Thursday, January 03, 2008

guess what!?

you can leave comments. its amazing. i dont know what my page looks like to you (i know what it looks like to you, mum, and that is crap. you should get aaron to install mozilla firefox and stop using internet explorer because..its eats babies) but, to me, it looks pretty shmick, except that there are no comments links. and thats quite annoying because i put comment links on here, yet they're clearly not showing up.

imagine then, my surprise, when i check my email and find that ben has left a comment. a comment, on my blog! prepostorous! there is no comment leaving facility on this blog, stupid human. aha, but that is where you are wrong. apparently, if you open the post (by clicking on the date) it will give you the option of leaving a comment.

so there you have it, amazing news

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