Thursday, January 30, 2003

i will be at the big day out tomrrow...where will you be?

i just spilled cereal on my keyboard. i was going to say 'again' but this is actually the first time its been cereal. it's working quite nicely though, even the noise of the keys clacking is nicer than it was before. maybe all it needed was a bit of special k to cheer it up. on the other hand, maybe its starting to go all soft, and thats why the clacking isnt as harsh as usual. you know, the guys at the computer shop must love it when they see me pull up in front of the store. 'quick, change the pricetags on the keyboards! the clumsy girl is here again!'. i certainly hope it doesnt come to that. i just found out my dishwasher is broken again. how did i find out? i came into the kitchen to find it stinking of melted plastic, my dishwasher groaning, and when i opened it up, there was a lake of disgusting water in the bottom of it. stupid dishwasher. its the same problem i had back in may, but apparently, according to mister dishwasher who fixed it last time, they only have a 30 day warranty, and no, they cant tell me how much it will cost, but it will be at least $80 per half hour for labour.


on a lighter note, here are some lines from a midsummer nights dream that make me laugh everytime i hear them

lysander - you have her fathers love, demetrius; let me have hermias, do you marry him?

demetrius - i will not stay ty questions. let me go; or, if thou follow me, do not believe but i shall do the mischief in the wood
helena - ay, in the temple in the town in the field you do me mischief

helena - to vow and swear and superpraise my parts

helena - your hands than mine are quicker for a fray. my legs are longer to run away
hermia - i am amazed and know not what to say

bottom - i must to the barber's, monsieur, for methinks i am marvellous hairy about the face

demetrius - it is the wittiest partition that i ever heard discourse, my lord

hippolyta - this is the silliest stuff i ever heard

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

i've just finished typing out the first section of matts apraisal sheet for work, and, can i just get a rousing rendition of 'go matty!' and the like??

here are a couple of gems i pulled out for you :

'at times i have been made to feel like a child by the patronizing, over explanation of jobs or process'
'...being told especially to wipe off any chinagraph or make sure letters are straight is insulting'

good boy matty, give it to them hard :)

Monday, January 27, 2003

i wrote 4 entries of reasonable size and have i recieved a comment? no, no i havent. what do i need to do for you people???

Sunday, January 26, 2003

x : 'i wish i was a big man'
me : 'why?'
x : 'so i would have big feet'
As voted by triple j listeners

1. queens of the stone age - no one knows
2. grinspoon - chemical heart
3. the waifs - london still
4. 1200 techniques - karma
5. the vines - get free
6. machine gun fellatio - rollercoaster
7. eminem - lose yourself
8. machine gun fellatio - pussytown
9. red hot chili peppers - by the way
10. silverchair - the greatest view
11. foo fighters - the one
12. nirvana - you know you're right
13. foo fighters - all my life
14. grinspoon - lost control
15. grinspoon - no reason
16. red hot chili peppers - the zephyr song
17. eminem - without me
18. system of a down - toxicity
19. the vines - highly evolved
20. audioslave - cochise
21. the vines - outtathaway
22. ben lee - something borrowed, something blue
23. foo fighters - times like these
24. weezer - keep fishin'
25. silverchair - without you
26. salmon hater - 6.66
27. john butler trio - home is where the heart is
28. pearl jam - i am mine
29. motor ace - carry on
30. the vines - ms jackson
31. bodyjar - one in a million
32. george - release
33. the hives - hate to say i told you so
34. pacifier - comfort me
35. silverchair - luv your life
36. waikiki - here comes september
37. system of a down - aerials
38. the drugs - the bold and the beautiful
39. coldplay - in my place
40. the whitlams - fall for you
41. 28 days - what's the deal
42. the streets - don't mug yourself
43. george - breaking it slowly
44. queens of the stone age - god is in the radio
45. darren hanlon - punk's not dead
46. nerd - rock star
47. grinspoon - 1000 miles
48. queens of the stone age - go with the flow
49. jurassic 5 - what's golden
50. jamiroquai - you give me something
51. willcania mob - the river
52. living end - one said to the other
53. basement jaxx - get me off
54. androids - do it with madonna
55. foo fighters - disenchanted lullaby
56. queens of the stone age - first it giveth
57. jamiroquai - love foolosphy
58. pj harvey/gordon gano - hitting the ground
59. machine gun fellatio - take it slow
60. jxl/elvis presley - a little less conversation
61. moby - we are all made of stars
62. silverchair - across the night
63. something for kate - say something
64. gomez - shot shot
65. area 7 - nobody likes a bogan
66. augie march - this train will be taking no passengers
67. waikiki - new technology
68. black rebel motorcycle club - whatever happened to my rock'n roll
69. coldplay - clocks
70. frenzal rhomb - bucket bong
71. basement jaxx - do your thing
72. audioslave - show me how to live
73. weezer - dope nose
74. sonic animation - i'm a dj
75. ms dynamite - dy-na-mi-tee
76. silverchair - world upon your shoulders
77. the streets - has it come to this?
78. badly drawn boy - something to talk about
79. you am i - who put the devil in you
80. the waifs - highway 1
81. queens of the stone age - you think i ain't worth a dollar
82. ben harper - strawberry fields forever
83. 28 days - take me away
84. oasis - little by little
85. chemical brothers - star guitar
86. eminem - cleaning out my closet
87. system of a down - innervision
88. the fergusons - everything's gone bad
89. groove armada - purple haze
90. badly drawn boy - silent sigh
91. rocket science - being followed
92. antiskeptic - called
93. tori amos - a sorta fairy tale
94. spiderbait - arse huggin' pants
95. machine translations - she wears a mask
96. the waifs - lies
97. u2 - electrical storm
98. cartman - shock (living without you)
99. bodyjar - too drunk to drive
100. coldplay - a rush of blood to the head
for any one who need to catch up on whats going on on the bold and the beautiful, just ask the drugs

The Bold and the Beautiful (from the album 'Music's In Trouble')

Each afternoon, there's nothing as suitable
As tea and bickies with the Bold And The Beautiful
The world outside is sending me crazy
I'll be your Thorne if you'll be my Macy

Amber is a scammer from the wrong side of the tracks
She's been sneaking around with Deakin he wants her
and his baby back
But she's married now to Rick who is an unsuspecting
Rick's mum Brooke tried to warn him but he didn't want
to listen

Brooke and Deakin are now lovers but in direct
To Rick and Amber's marriage Deakin married Rick's
And in this sick and twisted world where blood appears
as thin as water
Deakin's wife is Rick's sister Bridget, and therefore,
Brooke's daughter

Each afternoon there's nothing as suitable
As tea and bickies with the Bold And The Beautiful
We'll get up late and have a 3pm brekky
I'll be your CJ if you'll be my Becky

Eric, Ridge and Thorne have all been married to Brooke
But of the Forrester men it's on Ridge that she's
Since Ridge's marriage to Brooke met its inevitable
He's been happily married twice now, to a woman named
But Brooke wasn't happy with a simple separation
She said "I'll get that guy, I've got drive and
It's come to Stephanie's attention and her
Will see to the prevention of Brooke's bad intentions
This plot is lacking some counter attacking
When they write Macy back in she'll send that bitch

Go Ricky go Ricky go Jerry go Jerry

My girl and I have a love strong and mutual
Every afternoon with the Bold and The Beautiful
So many plots and so many issues
Some days we have to use a whole bunch of tissues
I know of no love deeper or greater
Then taping each episode to watch again later
I don't think it's bad or unusual
This sacred love of the Bold and The Beautiful


...and why i hate them

i used to like U2. when songs like 'where the streets have no name' were out, that's when i liked them. i thought they were good then. i think i even kinda liked them when they released 'the fly', is that what it was called? and the filmclip was all weird and freaky camera work? anyway, i cant say i loved them, but i'd sing along to their songs. now, on the other hand, i cannot get myself further away from them. to me, they, like the rolling stones, should have given up years ago.
but, there are those die hard fans out there that love them no matter what they put out. this is the thing i have a problem with. you shouldnt like a song just because you like the band. and vice versa, you shouldnt like a band just because you like a song. an example of theat is, rikki was singing big yellow taxi the other day, and i thought to myself, wow, she's showing a bit of taste there. this is where i put my foot in it and speak up. 'i like that song' i say, 'oh! ididnt think you like music i listened to? do you like the counting crowes and some girl ive never heard of?'. and this is where i say, 'they didnt write it, rikki, its a joni mitchel song'. and she stares blankly.
ok, back to the die hard fans. the triple j hottest 100 is on today. i think at about number 97, there was a U2 song. now, in the words of the announcer, ' i didnt even know U2 released a song last year, i bet a whole lot of U2 fans got together and voted for it anyway, just so they could get a song in the hottest 100'. this is exactly what i was thinking as i was listening. sure, i voted for all of the whitlams songs, and all teh darren hanlon songs, but thats cos i genuinley like them. and to prove im not just one of theose people, i bought you am i's new album cos i liked the single, and figured i'd like the album, but i hardly listen to it cos i cant get into it. therefore, i didnt vote for the other you am i songs that were listed.
back to U2.
ticket prices. i am mad at bands who make their fans pay exorborant ticket prices to see them play. i remember when i used to fork out 50, 60 70 bucks to go see a gig like the chili peppers or faith no more, or bjork, or way back in the early nineties when karlies mum paid three hundered dollars for karlie, sharyn and i to go see new kids on the block (im not ashamed to admit that i went to the concert, so you can all shut up with the teasing, im sure you like ridiculous 'bands' once too). i will not do that now. yes, i paid $100 to go to the big day out, but that is many many bands and a huge day to experience for the price of one gig. i think the rolling stones were asking about $120 for some tickets. feh, whatever. another bargain gig is the candle records gig that matt and i are going to on valentines day, about 6 bands for $15, thats a bargooon.

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

..."I once built a vibrator out of stuff I found in's my garage," he said. "Plus I makes my own condoms out of tinfoil and ziplocks baggies. I'm like the MacGyver of sex."
ron milky - doctor love

why does no one make any comments in meandering. as you may have read in the previous post, i am 'the girl who needs to know'. not giving me feedback makes me think that a) no one goes there and b) you all hate what you're reading and dont want to make me feel bad by telling me. here are my answers to those theories. a) i know people go there cos the counter goes up all the time (and not just by one when i go in there) b) it says in the title, dont hold back. even if you dont like it, please tell me. i need constructive criticism. even if you just say yes or no, give it a rating out of 10, i dont know...something?

on another note, i have an earache and a sore back and neck. ow. nasty pains and aches and hobbitses...oh, opps, let my smeagel out. i'll put him back...yes, yes, all back now.

big day out big day out big day out big day out big day out
only one week to go, yay. and then 2 weeks after that is the candle records concert. yay. im so excited
hey cam, how come your band isnt playing the big day out, huh??
come to think of it, how come mine and matts band, and anatone arent playing the big day out? perhaps we'll have to start our own festival..yes, good idea, i'll get right on it
i am the girl who needs to know

as far as relationships (all sorts) go, i've always had questions or comments ready in my mind for just that right time when i might need them. i've never thought about what might happen afterwards, just about saying or doing it, and walking away, hopefully feeling a whole lot better, and having some sense of closure. i guess thats what it is mainly, the closure thing.
i'd like to ask steven why he didnt have sex with me. i wanted to, not that we talked about it...come to think about it, we didnt actually talk much at all, but that's what i'd ask him.
i'd hug jonas, and i'd tell him i was sorry for all the things i'd thought about him and his girlfriend.
i'd hug cam for a long long time, cos thinking about him made me happy
i'd tell scott healey that he mad me sad for not going to the formal with me.
i'd tell chris elze that he was an idiot for not talking to me all the way through highschool
i'd ask mark why he thinks he should have treated me better
i'd tell raymond that i did do stuff with matt before he and i broke up, but that it was only kissing

theres probably more...what about you?

Monday, January 20, 2003

i bought something from kristins tupperware party. why? cos im a good friend. im having a tupperware party. why? cos im a good friend. at least i've got a couple of months to get out of having this party. i told the lady, i'm gonna be too busy, all of feburary and all of march, since she said it had to be within three weeks. but nooooooo, she says she can bend the rules, i have kristin behind her making pleading faces at me. so i say yes. on the upside, i get a recipe for cherry ripe slice, honeycomb fudge, AND baileys. yep, im gonna learn how to make my own baileys. that should save us a bit of money since good ol father o leary has been visiting quite a lot lately.

rehearsal went well. we did the last act which im the roughest with but i was getting it pretty well towards the end. it didnt help that i had thorin saying that i needed to keep mad, keep my energy up, and keep going the whole way through the first scene since i am the one that EVERYONE will be watching, EVERYONES eyes will be on me, and if i DONT KEEP THEIR INTEREST, they'll lose the oomph of the whole play. yeah, i'll be practicing a whole lot more before rehearsal tonight.

Friday, January 17, 2003

things...i dont know...they're just never meant to be easy. and as hard as i try to stay out of things that really have nothing to do with me, i'm drawn in and there's no telling what can happen now. i've been pretty happy lately. not with all parts of my life, but with a lot of things, ive been handling it well, getting on with things, trying not to let things bother me.
im doing my play, something ive been wanting to get back into for years, and im doing pretty damn well. i was chosen to go on tv to publicise it, that must show that im at least ok at what i do. and i'm happy that i've finally gotten back in contact with cam. it's been something that's been swimming around in my head for years now, and at last i feel like there's some sort of...finality? no, just happy that he's back around me again. im selling avon. it may not be the best job, and i may not do great at it, and i may not make a lot of money, but im trying, and then people come along and accuse me of doing nothing. on top of that, i look after my kids. i look after 2 very boisterous, very loud, very noisy, very demanding boys, and i do that while having post natal depression, and i do a bloody good job.
i know this makes no sense, its 10:30 am and i've already been up for 4 and a half tired and im hot and im thirsty and ive really had enough of today already


Thursday, January 16, 2003

thanks justin
and you're right, all aussie chicks are hot. just look at me for example *cough*
umm...all blue haired guys called justin are hot...i read that somewhere...

'Australia was originally a colony for prisoners shipped from Europe. It was made its own country when the famous Ausralian Mayor McCheese led a revolution against absolutly no one of importance. The major exports of Australia are: Tommy Emmanuel, weird words like Kangaroo, Pogo, Koala, Dingley-Dang, hootchie-chow, Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, and that hot tennis chick Anna Cornucopia. Plus all Aussie chicks are hot, because I saw it on TV once.'

i'm sorry i havent been updating meandering very often. i think my head is so full of other people stories that there's no room for my own lately
woody kicked me in the face with his pointy boot and now i have a split lip :(

rehearsal went really good last night. it was the first time we'd rehearsed with everyone there. normally we do it in about 3 seperate groups. i was a bit nervous actually. rachel said she was too, and that she wore makeup so that the other groups would think that she was worth playing hermia. i changed my clothes heaps of times before i left as well. pfft, girls are stupid.....and so as not to be sexist, boys are stupid too :)
i knew a lot of my lines. i think that nerves made me forget them, rather than actually not knowing them. locky and i went over our scene a few times afterwards and we've got it almost perfect. perfect would be handy since our scene has been chosen to be shown on AM adelaide a week or so before performance. yeah, live on tv......EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP. i so hope i dont stuff up. i'll tape it, and if it sucks, you cant watch it :)

i've decided to sign up with wishlist. so, if any of you out there feel like buying me something, please, go right ahead :) i used to think, and well, yeah, i still do think, that people with wishlists attached to their sites are a bit asky, but hey, if you want to buy me something, who am i to stop you. go forth and shop, and you need never say, 'but you're so hard to buy for!!!' again. dont worry, there's LOTS to choose from

i think i've done that right. if not, just go to registries and type in whittaker :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

maybe i was sitting in my kitchen learning my lines, and then maybe there was a knock on the door. then maybe i ran into the bedroom to get dressed cos i was naked and i heard matt answer the door and someone ask for me. maybe i got a little scared cos last time someone asked for me it was a policewoman handing me my summons. then maybe i walked out into the loungeroom and there was a huge box of flowers there, with a bear and some chocolates and balloons. and maybe the card said it was from sean, and had the most feminine writing i've ever seen him do :). and maybe, just maybe i rang him, all drunk and said thanks, then got sleepy and had to go.....maybe :)

thankyou sean

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

i used to think that the first time i realised i was attracted to girls was when i couldnt stop thinking about drew barrymore. i think it started with boys on the side. when i saw that i thought she was the most beautiful thing id ever seen. i think my friends just thought i wanted my hair like hers, but it was more than that.
i remembered recently that drew wasnt my first love at all. when i was in year 10, 14 years old, i was in the rock and roll eisteddfod, and there was a girl who had dark hair, dark eyes, and was kinda mysterious looking. i sat with her one day when we were waiting to be picked up after rehearsal. she was 2 or more years ahead of me, and i was just drawn to her. i thought there was something about her, something that i needed to be close to. i dont think that i came so far as to image sexy things about her. i hadnt even had a boyfriend at that stage. but i did want to be near her.
i wish i could remember her name

i spent most of last night either on my knees or being pulled along the ground on my tummy
my knees hurt

Monday, January 13, 2003

among the many complicated parts of my dream last night, the one that is most clear is that i wanted to kiss a daddo, and for a split second, i did.
im not sure which one, but they're all basically the same, arent they?
when you're all fat old men, are you going to wear your pants high around your tummy like humpty dumpty, or are you gonna sling them underneath?

just a question

i think i'd sling them underneath

and when you're wearing a skirt with an elastic waist, do you pull the skirt down to go to the toilet, or hoist it up?

i pull it down
first kiss

well, i went to rehearsal yesterday. i got there 5 minutes late because my car almost shit itslef, causing me to almost shit myself as i heard all these grinding and whizzing noises, that seriously cant be good.....anyone want to buy a car? anyone? anyone? beuller? so im laying on the floor looking over my lines, wondering how on earth i am going to be able to crawl around on the floor in a skirt, when thorin walks over and hands me a lolly. i'm thinking, gee, thanks thorin, i needed a lolly, and then i find out that it's a mint...which is ok i guess. i mean, mints are alright, i was just hoping for a lolly of the fruity kind. i thought perhaps he gave it to me because i'd had such a rough time getting there, and it was to help cheer me up. he then hands lachlan a lolly. lachlan acts surprised and thankful as well, and it's then that i notice no one else gets a lolly. maybe thorin lost his train of thought on the lolly side of things, he was talking to us at the same time. the others didnt seem to mind, they all just sat there, listening.
so thorin finishes talking, puts the lolly packet down and says, oh, the lollies were because carly and lochie have to kiss today.
we joke about it a bit. i tell lochie that if he puts his tongue in my mouth i'll slap him, we have a bit of a laugh, and then we get to work. we do a few scenes, and most of it goes really well. i do still need to do a lot of work with my lines, but all in all, its a good run through. then we do THE scene. and the funny thing is that i forgot which scene the kissing scene is, so when he kissed me, it was like it was supposed to be, totally unexpected.
it's really weird kissing someone else after 5 years of kissing matt. its not like i had to open my mouth or anything, and it's not like i havent kissed lyndell or marc on the lips when saying hello or goodbye or whatever, but because this was supposed to be a kiss between lovers, it felt different. not necessarily good or bad, just different. of course i had the whole, 'was it nice? is he good looking? is anyone there good looking? yadda yadda yadda' from matt, but he really has nothing to worry about on that front.
so that is my newest news. i hope everyone had a good weekend

Saturday, January 11, 2003

what did everyone make as their new years resolution? not the pot smoking quiz variety, i mean the real ones. and has anyone broken them yet? my new years resolution was made last night as i was getting ready. sharyn rang, and since rory was out that night she invited matt and i to go to her place and play cards. this invitation in itself is actually part of my other new years resolution to not stay in the house as much as i do. but anyway, so i said we'd go and i was just wearing some track pants and a t shirt, and when i got out of the shower i decided that from now on i would pay more attention to my appearance. that meaning i would get dressed in the mornings, rather than just laze about in my pyjamas, and whe i went out i would dress 'up' a little. not so much that i would look over the top. (its a beach for crying out loud, ditch those stilletos), but like, last night i wore some jeans, and some cute thongs, but with a nice top and a little bit of lipstick. i even put clips in my hair instead of chucking it back in a ponytail. i sat with a straight back as often as i remembered.
we played cards. we played nans game which im assured has another name but sharyn doesnt know it, and we played lucky 13 fish which is a version of fish that matt made up. all in all it was a fun night. and i got up in the morning an got dressed :)
someone should invent something that makes concrete not so hot on bare feet....oh yeah, shoes
i just registered my blogs with ">aussieblogs. if you came here from there, can you please let me know? thanks

Friday, January 10, 2003

how come when im out and about, mainly while im driving, i'll think about something to blog about, or i'll think of a poem or a song and when i get home, it just completely disappears and i have to do an entry about nothing?

Wednesday, January 08, 2003

well, i havent said anything in here for a week. mostly because i took the 8 hour trip to port lincoln on saturday morning. long long LONG drive. made longer by the fact that e didnt really stop crying, and when i say crying, i mean screaming, the whole way and x spewed not long after we left. nice.
but we got there, and the house was really nice. it was behind all these dodgy flats and i was a bit worried when i saw them. they didnt look inviting at all and definatley not inviting or comfortable for 11 people to stay in for 2 nights.. then we're told that where we are staying in the house down the bottom on the beach. and from the outside it looked just the same, except bigger. but wehen we got inside it was so nice. polished floor boards all the way through, 5 bedrooms, deeeeeep bath and powerful showers, cute little diner style eatery bit, comfortable lounges and sea views. so we unloaded everything and had a bit of a look around the place. we discovered a few op shops and planned our days around going there. we found a second hand/antique shop and bought a cute chair and some glassware for my mum. when we got back to the house was when things started going downhill. hello panic attack. hello really not very nice feeling at all. hello crying crying crying and wanting to go home. after a while i had a bath and went through my lines with personwhosnameimustnevermention and i felt a little better.
on sunday it was decided that we'd go out for some fishing. after about 5 stops of getting out of the car and personwhosnameimustnevermentions dad changing his mind and moving to another beach, we finally stopped for good at the first beach we pulled up at on the way. it was a nice beach. lots of shells and the water was rally shallow for a long way so the boys were pretty safe swimming there. e wasnt interested in swimming. all he wanted to do was cry and be held by me. x was good though. he had this life jacket thing on and he floated around for ages.
they caught no fish.
well, they caught a few, but there were all tommy's and quite small.
then we went home.
on the monday we went looking in the op shops but they opened on tuesday. 10 till 3. bloody nannas, start acting like real workers, monday to friday, 9 till 5:30, you're supposed to be doing it for the people! we did find one that was open and i got a little faerie purse and personwhosnameimustnevermention got a t shirt that says 'i'm with her because she knows quality' or something equally as ridiculous.
ummm, what next. oh, on monday night i probably had the best time. we went out for tea, just personwhosnameimustnevermention, marc, the boys and i. i had a really nice camembert chicken in plum sauce. mmmmmmm, anyway. afterwards we went to the playground and let the boys run around for about an hour. it must have been hard on them being confined to the car and then being watched all the time in the houses, but at the playground they just ran and laughed and ate icecream. they were happy and so was i because i didnt have to worry about anything.
we were staying in the new place on the marina at that time. it was very new and very town housey, but still nice. the view was nice from there too. and the bed was reeeeeealy comfortable, probably the best sleep ive had in a long time.
we went to the swimming centre and the boys had a good time there too. x is getting so good at swimming, i'm such a proud mummy.
on tuesday we went out fisging again. well, i didnt, i sat in the wind and waited for everyone to come back so i could go back to the house. we went to coffins bay where we picked up some touristy presents for a certain two people :) i got a couple of snow globes, yay.
after personwhosnameimustnevermention and the guys came back from fishing and AGAIN therewere no fish, and e was snarky and x was avoidant, we decided to go home. the drive home was much quicker, and i even drove for a while. it was the first time i'd driven personwhosnameimustnevermentions dad's car, the first time i'd driven in the country, the first time i'd driven for 2 and a half hours straight and i was fine. and we saw an emu!!!!
we got home at about 1 am, unpacked and went to bed. now i have to go clean and learn my lines for rehearsal tonight.

back to the real world

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

ok, well, im sad cos my irma fell off my bracelet :( it can be fixed i spose, just makes me sad.

buzz aldren : i walked on the moon all those years ago *cough*bullshit*cough*

hope you're all having a spanking new year. and i mean that in all senses of the word.

2003 started off with a drink
and an unfinished board game
then came a phone call and a piece of cheese cake
now i wake up and yep, tis all the same

although considering there was a party
my house is quite together
and even though its january
its the wrong kind of weather

only if you are the wrong kind of bee
for me its just right with the clouds that are grey
and the cool cool breeze
making my agapanthus sway

oh yeah, i forgot
its a poem about the new year
not about the weather
or the plants that grow here

um yeah, have a good one
i hope its all pretty
full of fun and love and icecream
and all the nastiness moves out of your city

and i hope that everyones cars always start
and i hope that theres always milk and bread
and i hope that the blankets are always warm
and all the things swimming become clear in your heads

2003 could very well be a very good year
maybe get some visitors
maybe drink lots of beer
maybe runaround in our bondage gear :)

alrighty i think it has come to the end
my poetic prowess has surely been spent
i hope this little poem brought a smile or yippee
to all of you living in 2003