Friday, August 06, 2004

where were you last night?

alright adelaide, where were you last night? if you were anywhere but the jade monkey you were no where. the velveteen habit rocked the socks off of the 65 strong crowd, and not even a power failure could stop the night from kicking on till the wee hours of the morning.
i really like the jade monkey as a venue. it caters for the people who want to stand and watch the band, the people who want to sit and watch the band, and the people who want to sit and chat and enjoy a well priced bottle of coopers or a glass of coke from a bottle, not watered down from one of those hosey things.
andrew p street started off the night with a lovely acoustic set. solo performers spin me out with their guts and bravery. the crowd didnt exactly look like the usual suspects from a career girls/andy p street gig, but he gave it his best anyway and was greeted with rousing applause after his rendition of spandau ballet's 'gold'.
three quarters of the velveteen habit entered the stage then, sporting some snazzy congas. since losing their drummer 2 and a half weeks ago, the band have been focusing on an acoustic set which they played at the stag the week prior. this set was massively better, what with them actually allowed to turn their amps on.
after a brief musical interlude on cd by humble bee/VH member marc, the band tog to the stage again, this time with new drummer jason wall on drums. '2 and a half weeks,' they kept saying, 'thats how long he's been with us and he fucking rocks'.
the addition of the drums certainly kicked the night up a notch. really filling out the music, and with the extra backing vocals of matt and marc the bands music has definitely rounded into a more mature sound.
the seeds of babylon got the crowd moving with their reggae stylin, unfortunately only for 3 or 4 songs before the power gave out. two weeks in a row now for the poor jade monkey. some kind electricly minded person should donate some time and equiptment to the cause, as the mountain goats sing 'we could always use some more electrical equipotent'
this didnt stop them though. in the glow of the single lightbulb, the seeds ventured into an impromptu drum and whistle jam which had the crowd clapping along. later there were acoustic sing alongs in the dimly lit room, and even a couple of songs from humble bee.
all in all, an excellent thursday night gig. we'll definitely be seeing more of these guys.

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