Monday, June 07, 2004


so, my brother fixed and then fucked my computer. eww, not literally, you guys are sick freaks, why do i hang out with you. people dont fuck computers.....or do they? i'll gogle that later and find out for you.


its pretty much working now. we had to reinstall windows which was ok with me cos i'd saved everything i wanted to keep, or so i had thought. aaron has lost all of my emails. all of them


dating back to 1998, i think, is how far back everything went.

so, anyone out there who's ever emailed me, you wanna send it through again if you still have it, and what i sent you? it'd be really really helpful, not to mention amazingly sweet and lovely of you.


ok, computer fucking....


ok, i searched for computer fucking, people fucking computers, and computer porn. this is the closest i could come up with. i think you can safely say that you guys have come up with a new kind of fetish, people who love to have sex with computers. you sick fucks

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