Wednesday, May 25, 2005


i suppose i should do an actual update and stop posting song lyrics...


last night was opening night of equus. DID NOT SEE ONE OF YOU THERE.



axcuses? reasons? anyone? anyone? bueller?

i got my pants off and everything, sheesh!


it went pretty well. we were all a little nervous and missed lines a bit. april was shaking so hard at one point her skirt was wriggling. as i was laying on the stage in my semi naked glory i looked down at my torso and a bright red blush had crept all the way down to between my boobs. i can just imagine what my face looked like. apparently i didnt look red on stage, the lights would have evened me out.
so im off to the theatre in a couple of hours for the next performance. hope to see you there.

after the holidays i'll be working at noarlunga for two days then im off the the hub for 6 months. in that time i'll be applying for other library jobs too. who knows where i'll end up.

eli's birthday was great. he loved his star wars ship, his 3D dinosaur book and his glow in the dark care bear. once i get some new batteries i'll post some photos

i just opened an email that was marked as suspected spam, but the subject was the name of a play i saw and i thought it was to do with it.

it wasnt

please, let me share it with you...

Hello, Pharmacmost unruffled disregard of himself. His long bamboo cane wasyByMail SHOP Welcomes note in his voice promised for Don Diego Valdez something far moreyou!

Our now who was on her defence, her voice quivering with great offer:
VlADon Diego mounted the ladder and stepped upon the deck, alone, andGRA a day of some surprises.ClALlS VALThat he should ever meet her again had not entered his calculations,lUM LEVlthe other four ships of the fleet that is awaiting me there, tellingTRA and ma"What do you intend by me?" the Spaniard enquired at last, his voiceny other

for"I am here to tell you, Don Pedro, that if you will hold your hand VERY REASONABLE PRlCES.

With each psaid some hard things to the Admiral. But they were not as hard asurchase you get:

# Top "Which argues that, even at this disadvantage as he has us, thequaIity
# Homeat last, and was venting his fury in unprintable abuse. Captain deIivery
# Total confidentiaIEasily, but for the favour of Fortune, he might have been one ofity

Just try us and youand served to nourish the contempt he was forming for King James. will not be disappointed!

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