Wednesday, January 30, 2008

well, thats disappointing

i just realised its wednesday and i have to work tomorrow

Monday, January 28, 2008

saturday night at jive, the airconditioning was turned up really high and kept blowing my skirt up

im not sure if jive people read my blog, and took notice of what i wrote about new years, but if you did, thanks! much cooler

Sunday, January 27, 2008

i think, probably, the grossest thing that i have found which has been brought into my house is the head and spine of a baby bird that looks like a vulture.

yep, i reckon that'd probably be it

Thursday, January 24, 2008

school holidays couldnt end soon enough

Monday, January 14, 2008


first up, ow

have i told you how much i hate summer? im quite sure i have. just incase - i fucking hate summer. theres another good reason to go to dublin.

i had sunscreen on today and look what happened to me


sharyn and i took the kids to old noarlunga playground today, and met up with alison and her boys. 7 boys between the ages of 1 and 8. we're quite talented.

this one is the most talented out of all of us tho. check this out

see that skill? he's awesome.

and despite what the pictures look like, they actually do love each other

alphabetical animals according to e

monkey ('camels?' 'camels doesnt start with 'm' ' 'yeah but, that thing we are, camels' '...mammals?' 'yeah, mammals')
x ray fish

Sunday, January 13, 2008

last night

miffy = success
me = fail
ben = babow

Saturday, January 12, 2008

harriet the spy a great movie. michelle trachtenberg is really cool

not that that has anything to do with my life lately. except that. gee, i dont know. ok, let me ask you something. if you were interested in my blog, would you read it? i think you would. if you were interested. if you werent interested, then you wouldnt read it, and you probably wouldnt care too much for people telling you about it. i know the face some people make when i say 'i read somewhere' and especially when i say its from the internet. so, i reckon, if you're actually interested in what i write, then hey, come on in, make yourself at home, and read the drivel that comes from my fingertips. if you're not interested, and you're one of those people who doesnt read it, then really, there isnt much use for you to know whats going on here, dont you think? i know if i was interested in something, i'd read it for myself.

earlier this week i put together a bookcase without the use of a wizards tools. turns out it came with an allen key, and the side of a spanner is just as good as a mallet. today, i did this with it

its alphabetical order, kind of. from a-y anyway, but each group isnt in order, if you know what i mean. thanks to the lucksmiths and the lemonheads, i have more 'ls's' than anything else.

its school holidays. would youlike to know how i know? first of all, i havet been to a shopping centre since before christmas, and secondly from this

nothing like holidays for running around with no shoes

tonight is the first gosh of the year and im quite excited. both miffy and i are pretty keen on ridding ourselves of our last kisses, but the problem with that is that once you plan, it doesnt happen. so, we'll see

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday, January 03, 2008

now that i feel sufficiently better, i can write about the last week or so, which includes christmas and new years

christmas started off quite nice. it was dark in my house, the christmas lights were on and everything looked very pretty

hang on a second! turn those lights on, theres something under there!

how the hell did father christmas come to my house, get in to my lounge and leave all those presents there without me knowing? wonders will never cease

without realising it, suddenly its morning. how exciting! as they scrabble to open the presents, this year pokemon cards and dinosaur books were hits. so are bikes which are a little too big for them, but im sure they'll grow. kids grow, right?

by the time we get to mums at 10ish i am already tired. we have been awake for over 4 hours already. christmas sucks. i sit on the lounge and wait for the rest of the day. the kids have a lovely time though, and thats all that matters. i end the night being completely disgusted at my poppa and wanting to go home to sleep. so thats what i do

boxing day is spent sleeping, after the boys go off to fulfill other christmas duties. i am trashed. sleep is good. good sleep, good.

thursday and friday are spent working, and you know all about friday night already, which leads us to saturday and sunday which are spent feeling disgusting and include my mum telling me i look yellow. i sleep lots. i dont eat much. my children complain that there is no food and that why cant they eat this pasta for tea and why cant you stop giving me vegetables!! well, for your information, you are actually eating that pasta for tea, and i dont think making you eat one piece of broccoli and one piece of cauliflower is cause for you to yell at me and make that face where i may as well have just killed your pet. or bent a pokemon card. or told you again that i dont care what kind of magical ability this yu gi oh monster has, its just a piece of cardboard and i especially dont want to play a game with you where you dont tell me the rules until we are playing and then you go and change them to suit yourself. im sure you all know what that look looks like

and then it is new years eve. i dont feel well. i dont feel sick, but i dont feel well either. im supposed to catch up with adrian, who, living in sydney now, is closer than usual because he's visiting his parents. but we're on opposite sides of the city. and its hot. and there is only public transport. and we decide to leave it til next time. i drop the boys off at mums and go home for a nap before getting to ellyns, getting ready and heading to the train station

contrary to what it looks like in the photo, it was not the middle of the night, it was around 8, i think. oh! 845, i remember, because we were going to catch the 856 train.

but then

hang on, do we look a little apprehensive. could this be because we somehow knew subconsciously that there would be no train and that we would have to catch a bus filled with 15 year old southern bogans to brighton! maybe...

because that is precisely what happened. not only was it scary it was quite inconvenient as it threw off our schedule. we were going to get to jive at 10, we ended up getting there after 11.

jive was great fun. you can see many many photos here

also, you can look at these

in the last picture, you can see the gross bald men that show up at jive. they are gross. i cannot begin to explain. also, in this picture, you can see why i am thankful that i decided to wear a bra

jive is hot. i dont think its as hot as the cranker, but the problem is that the ceiling is further away at jive, so the air conditioning takes longer to get down to our levels. also, its only in one tiny place. one. tiny. place. and that place is right in a walk way as well, which doesnt work well. at least its not full of hot smokey air, i suppose.

so, midnight came. we didnt kiss anyone. we sang loud to hey jude and then danced for another few hours. i could have happily left at any time of the night. as i have previously stated, i was not feeling well. the train station at 4am is shit, but at least the trains are cool. the bus from brighton however was not cool and made me want to spew since it had to drive in and out and all around, passing by each train station between there and noarlunga. honestly, if those boys had asked me and miffy to 'come to porties' one more time, i think i would have vomited in their 19 year old laps.

tuesday i spent in bed, not feeling well at all. i wasnt hung over, i hardly drank. the boys were great and rubbed my tunny and stroked my head while we watched dvds in the cool of the loungeroom. as well behaved as they were, i couldnt wait for 8 oclock when they'd be in bed. and so would i

except at around 11 i started having to be in the toilet every 20 minutes or so. plus i had a blood nose. so i was too scared to sleep incase i drowned in one or more gross bodily fluids.

i dont remember much on wednesday. kids have gone camping with voldemort, which will be nice for everyone. today i slept lots and ate actual food, when previously (on buffy...i seriously cant say previously without adding in my head in giles voice 'on buffy the vampire slayer') i have been living on sunnyboys which you can buy by the box now! and they were on special at coles! anyway, actual food. i cooked up some chicken and some of these frozen prawn things which say they are in a french sauce..which is basically butter, i cooked pasta and added sliced carrot, brocolli and cauliflower, and i added them all together with sundried tomatos and some spring onions. and it was awesome.

it is now thursday (friday morning, actually) and im about to go to bed and thnk about what i can do this weekend. any ideas?
guess what!?

you can leave comments. its amazing. i dont know what my page looks like to you (i know what it looks like to you, mum, and that is crap. you should get aaron to install mozilla firefox and stop using internet explorer because..its eats babies) but, to me, it looks pretty shmick, except that there are no comments links. and thats quite annoying because i put comment links on here, yet they're clearly not showing up.

imagine then, my surprise, when i check my email and find that ben has left a comment. a comment, on my blog! prepostorous! there is no comment leaving facility on this blog, stupid human. aha, but that is where you are wrong. apparently, if you open the post (by clicking on the date) it will give you the option of leaving a comment.

so there you have it, amazing news