Monday, May 30, 2005


im so cold i had to warm my hands half way through writing that.

well, yesterday was probably my perfect kind of day, really. i was woken at about 9 by personwhosnameimustnevermention and marc getting ready, then fell back asleep. woke up at 1, rang personwhosnameimustnevermention, went online, read blogs and checked emails, went back to bed. woke up at 4, spoke to personwhosnameimustnevermentions mum, went back to bed, woke up at 7:30, had some tea, cuddled my babies, put them to bed, watched criminal intent, went back to bed.

sleep, internet and phone calls. im so boring.

i think i caught up though. after last week i was pretty exhausted. the theatre asked us to do the show again next weekend because it was going so well. we decided to end with a bang and just leave it at that. after party was pretty good. i had 2 quick cowboys and a glass of father o'learys and ended up crashing on the couch listening to paul play guitar. he played mr bo jangles which was so unbelievably sweet. i told him i was so tired i couldnt even have sex with him he he tried. he said 'you must be tired'. i love paul. except that i remember for some reason telling him i hated him, then his girlfriend said she hated him too and asked me if i needed a lift home. we all found this hilarious and luaghed and laughed. aaah, drunk funny. theres nothing quite like it.

you may have read already about vicki and i in the bathroom. so many disgusting people who dont wash their hands. its no fun waiting in the dark to pounce on people if no one comes in.

now, a message to someone i met on friday night

i realise you saw equus friday night, and you would have heard the line 'what the eye does not see, the heart does not grieve after', but there is a difference between letting your son watch westerns on tv in secret, and having 2 kids by seperate girls and living with your wife and not telling the girl you're suposedly falling in love with. i knew there was something creepy about you when i met you but i tried to be nice for the sake of all involved. actually, what you've done is quite cuntish. im not pleased. yeah, you were honest and said you will probably cheat, but what you should have said was that you were actually cheating as you spoke. i hear you said you thought i didnt like you. perhaps you picked up on the fact that i thought you were creepy. i said i liked you, if you made her happy. which apparently you did for a little while, then you fucked it up. i really hope i dont see you ever again. i think it would be a good idea if you went away
love carly

Sunday, May 29, 2005

i would like 1 cock

(1) hold up index finger to indicate single digit, then (2) make letter C

learn all the secrets to sign language

Saturday, May 28, 2005


117 people last night. we had to squeeze in extra chairs and have people sitting in the auditorium rather than the actual seats.




last night was 95% prebooked, so if you're planning on coming to see equus today or tonight i suggest you call and book your ticket now. raving reviews, people! happy happy customers! scores of high school kids hiding their faces in their jumpers and writhing in their seats uncomfortably. it all spells a good night out to me


p.s. thankyou adrian for coming to see me xx

Friday, May 27, 2005


i debugged my comments and now they're working again, so you can all leave me your lameass reasons for not coming to the play.

you know, not only did lochie drive all the way from tranmere to noarlunga to see it, but he also brought me a strawberry shortcake phone AND a blue lightsaber spoon.

i am just like obi wan kenobi when i eat my cereal now

from the TheatreGuide

OPUS Performing Arts Community
Noarlunga College Theatre
Until May 28

Review by Simon Slade

Feigning an orgasm astride a horse. Miming self-flagellation. Full frontal nudity. A production of Peter Shaffer's "Equus" can easily go so wrong. Instead, OPUS presents a mature performance of a difficult script.

Peter Shaffer's Tony Awarding winning play "Equus" was inspired by a BBC report of a British boy who inexplicably blinded twenty-six horses in a stable. The story fascinated Shaffer, provoking him "to interpret it in some entirely personal way." His dramatic goal, he wrote in a note to the play, was "to create a mental world in which the deed could be made comprehensible." The result is a riveting journey into the world of insanity told through the eyes of a self-doubting psychiatrist.

Harry Dewar, as Dr. Dysart, portrays the troubled doctor powerfully with bursts of rage and painful emotions. He delivers Dysart's monologues with conviction and he cleverly manoeuvres Alan with his 'tricks,' although he could turn up the intensity in two or three places so that he would have a fuller connection with the other actors on stage.

Nathan Lambert, as Alan, carried the troubled boy with enough mystery to deliver his pain in a well timed performance that saw Alan emerge from uncooperative to acquiesce as he vividly relieves his world of sexual and religious fantasies. Lambert completely immerses himself in Alan's fantasy, in a performance that skilfully balances the power and vulnerability of the boy.

As Alan's favourite horse, Nugget, Grant Hull nails the physicality: the backside arched out, the legs taut, and the halting, pompous steps. He even gets the heavy sound of exhaling breath right. It's the kind of performance that only works if the actor goes all the way with it.

The other actors do a good job of supporting the main roles, and Carly Whittaker, as Jill Mason, is excellent as the young stable hand who tries to seduce Alan.

The design of the stage and the fact that the audience is on two sides creates the impression that the audience is actually inside the psychiatrist's office with the patient

As Directors, Harry Dewar and Paul Kaesler have taken up the challenge of this often mis-directed show and done a fine job. All the more difficult when they are both in the show too!

For those of you who thought that challenging theatre stopped within a five-kilometre radius of the GPO - the truth is out there

and so far, of all the people who know about this play, the only person i know who has come to see it that has no links to opus is lochie. and even he did little shop of horrors with them.

do i not have any fans? *sniff*

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

*puzzled wha? face*

i caught a bit of oprah today while standing in a cue waiting
and waiting

and waiting

she had jerry seinfeld on and...i dont understand. i just dont understand.

why do people love oprah so much? why do people go on her show and pretend to get excited about the things she and her audience get excited about?

OPRAH: do you know what i found out the other day that i never ever knew?
*looks of 'oooh, wow, we're going to be privvy to some inside information about oprah that no one else will know. we are so special, oprah loves us so!' from the audience*
OPRAH: you and i are the same age!
*that half smile stare that jerry does*
OPRAH: i never knew that!
CROWD: woohooooo! yay! yay! *clap clap clap clap clap clap clap etc infinity until oprah tells them she's 'just standing here! you're the special people!' which makes them clap some more*

i hate oprah

that said, if she would like to give me some money, i would take it

for more oprah wha?ness, please visit defamer
got my tit out


i suppose i should do an actual update and stop posting song lyrics...


last night was opening night of equus. DID NOT SEE ONE OF YOU THERE.



axcuses? reasons? anyone? anyone? bueller?

i got my pants off and everything, sheesh!


it went pretty well. we were all a little nervous and missed lines a bit. april was shaking so hard at one point her skirt was wriggling. as i was laying on the stage in my semi naked glory i looked down at my torso and a bright red blush had crept all the way down to between my boobs. i can just imagine what my face looked like. apparently i didnt look red on stage, the lights would have evened me out.
so im off to the theatre in a couple of hours for the next performance. hope to see you there.

after the holidays i'll be working at noarlunga for two days then im off the the hub for 6 months. in that time i'll be applying for other library jobs too. who knows where i'll end up.

eli's birthday was great. he loved his star wars ship, his 3D dinosaur book and his glow in the dark care bear. once i get some new batteries i'll post some photos

i just opened an email that was marked as suspected spam, but the subject was the name of a play i saw and i thought it was to do with it.

it wasnt

please, let me share it with you...

Hello, Pharmacmost unruffled disregard of himself. His long bamboo cane wasyByMail SHOP Welcomes note in his voice promised for Don Diego Valdez something far moreyou!

Our now who was on her defence, her voice quivering with great offer:
VlADon Diego mounted the ladder and stepped upon the deck, alone, andGRA a day of some surprises.ClALlS VALThat he should ever meet her again had not entered his calculations,lUM LEVlthe other four ships of the fleet that is awaiting me there, tellingTRA and ma"What do you intend by me?" the Spaniard enquired at last, his voiceny other

for"I am here to tell you, Don Pedro, that if you will hold your hand VERY REASONABLE PRlCES.

With each psaid some hard things to the Admiral. But they were not as hard asurchase you get:

# Top "Which argues that, even at this disadvantage as he has us, thequaIity
# Homeat last, and was venting his fury in unprintable abuse. Captain deIivery
# Total confidentiaIEasily, but for the favour of Fortune, he might have been one ofity

Just try us and youand served to nourish the contempt he was forming for King James. will not be disappointed!

A Hiccup In Your Happiness

The start is the hardest part
To step inside and announce a newly broken heart
And Louise, you’re ill at ease
You bite your thumb and tug your skirt below your knees
And it hurts even more than you thought
The words get caught
And sad as you are, you’re glad of the wine you brought

I’ve no idea what you need to hear
My mother used to say “there’s always next year”
But please don’t despair, Louise
Today will end and your heart will mend, if by degrees

And it hurts even more than you thought
And it feels like forever just now
But one day you’ll look back on this
As a hiccup in your happiness....

the lucksmiths

Monday, May 23, 2005

cheap as you are

Xmit (mine eyes deceive)
Golden eggs and sky castles. Which do you prefer?

Because you cannot have both. You just can't. No carbon copy cake to keep.

These hallucinations started one week ago. In the ear, always the ear. Different accents floating on the breeze, comments about things like skin and bicycles, snippets of questions, fragments of retorts, all good natured.

Among other whisperings.

Messages encoded in waves and decoded by the ear. Tiny little bones trembling in the dark.

Fly away with me. Run to New York. Make our way there.

And whatever else.

But the brain does lie. One week now. Fabricated meaning in the streets and the stations.

But that hand on my leg... I'm not so sure I was hallucinating. And you've left me willing different kinds of messages to beam down from the satellites.

you, like an army, occupy my mind
the quietness of time
and i wish i could ignore you
and the impression that you made in my life

cos its been a long time, a long time, coming around
whether its the right time, or the wrong time
the time is now

but you say its important to focus on yourself and no one else
but if this makes me happy, i ask you then, do i have a choice?

cos its been a long time, a long time, coming around
whether its the right time, or the wrong time
the time is now

cos maybe the right time has just come around

sarah blasko

i'm going to be so busy this week. tonight is the last rehearsal before our opening night tomorrow night of equus. i really hope it goes well. theres still a few lines problems, and some sound and lighting cues that need to be ironed out, but we'll get there. we always do.

will any of you be coming?

if you do, you'd best shut your eyes towards the end, lest you catch a glimpse of my fat arse. yep, carly's goin pantsless. its pretty scary. we rehearsed last night and i wore a g string and a shirt. harry has an in fun go at me for not being naked like nathan but i didnt take it very well and neither did april or vanessa who stuck up for me. i will try tonight to go totally pantsless....we'll see

so yeah, you wanna see some snatch? come down to noarlunga theatre this week and cop an eyefull. flailing willy's abound too

hehehe, you know, that last sentence would make me laugh so much more if it wasnt my bits i was talking about

Sunday, May 22, 2005

perfect now

eli being a big beer

i'm a bit obsessed with e at the moment. i dont know what it is, maybe its because of his birthday coming up. im not sure.

when he was born i was very...distant...i guess when i look at it from a 4 year distance i can see that it was the post natal depression that did it. still left over from x, not totally healed, and all of a sudden this tiny little boy comes into my life. he doesnt need anything. he wont eat, so i dont feed him. he rarely cries, and when he does the nurses take him. he just lays there and sleeps so beautifully

but i didnt really want him. no, thats a lie. i did want him, i just didnt want to hurt him. i wasnt sure of myself, sure of anything. but i brought this perfect tiny person into the world without a say or a thought for him.

i did have a special feeling about him. i really think he has saved my life.

but i'm still scared i'll break him

perfect now

Everything is perfect now
I dont want to make a movement
I'm too scared to breathe; I might do something wrong
As you're sleeping silently
Perfect beauty laid before me
I feel every second is a life time long

Here's a place I've been before
A place some say I should go more
But every journey just leads me so far away
When I just wanted to stay

So that's why I wont wake you where you lie
If I could now I'd freeze time
I cant find forever in your eyes
I should leave you while they're dry

Living underneath this guilt
I cant leave a house that I have built
Though I feel it sinking further everytime
And th weight of my mistakes
Means that everything I touch breaks
I dont want to see you as the next in line

So that's why I wont wake you where you lie
If I could now I'd freeze time
I cant find forever in your eyes
I should leave you while they're dry

sarah blasko
don't you eva

You've got a way with words
You've got a way that makes me feel so complicated

sarah blasko

Saturday, May 21, 2005


people are coming here by searching for 'the most amazing breasts'
matt just answered the front door. there was a woman, standing back while her 6 year old daughter gave matt the whole spiel about jehovahs witnesses. he said you could see her running it through in her head, what to say next, hoping that she'd done a good job

she said 'you can read about it in chapters 10 and 11 and i was wondering if you'd like to do that now'

they're lucky i didnt answer the door. i would have told her i didnt want to read, that i wanted to take her to a playground where she could run around and play

Friday, May 20, 2005

my baby boy


on tuesday my baby eli will turn 4. lately he's been running around in shorts and a jumper,and a spiderman cape, and i can see his skinny little legs and how much his feet have grown



eli started kindy at the beginning of term. he had such a great day. he was by far the smallest person there but he still ran around with everyone, joining in with the songs and playing. such a good boy

eli at kindy

eli at kindy

he's just such a great kid. he's fun to hang around with, he has a great sense of humour and gives the best hugs


happy birthday baby


i love you


love from mummy

they mentioned me on the adelaide index, i feel all kinds of famous

Thursday, May 19, 2005

things i've been doing lately

rehearsing for equus with no pants on
losing my job at noarlunga
getting another job at the hub
eating flakes...mmm
not updating my blog
hitting the letterbox with my car
listening to tasty tasty sarah blasko
deleting messenger from my computer
deleting internet explorer from my computer
deleting outlook express from my computer

yeah...a couple of those were pretty clever of me, huh?

so, um...yeah...anyone out there who can help me with any of the more unfortunate items on this're very welcome to

Friday, May 13, 2005



have a look at her, would you? stunning....

photo from noranna, the cameraqueen
you're falling down on mine

sleepy dazz

last night i saw darren hanlon for the first time in about a year. as always, he was amazing. and bree...mmmmmmmm, breeeeeee.......

mmm, bree

she has the most amazing breasts. at one stage i found myself just gazing longingly at them....


we got there early enough to see jens lekman, but we decided to go and get a coffee/beer/custard penis first. we found out while enjoying our delicacies, that marc's black eye actually came from his dad. because he wouldnt change the channel. yep. just cos you've got some stupid little beard now, does not automatically make you tough, OB, leave my marci alone.

so we got back to the jade and sat out the back as the front was stiflingly full. we played in my pants. ooooh, thats funny without quotation marks. we played 'in my pants', the game where you listen to people's conversations and add 'in my pants 'into pauses in the conversation. fun!

we shuffled to the front just before dazz started and i got a lovely pozzie just to the right of him. fucking awesam show. songs, between song banter, rock operas, dance moves, getting darren hanlon's phone number, a night
sorry? what was that? getting dazz's number? oh, that was nothing, he just gave it to me....ok! i'll tell. at the beginning of unmade bed there's a guitar bit that goes

do do doo, dodoodo do doo...heh, well, there's a little guitar bit and dazz had programed it into his mobile as a ring tone. he asked chris crouch for his mobile and for a little while he couldnt find it. so i offered to help.

me: 'what's your number? i'll ring it'
dazz: 'oh, ok, its 04....'
*laughter from the audience*

he finds the phone and tries to get it to work, cant, so calls me up and gives me his number and i call it. then i save it into my phone as dazz. i so rule! so i called it and it started off the song. i've played with darren hanlon!

dazz phone

here is a pic of darren giving me a call when he gets back from the tour

Thursday, May 12, 2005

life turned upside down

Life is turned upside down
But then maybe it's just
Been put back the right way round
All your dreams realised
There's new fire in your eyes
In despite of its size
You soon realise
That it's alright
Feels right

Now there's a cross
That nobody should really have to bear
But then maybe
That's just when life's treating you fair
There are lessons to learn
When you've waited your turn
And things didn't turn out
Quite the way that you dreamt about
But it still feels right
Feels right

And it still feels right

badly drawn boy

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

it's a spending frenzy!!

clones better music


i've recently rediscovered my love for online shopping. i really think i could become a tech-hermit. just live here with my computer, get everything online and home delivered...yeah...

so i've order those t shirts up there. i'm getting the green clones top though. you should all go look

the snoozer hummingbird t shirt is already one of my favourites. somebody should buy me all of these things from boygirlparty :)and this from i like seamonsters

please, let me share with you something from a letter i recieved today

what you have to realise and understand is that you have basically treated most people around you like shit over the years and thought that you were the only one that has problems to deal with, let me assure you that you are not, we all have our own problems in life, some big, some small, but it is about time you grew up and faced them and dealt with them

prizes for whoever guesses who the letter was from

Monday, May 09, 2005

the fucktedness of it all

i downloaded the newest version of messenger and now my computer is even more fucked than it was.
so insanely stupid.
it wont log in most of the time, (messenger, i mean) but it'll make the little window pop up that says i have new hotmails, but when i click it it takes me to my outlook inbox.

stupid? yes

and what else is pissing me off? my phone. predictive text is supposed to make my life simpler, right? well, once i worked out how to use it, it did. and i actually got to the stage where i thought i'd never have to add new words to my dictionary anymore because even words like fucktedness were in tehre. but no. nooo. NO. it has to go and forget everything. why? cos its fucked, thats why. and my 0 button decides not to work most of the time, so im clicking away, writing messages and then i look at the screen and theres some unintelligable garbled mess that possibly resembles a word with a question mark at the end because it was supposed to be three words but the space button didnt work.

i really should just be grateful i dont have bigger problems

my feet are cold though, and i have no milk. and if i dont learn my lines for that one scene thats pissing me off i will not be held responsible for what i do

there, all better now. its out of my system, thanks for listening

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

the queen
tina (im sure they're thinking it in there)

and all the other mummys out there. what are you doing on the computer? go back to bed! unless you have a lap top in your bed with you...oooh, im jealous

Saturday, May 07, 2005

back to the future

my kids love the smurfs. i borrowed a dvd from work the other day and eli is watching it now. i just sat back and listened for a little while andi got hit with a memory.

the smurfs were on in the morning before school. probably about 8 o'clock, is my guess. i never got up early and we had to leave at 8:30 so this time makes the most sense.

remember this part?

Well, the forest is still there. And if you listen, you may hear Gargamel's rage. But if you were good, you may just catch a glimpse of the Smurfs

i specifically remember, being old enough to know, mind you, that the smurfs were just cartoon characters and not actually real, i remember thinking that if i found that forest i wouldnt catch a glimpse of the smurfs because i wasnt good enough.


now, you've all had time to feel sorry for me, i'll put up these lyrics from tripod and you can have a little chuckle

The Ballad of Floor Buffer Smurf

Gatesy: Hello! So you've had an hour... you've had an hour drinking, starting fights. But we were told - Catholic priests, prostitutes, smurfs, a gay housemate with the same name, floor buffer, and a bit of Shaggy somewhere in there, and it's kind of in a Pogue style - you're familiar with the Pogue's body of work?
Yon: So what we've written is, basically, a love story that takes place in Smurfland.
Scod: Yeah, baby! Let's do it!
Gatesy: Thanks for sticking around for an hour, guys.

Tripod: It's a happy old life, being a Smurf,
We don't have a worry or care on the Earth.
We love all the sights and the sounds and the smells,
Except for that dirty old Gargamel.

Gatesy: Now the only inbalance I see in Smurf-Land,
Is there's only one female from west to the east.
Gatesy: - Lady Smurf.
Gatesy: Everyone's had her, except Papa Smurf,
Tripod: 'Cause he's training to be a Catholic Priest.

But Lady Smurf has decided to charge.
She's so in demand that she's charging a fee,
She's so busy fuckin', there's no time for me.

Scod: Now I buff the floors of Smurf-Land, you see,
And they never made a figurine out of me.
I'm just Floor Buffer Smurf, I'm no-one in her eyes,
So she's been hanging out with the...
Tripod: ... popular guys.

Gatesy: And there's so many smurfs that they sell at BP,
She loves all the others, so why not me?
There's King Smurf and Skate Smurf and Massive Cock Smurf.
Gatesy: But strangely they never made a figure out of that one but I can understand why she would hang out with him...
Scod: Yeah...

Tripod: But Lady Smurf has decided to charge.
She's so in demand that she's charging a fee,
She's so busy smurfin', there's no time for me.

Gatesy: 'Scuse me, how much for a smurf job?
Scod: (High-pitched) That'll be eight smurfs. Do you want me to smurf you, while I smurf you?
Gatesy: Actually, no, I just want you to smurf me off.

Scod: Well, my name finally made it to the top of her list,
But I was out buffin' some floors that day.
My house-mate's name matched with the one in her book,
So she went to smurf him...
Tripod: ... but he was gay!

Scod: Shaggy!
Gatesy: Shaggy!

Yon: (Shaggy) But Lady Smurf has decided to charge,
She's so in demand that she's charging a fee,
She's so busy shaggin'...
Gatesy and Scod: ... there's no time for me!

Yon: (Shaggy) Woh, woh, woh...

Gatesy: Goodnight! Thanks so much!
Scod: Thank you!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

and not a murdered diplomat in sight

From: InfraPay
Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 1:41 AM
Subject: You've received money

You've just been sent money with Infra-Pay!
Amount: $1495.00
Memo: First part payment

To accept this payment, please go to and enter your
claim code: @@@@@@@@@@@

If you do not wish to accept this payment, simply ignore this message and it
will automatically be canceled in 72 hours. You will also get a reminder to
claim your cash within the next 48 hours if you do not claim it now. is a new Internet payment system based on the newest payment
processing technologies. You will have the following options to withdraw your

- Direct credit to your bank account in Australia, New Zealand or the
USA (usually takes 2 to 3 business days)
- Order a cheque (incurs a $2.50 fee)
- Order a free debit card (ATM withdrawal fees apply)
- E-mail money to someone else

To accept this payment, please go to and enter your
claim code on the front page. Your claim code is @@@@@@@@@@@

(c) 2005 All rights reserved.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

the wisdom of a (almost) 4 year old

you shouldn't drink volcanos

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

im as cool as ms fits!

according to the fabulous 'reasons you will hate me', the funnest thing to do at the moment is to find your hobbit name

therefore, i chall now be known as Azaelia Sandybanks. you can now refer to personwhosnameimustnevermention as Wilibald Brandybuck of Buckland, and x and e are Wilcomb and Mungo.
should we choose to be elves, we would be Larien Nénharma, Aranel of Dorthonion, Ecthelion of Dorthonion and Celebrimbor of Dorthonion.

thankyou very much

please go now and bid on the pussy pear

Monday, May 02, 2005

i'll be crying for you

But I'll save my dreams till I get old
I might need them some day
And I stay awake till the morning comes
I won't be waiting for them today, no
I'll be cryin' for you
I'll be cryin' for you
It's all very beautiful and quite sad
How I keep talking about you
It seems I could lose all I ever had
Except for my thoughts about me and you
I guess it's true what my sister said
When it's all fine it is just a bore
Well she needs an extra smoke
to help her through the day
It's her problem here is what I do
I'll be cryin'
Now I wouldn't mind being on your knee
But you said no and it's fine with me baby
I'm not taking chances oh no not me
This is the way it'll have to be
I guess it's true what my sister said
Not giving up though I said I would
Cause there's really only one thing I know how to do
You know now here is what I do
I'll be cryin'
But I'll save my dreams till I get old
I might need them some day
And I stay awake till the morning comes
I won't be waiting for them today

stina nordenstam

bye drunken post!
hello hot or not score of 7.9!
today is the first day of my new life

well, not exactly. but i have just returned from droping x off at school AND dropping e off for his first session of kindy. i know have till 11:30 to do whatever i like, and i happen to have chosen spending it with you, my adoring public :P

ok, had my toast, got my socks on, my cuppa is all set.

on saturday i had a little jam session with simon. i sang my latest song to him and he seemed to like it. thats because i am so cute and sexy and seriously, what is there not to like? oh! my singing, right....well he said that was ok too. it'd be goo dto get some music to it and maybe i'll put it up here if i can.

we had a drink afterwards at the kasbah and he got a fresh apple juice which actually tasted like apple. and it was a minty kind of green colour, not piss yellow. yummo. apple, not're all disgusting

the velveteen habit gig was good. they didnt get to play in the bunka for some reason but they still rocked out. apart from the fact that i was the ONLY ONE DANCING until josh got there half way through their last song. yeah, thanks for that.
as i mentioned in my last post, alison was mighty drunk. as was i. yes. fun was had.

we'd come straight from brett and kristins engagement party which had a cocktail bar. yeah. oooh yeah. i had...i dunno, something blue...a grasshopper which was not all that nice, 2 pineapple cruisers and an orgasm. that the sexual kind. sheesh, i was in public you know. alison managed to spill two drinks on me. i managed to not speak to my dad for the entire night, i am so sneaky. i even stood there drunk as speaking to my nanna and poppa with him next to them and i still didnt say a word. but hey, neither did he. must run in the family.

alison and i stole 7 vodka cruisers from the party and somehow made it back to my place alive. i wasnt driving. dont be mad at me. then i dropped two of them in my mums front yard. you can be mad at me for that, that was totally my fault.

so we're on our way. me, aaron and alison. we made aaron drive. and on the way i get to hear the sad/sweet news that aarons girlfriend is the only person he's had sex with and thats the way he wants it to stay. kinda feel bad for him that he wont be able to experience other people, but then, its nice that he's found someone that he feels like that with already. that said, he is only 19.

alison spent the majority of the night exclaiming that she was now single and had no need for relationships. she just wanted some hot guys, to kiss and then say goodbye too
'they might want sex, but they've got another thing coming'
'yeah? what have they got coming?'
*puzzled look*'um..nothing!' insert hysterical laughter here

australias pizza house makes the best pizzas

'i'll have one large pizza with everything on it. except anchovies. and one large pizza with my all time favourite topping, anchovies'

we dropped people off and went our seperate ways and the next morning i woke up at around half past ten to an empty house. man it was nice. i lazed around in bed all day reading magazines and drinking tea, having naps and then getting up to go online for a little while. lovely

Sunday, May 01, 2005

after last night, i have realised that

hanging around with a horny 19 year old girl who announces every five minutes that she 'doesnt want a relationship, she just wants a guy' is probably not the best place for me to be. trying to fix the mess that invariably ensues after she walks through a group of people and says 'get out of my way' and sticks her head between two guys with their arms around each other for just enough time to say 'are you gay?' and then walk away without knowing the answer...its not all that fun, especially when you are quite drunk yourself

velveteen habit was good tho

misy, were you there? matt looked pretty hot...