Monday, May 02, 2005

today is the first day of my new life

well, not exactly. but i have just returned from droping x off at school AND dropping e off for his first session of kindy. i know have till 11:30 to do whatever i like, and i happen to have chosen spending it with you, my adoring public :P

ok, had my toast, got my socks on, my cuppa is all set.

on saturday i had a little jam session with simon. i sang my latest song to him and he seemed to like it. thats because i am so cute and sexy and seriously, what is there not to like? oh! my singing, right....well he said that was ok too. it'd be goo dto get some music to it and maybe i'll put it up here if i can.

we had a drink afterwards at the kasbah and he got a fresh apple juice which actually tasted like apple. and it was a minty kind of green colour, not piss yellow. yummo. apple, not're all disgusting

the velveteen habit gig was good. they didnt get to play in the bunka for some reason but they still rocked out. apart from the fact that i was the ONLY ONE DANCING until josh got there half way through their last song. yeah, thanks for that.
as i mentioned in my last post, alison was mighty drunk. as was i. yes. fun was had.

we'd come straight from brett and kristins engagement party which had a cocktail bar. yeah. oooh yeah. i had...i dunno, something blue...a grasshopper which was not all that nice, 2 pineapple cruisers and an orgasm. that the sexual kind. sheesh, i was in public you know. alison managed to spill two drinks on me. i managed to not speak to my dad for the entire night, i am so sneaky. i even stood there drunk as speaking to my nanna and poppa with him next to them and i still didnt say a word. but hey, neither did he. must run in the family.

alison and i stole 7 vodka cruisers from the party and somehow made it back to my place alive. i wasnt driving. dont be mad at me. then i dropped two of them in my mums front yard. you can be mad at me for that, that was totally my fault.

so we're on our way. me, aaron and alison. we made aaron drive. and on the way i get to hear the sad/sweet news that aarons girlfriend is the only person he's had sex with and thats the way he wants it to stay. kinda feel bad for him that he wont be able to experience other people, but then, its nice that he's found someone that he feels like that with already. that said, he is only 19.

alison spent the majority of the night exclaiming that she was now single and had no need for relationships. she just wanted some hot guys, to kiss and then say goodbye too
'they might want sex, but they've got another thing coming'
'yeah? what have they got coming?'
*puzzled look*'um..nothing!' insert hysterical laughter here

australias pizza house makes the best pizzas

'i'll have one large pizza with everything on it. except anchovies. and one large pizza with my all time favourite topping, anchovies'

we dropped people off and went our seperate ways and the next morning i woke up at around half past ten to an empty house. man it was nice. i lazed around in bed all day reading magazines and drinking tea, having naps and then getting up to go online for a little while. lovely

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