Wednesday, June 23, 2004

australian patriotism

*disclaimer* to the person who actually said this to me, please don't take offence. i just found what you said interesting and decided to write about it. i am not having a go at you.*/end disclaimer*

yesterday i was told that i was "too fucking australian". that apparently meant that i didn't take things seriously enough, that i was too laid back, that i didn't really care that much about anything.
first of all, I'd like to point out my outrage at the discontinuation (is that even a word?) of original milo bars. was that not caring?? now i shall continue...
when i heard mouth dropped open, i was speechless. too fucking australian...too fucking australian!!! how dare he! i'm proud to be who i am, i'm proud to be an australian. i love living here....

then, in my to fucking australian way, i shrugged and thought, yeah, whatever, i don't care.

then, oh how i laughed, cracked open a beer, put my thonged feet up on my esky and waited for my prawns to cook on my barbie while i watched the footy.

ok, so some of that last bit may not be true, but its my blog, i can write whatever the hell i want

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