Tuesday, June 29, 2004

...how much are they askin?

matt wants to buy the two combis that are for sale down the street. they're $750 for the pair and one of them is a camper. he's decided that we all need to go camping in a $375 car.

could be fun

could be

Monday, June 28, 2004

where in the world?

i checked my stat counter. among frequent visits from australians, americans and a couple of canadians, i have these.



Saudi Arabia


United Arab Emirates

i dont keep up with a lot of what's going on in the world, but arent a couple of these places at war? arent these the countries we see on the news, with cars exploding and people throwing bombs at each other? when do they have time to sit down, surf the web for some child porn and visit my blog?

i guess its at 7:30 when fat cat goes to bed and everyone goes home for the night

for those of you who didnt know, bahrainis the island of golden smiles. it is " a group of 33 islands, with an area of 707 square kilometres, is situated in the Arabian Gulf, off the east coast of Saudi Arabia"

Saturday, June 26, 2004

the curse of my family

my nanna, my dads mum, gave my mum a watch when she was 21. whenever she wore it it stopped working, so she gave up and never wore watches. she tried with other watches and they did the same thing so she just doesnt wear watches anymore.

i seem to have the same sort of problem with mobile phones. matt had his mobile for a year or so and took it to work with him every day. it got shut in a car bonnet, dropped off a ladder countless times and thrown around the van every day among other things. it stod up to all these batterings and came to me as a piece of working equiptment.

it stayed that way for a little while until eli bit the antenna off it

i got rikki's old phone which she had had for a long time as well. this, like the last one, worked for a little while and then wouldnt charge anymore. i had to charge it all night and most of the day for it to work. also, the face cover plate thing had torn and was very scratchy on my face when i was talking.

in the end it just wouldnt charge anymore

matts mum gave me her mobile to use. the screen was...well, fucked. i could see the top left hand corner and a triangle in the corner about the corner about a third the size of the screen. to read messages i had to delete them letter by letter so that the words would move nicely into the corner that worked properly.

that was driving me insane so i stopped

aaron had a friend who was selling their phone so he offerred it to me. apart from being exteremely user unfriendly, it worked. it had an aerial, it charged, you could see the whole screen. but now, because of the curse, it has started to fuck up. the screen freezes, or half of it freezes and the other half moves on to the screen you want which still doesnt help. sometimes the screen is blank and i have to squeeze either side of it so i can see it.

now, i'm putting the challenge out. if anyone can find a phone that will not fuck up on me, is easy to use and is cheap and/or free, you are the winner of a yet to be determined prize

Thursday, June 24, 2004

up there you would be seeing a picture of x if ftp things werent so fucking stupid

tom cruise's guitar went for $8.50 with free postage, which i think is an absolute bargain. i really cant stand tom cruise, so i would never have bought it, but eight and a half dollars is a good price to pay for a guitar.

in other news, the word for the moment is pfeffernuese

i've done it again. i've found something new. well, actually, i've rediscovered something old. thanks to the lack of bread in the house today, i've rediscovered the salty chocolate goodness of nutella on saladas (put em in your mouth!)

bad carly, bad bad!

on another note, there will be a redesign of this page coming along pretty soon. along with a new look will be a couple more new features such as a little shop where you can buy all the lame things i make. lucky you! i know you cant wait. i would post a picture of the last few things ive made but i still cant work the fucking thing out.

so when i calm down, learn some computer stuff, and make some more gear, there'll be some new pretties to look at.

p.s. all you people who come here looking for little girl sex, would you please stop it? you're clogging up my stat counter and its shitting me. seriously, havent you got anything better to do with your time?
i've been looking at some cushions at target for a few months now. i really like them. they're pretty and flowery and girly.

i went there yesterday and bought one and i dont feel bad about it.

go me

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

australian patriotism

*disclaimer* to the person who actually said this to me, please don't take offence. i just found what you said interesting and decided to write about it. i am not having a go at you.*/end disclaimer*

yesterday i was told that i was "too fucking australian". that apparently meant that i didn't take things seriously enough, that i was too laid back, that i didn't really care that much about anything.
first of all, I'd like to point out my outrage at the discontinuation (is that even a word?) of original milo bars. was that not caring?? now i shall continue...
when i heard that...my mouth dropped open, i was speechless. too fucking australian...too fucking australian!!! how dare he! i'm proud to be who i am, i'm proud to be an australian. i love living here....

then, in my to fucking australian way, i shrugged and thought, yeah, whatever, i don't care.

then, oh how i laughed, cracked open a beer, put my thonged feet up on my esky and waited for my prawns to cook on my barbie while i watched the footy.

ok, so some of that last bit may not be true, but its my blog, i can write whatever the hell i want

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

help me

im bookless. i read the magic faraway tree last night and now im bookless. i'm waiting for a new jodi picoult book that i won off ebay to get here. no doubt that'll be devoured in record time just like the others, and then i'll again be bookless...somebody please help?

Monday, June 21, 2004

i wonder if google got their name from the magic faraway tree...silky makes google buns. they have a currant in the middle of them and when you bite into it its full of sherbert

Sunday, June 20, 2004

it wouldn't take much room

matt was browsing through ebay, and honestly, i have no idea what for, because he came across this piece of gold. not literally a piece of gold, you know, like, a cool thing. yeah, i think i explain things a bit too much, dont you? i should give you guys the benefit of the doubt that you actually know what im going on about, shouldnt i? most of you have been reading this blog for the majority of time its been around, which, btw, is 2 whole years now. wow. two years of reading my pointless drivel. arent you guys bored yet? or am i paying you enough to keep coming back? obviously i must be.

anyway, check it out. let me know how much you'd be willing to pay for this piece of afformentioned 'gold'

it's gold, jerry!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

How to make a littlefaeriegirl

3 parts jealousy

1 part brilliance

1 part empathy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Add a little sadness if desired!


Personality cocktail
From Go-Quiz.com

Monday, June 14, 2004

i love futurama

fry: now he's traped in a book i wrote - a crummy world full of plot holes and spelling errors
giant brain: big brain am winning again! i am the greetest! now i am leaving earth for no raison!
x is very useful if your name is knixie knox

i've been trying to post a picture of x, but im having trouble working out how to do it. had it all figured out last time, stupid uncomputerable head of mine.

it was x's 5th birthday on sunday. my big grown up boy.
he'll be off to school next term. he's so tall, and clever and...

happy birthday x, i love you

it also comes in handy spelling axe and extra fox
oh, i feel so proud

if you go to google and search for "sex with Vincent D'Onofrio", you will find me


earlier in the week, i posed the question 'could my week get any better?'
well, the answer is yes.

yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. i mean, ahem, yes, im sorry...i hope they're both happier now and that averything is ok, teeheeeeee
aaah, but if you look to your right

i have a new blog and its on my links bar. go on, have a lookf or it, it's not hard to see.
please visit and let me know what you think

love carly

Saturday, June 12, 2004




i didn't think my week could have gotten any better. what with my hot water system and everything, mmm, hot water system. but please, let me tell you what has made me so happy.

first of all, hot water system, ROCK!
secondly, toy fair today. well, it was ok anyway. not as good as other years, but i got a few figures and some cute badges, so yay.
thirdly, harry potter came out on thursday and i am excitedly excited. i cannot wait to see this film.
thirdly, on wednesday night at the kindy meeting, me and a few other mums were lamenting the fact that there is no ikea in adelaide. i read the advertiser today, and lo and behold, ikea is opening soon, here....hold on, let me write that again, IKEA IS OPENING SOON IN ADELAIDE. it'll be near the airport. hold on again....ok, im alright now, i just had to cum.
fourthly, and believe me, im kicking myself for missing it. friday night, klf, snap! and c&c music factory played at heaven. it would have been just like 1992 all over again.

KLF! uhuh...uhuh

Friday, June 11, 2004

this is what i mean

when i wrote earlier about how i wish i could write what i was really feeling, this is what i meant. i am so angry and outraged that people are still making a fuss about the fact that playschool read a story about a girl with two mums.

regardless of how i feel about this, whatever i write doesnt seem to express it clearly enough. read this, this is how i feel.

this story really isnt about brenna and her two mums. its a story about brenna and her family spending the day at the park.

stupid stupid people
i feel the need to elaborate

there are at least 2 people who read this blog who have showered at my house. they can testify to the fact that my shower was crap.

there is no water pressure unless you turn the cold tap on high, but if you do that you cannot have a hot shower, only a warmish one. the water drizzled out and ran all over you in a small....i cant think of a word that describes it...kind of like puring water out of a watering can.

even i have to duck to wash my hair, its that low. now, the shower hear itslef hasnt changed, its still at the same height, but my new hot water system more than makes up for that.

my shower this morning....words will not sufficiently describe, but i will try.

hot tap on. water shoots out, pelting against the bathtub. it is hot. it is hot and has pressure behind it. i havent even turned the cold tap on! i ease the cold tap on until its at a comfortable temperature and its like being in melbourne. water is hitting me, not dribbling on my, i feel clean! no dirt can withstand the power of my shower. well, that, or its so strong its going to push the dirt back inside my pores.

i cant wait to wash my hair.

i think i'll go outside and play in the dirt
everybody sing

i'd like to sing you a song. it goes a little something like this

we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
we have a new hot water system
hooray hooray hooray!

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

when im surfing around the place, and i find something that i like andi realise i have to sign up for it so i can work it properly, i cringe.
i type in my chosen username, and more often than not, it comes back with 'that username already exists'. i wonder to myself who this person is, or whether its just me and i've forgotten.

Monday, June 07, 2004


so, my brother fixed and then fucked my computer. eww, not literally, you guys are sick freaks, why do i hang out with you. people dont fuck computers.....or do they? i'll gogle that later and find out for you.


its pretty much working now. we had to reinstall windows which was ok with me cos i'd saved everything i wanted to keep, or so i had thought. aaron has lost all of my emails. all of them


dating back to 1998, i think, is how far back everything went.

so, anyone out there who's ever emailed me, you wanna send it through again if you still have it, and what i sent you? it'd be really really helpful, not to mention amazingly sweet and lovely of you.


ok, computer fucking....


ok, i searched for computer fucking, people fucking computers, and computer porn. this is the closest i could come up with. i think you can safely say that you guys have come up with a new kind of fetish, people who love to have sex with computers. you sick fucks
return of the king

i mean whore

well, a month or so ago i was a virgin courtesan, waiting to put my training into god use with that spunky hero from next door.
now i'll get my chance, but unfortunatley not with chris.
i will be playing miss candy starr in the upcoming opus production of one flew overthe cuckoos nest

Friday, June 04, 2004

contrary to what my side bar says, i am not stil reading harry potter and the philosophers stone. i finished that not long after i started it, and continued on with all the other books. i am now waiting patiently (although its taking lots of effort) for the new one.
i cannot wait until the 10th of june, where i will be seeing harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. yes, i will be there, among the throngs of teenagers and children, and i dont care who stares at me.
i'm in love with harry potter, just like leighstardust, and im not afraid to admit it
one flew east, one flew west

i should be finding out some time soon whether or not i got a part in one flew over the cuckoos nest. i auditioned on wednesday night. im thinking that leeza was none too pleased with my use of the f-word in my monologue, but, feh, whatever.
i posted it up on meandering, its the most recent one, if you're interested.

i auditioned for two parts. well, three really, but as kylie said, you've seen one whore, you've seem em all.
i read for nurse flynn. i think the part thats attracting me to her is the fact that i'd get to wear a nurses outfit. and she's a good christian girl who flirts with the crazies, so thats sounding pretty good to me.
i also read for candy starr, the whore that visits macmurphy. she's a flirt to, but she has sex with bbbbbillyy, so we know she's a tad more than a flirt. also, she gets to climb through a window.
i'll accept either part tho, i dont think i have a preference. i just really hope theo gets a role. im a bit worried about being at the theatre with a room full of old men.
liv vs christina

im still waiting, and the rest of the blogging world is waiting.

there is still a tie between liv tyler and christina ricci as to who is the hottest girl in the world, as voted by you.

i'm opening up the votes again, lets see if it makes a difference

period pain sucks

Thursday, June 03, 2004

from the sydney morning herald

Gay Play School backlash
June 3, 2004 - 12:01PM

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There's a gay pair in there - and federal Children's Minister Larry Anthony is not happy.

The ABC's popular children's show Play School on Monday aired a story of a girl called Brenna going to a fair with her two mothers.

"I'm Brenna. That's me in the blue. My mums are taking me and my friend Meryn to an amusement park," the little girl says over images of her two mums smiling and waving.

Mr Anthony today criticised the program for reflecting the views of a minority.

"As a parent I am concerned that the ABC are putting on these types of programs," Mr Anthony said.

"When it comes to my children, when I want to explain about same-sex couples, it should be up to parents, it should be up to me, not the Australian broadcaster."

Mr Anthony said he feared the ABC was becoming too politically correct.

"I think I'm representing the majority of Australian parents," he said.

"My kids watch Play School, I think it's an excellent production.

"But I think it's important for those program producers to ensure that they are not just responding to minorities.

"There is a responsibility to parents and I don't think it's appropriate.

"I think Play School has been an excellent program but I wouldn't like to see it become politically correct."

An ABC spokeswoman said the Through the Windows segment reflected the contemporary world.

here is information about the book that they read

peope are stupid