me over and over how gorgeous they are. which they are, i know, but she actually meant it.
when we organised for the house to be valued, it was supposed to be valerie who was coming around. matt has a thing for valerie. she's always sassy looking, but down to earth at the same time. plus he wants to drive around in her fancy car.
but apart from being disappointed when shelley turned up on our doorstep, we were all smiles cos she's just so gosh darned cute. she reminds me a lot of theresa, which is kinda dangerous at times cos me + theresa is just squeeling and giggling till the cows come home. which they don't cos they're all night partay animals.
she loves the kids and actually sat and played with them and talked to them about astro boy and speed racer and answered all their questions. and she's cool


she rang me tonight. to talk about the houses and all that, but mainly to catch up and just have a chat. she said she was thinking about me, and was actually atlking about the boys over the weekend. just before she hung up, she said 'keep in touch, let me know how you're doing...or just call to have a chat'

and i think i will

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