Saturday, June 26, 2004

the curse of my family

my nanna, my dads mum, gave my mum a watch when she was 21. whenever she wore it it stopped working, so she gave up and never wore watches. she tried with other watches and they did the same thing so she just doesnt wear watches anymore.

i seem to have the same sort of problem with mobile phones. matt had his mobile for a year or so and took it to work with him every day. it got shut in a car bonnet, dropped off a ladder countless times and thrown around the van every day among other things. it stod up to all these batterings and came to me as a piece of working equiptment.

it stayed that way for a little while until eli bit the antenna off it

i got rikki's old phone which she had had for a long time as well. this, like the last one, worked for a little while and then wouldnt charge anymore. i had to charge it all night and most of the day for it to work. also, the face cover plate thing had torn and was very scratchy on my face when i was talking.

in the end it just wouldnt charge anymore

matts mum gave me her mobile to use. the screen was...well, fucked. i could see the top left hand corner and a triangle in the corner about the corner about a third the size of the screen. to read messages i had to delete them letter by letter so that the words would move nicely into the corner that worked properly.

that was driving me insane so i stopped

aaron had a friend who was selling their phone so he offerred it to me. apart from being exteremely user unfriendly, it worked. it had an aerial, it charged, you could see the whole screen. but now, because of the curse, it has started to fuck up. the screen freezes, or half of it freezes and the other half moves on to the screen you want which still doesnt help. sometimes the screen is blank and i have to squeeze either side of it so i can see it.

now, i'm putting the challenge out. if anyone can find a phone that will not fuck up on me, is easy to use and is cheap and/or free, you are the winner of a yet to be determined prize

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