Thursday, July 31, 2003

i bought some new books and i got a list of australia's 100 favourite books of all time as voted by the public. there are some really good books there, some that i have read, some that i havent but have heard how good they are. but their presence on this list is...i dunno, theres something about it that disturbs me.
number 1 is the lord of the rings, which i have read and enjoyed quite a lot, but i wonder if it would be number 1 if the movies hadnt come out in the recent past. same as numbers 2, 3, 4 and 5. harry potter, harry potter, harry potter and harry potter. i havent read any harry potters, but i'd like to. i've heard they're really quite good, but i dont know if i believe that they make up 4/5 of the top 5 books of all time.
i guess these lists will always be a bit biased towards the popular books at the time. and i suppose i should be glad that there are so many younger readers books near the top of the list. get reading, kids! dont play outside in the sunshine! lock yourselves in your rooms and disappear between the pages. become pale and ghostly with wide eyes. its the best way to be.

1 The Lord of the Rings Tolkien J R R
2 Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Rowling J K
3 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Rowling J K
4 Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone Rowling J K
5 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling J K
6 The Power of One Courtenay Bryce
7 The Hobbit Tolkien J R R
8 Pride & Prejudice Austen Jane
9 The Bible
10 Gone With The Wind Mitchell Margaret
11 A Fortunate Life Facey A B
12 To Kill A Mockingbird Lee Harper
13 Angela's Ashes McCourt Frank
14 The Thorn Birds McCullough Colleen
15 Dirt Music Winton Tim
16 Memoirs Of A Geisha Golden Arthur
17 Potato Factory Courtenay Bryce
18 Magician Feist Raymond
19 April Fool's Day Courtenay Bryce
20 Cloudstreet Winton Tim
21 Anne Of Green Gables Montgomery L M
22 Looking for Alibrandi Marchetta Melina
23 Jessica Courtenay Bryce
24 Tomorrow, When The War Began Marsden John
25 Chocolat Harris Joanne
26 True History Of the Kelly Gang Carey Peter
27 From Strength To Strength Henderson Sara
28 Narnia Chronicles Lewis C S
29 Matthew Flinders' Cat Courtenay Bryce
30 Clan of the Cave Bear Auel Jean
31 River God Smith Wilbur
32 Rich Dad, Poor Dad Kiyosaki Robert
33 Wuthering Heights Bronte Emily
34 Four Fires Courtenay Bryce
35 Wild Swans Chang Jung
36 Cross Stitch Gabaldon Diana
37 Bridget Jones Diary Fielding Helen
38 Jane Eyre Bronte Charlotte
39 Shipping News Proulx Annie
40 Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy Adams Douglas
41 Little Women Alcott Louisa May
42 The Stand King Stephen
43 Gallipoli Carlyon Les
44 Stupid White Men Moore Michael
45 Tully Simons Paullina
46 The Shell Seekers Pilcher Rosamund
47 Pillars of the Earth Follett Ken
48 Ice Station Reilly Matthew
49 The Alchemist Coelho Paulo
50 You Can Heal Your Life Hay Louise
51 Kane & Abel Archer Jeffrey
52 Dune Herbert Frank
53 The Horse Whisperer Evans Nicholas
54 Wind In The Willows Grahame Kenneth
55 Forbidden Love Khouri Norma
56 Flowers in The Attic Andrews V C
57 Crossing Over Edward John
58 Poisonwood Bible Kingsolver Barbara
59 Bourne Identity Ludlum Robert
60 Catch 22 Heller Joseph
61 IT King Stephen
62 Monsoon Smith Wilbur
63 Almost French Turnbull Sarah
64 Lovely Bones Sebold Alice
65 Life Strategies McGraw Phil
66 Mists Of Avalon Bradley Marion
67 Winnie The Pooh Milne A A
68 Deltora Quest Bk 1 Rodda Emily
69 Rebecca Du Maurier Daphne
70 Great Expectations Dickens Charles
71 Celestine Prophecy Redfield James
72 Saddle Club (assorted titles available in this series) Bryant Bonnie
73 The Firm Grisham John
74 The Catcher in the Rye Salinger J D
75 Life of PI Martel Yann
76 The God Of Small Things Roy Arundhati
77 The Bone Collector Deaver Jeffery
78 War and Peace Tolstoy Leo
79 Kiss The Girls Patterson James
80 Tara Road Binchy Maeve
81 A Suitable Boy Seth Vikram
82 The Seventh Scroll Smith Wilbur
83 Men Are From Mars,Women Are From Venus Gray John
84 Artemis Fowl Colfer Eoin
85 The Eye of the World Jordan Robert
86 For The Term Of His Natural Life Clarke Marcus
87 The Green Mile King Stephen
88 Captain Corelli's Mandolin de Bernieres Louis
89 Magic Faraway Tree Blyton Enid
90 Just Disgusting Griffiths Andy
91 Conversations with God & Meditations From Conversations With God Walsch Niel Diamond
92 Circle of Friends Binchy Maeve
93 Emma Austen Jane
94 Tandia Courtenay Bryce
95 The Summons Grisham John
96 A Child called it Pelzer Dave
97 Along Came A Spider Patterson James
98 Perfume Suskind Patrick
99 My Place Morgan Sally
100 The Hours Cunningham Michael

bold - what i have read
italic - what i'd like to read

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

and i dont care what she thinks this is, its clearly a large, extremely pale persons bumhole
im gonna keep playing this until i win

Friday, July 25, 2003

fa ree zing
im sure a few of you have seen the 'rate my blog' thing over there. i have a few questions. 6 people clicked that they hate my blog. now, thats fine. as you are probably aware, i am totally ok with everyone having their own opinions, i encourage it. i know that a few of those were possibly me, clicking the red part instead of the question mark when i had the crappiest mouse in the world*, but what about the rest of you?
let me know what you hate about it, that is, if you ever came here again, and i'll see what i can do about it for you. i'm here to serve! wait a minute, no i m not....for a second there i thought i was back in gor chat cleaning out the dance pit and making drinks in minscule detail, making sure im reaching up high so my skirt rides up and also ensuring im smiling at all time, showing the Masters and Mistresses that i am a good happy girl, willing to please......this goes for the people who said it was ok, and alright and good, and those people who said they loved it by accident.

*i now have a magic laser mouse with a red light in it and a crolly thing, it rocks!
nice people and nasty people

last night while shopping at goodwill i found a punky brewster doll and a cabbage patch kids dress. i thought, cool! a dress for me and a doll for ebay. so i walked around the store to see if there was anything else i might like and in the course of my shopping i put the dress on the doll. this, unbeknownst to me, was the completely wrong thing to do. now remember that this is a goodwill store, a charity store, a store to help the public in need with good will
i took my goods up to the counter
'how much for these two? neither of them have a price on them'
'do you remember how much that doll was? $10? $10'
'$10 for the doll?'
'i'll just take the dress then'
'we dont seperate things'
'but i put the dress on the doll'
'no, thats how it came from the warehouse'
' put the dress on the doll'
'we dont seperate things, thats how it came from the warehouse'
'this is a punky brewster doll, this is a cabbage patch kids dress, they dont go together, it doesnt even fit her properly. i put the dress on the doll'
snatching the doll away form me and putting it behind the desk
'you cant have the dress'
'you are terribly nasty'
so then i went outside and matt asked me what was wrong and i just started crying. i dont know why, it was stupid to cry, but i did. matt went back in there and tried to work things out but she wouldnt budge.
we sat in the car and ate our tea and i was still crying. and then the other lady who worked there came out and knocked on my window. she said she'd open up the store again and give me the dress. matt went into the store with her, and she told him that she had gotten in her car and started to drive home, but she felt awful so she turned around and came back. she was going to give me the dress but matt said we'd pay for it. but then, she cant find it. doll is there, but no dress.
she'd hidden it
but the lady took my name and number and caled me this morning to tell me that the dress had been found and that it was waiting for me at the desk.

some people are nasty, and some people are nice

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

anyone who doesnt care about big brother, please avert your eyes now

reggie won big brother!!!!

woohoo. it was so funny. gretel said to her, 'so youve won big brother, that means you get....' and reggies face is getting all excited ' $250,000!' and her face fell, and she said, 'i thought you were going to say i won a playstation' a,d gretel says, 'you did win a playstation too,' and then reggie started bouncing around all happy
funny girl

go reggie, the richest fish and chipper in tassie

Sunday, July 20, 2003


i just typed stuff, and it disappeared

also, what the fuck?

i accepted a webcam thingo from some guy by accident, and i get a close up of his dick. nice. so...classy

abbey_carly (9:51:34 PM): i really dont appreciate accepting a chat and having to look at your dick
krull_the_king (9:51:45 PM): :(
abbey_carly (9:51:54 PM): it was very unnatractive and i really never ever desire to see it again
abbey_carly (9:52:48 PM): i read your profile and it said you were single and looking, i can see why you are single, and if you are looking i suggest perhaps not subjecting people to a close up view of your penis
abbey_carly (9:52:59 PM): please dont talk to me again
krull_the_king (9:53:05 PM): ok

Friday, July 18, 2003

right now i could be in the lounge, all nice and snuggly warm, pretending im 15 again, and orgasming like i never have before over edward furlong. instead, im in the kitchen getting all chilly, hanging with matt while he paints. i am a nice girl, so selfless.

at 15 i'd never masturbated. everytime i even had an itch remotely close to my nether regions, i'd get that scratching over quick smart and try not to think about the fact that my fingers may have brushed somewhere naughty. i'm not totally sure why this is. it's not like i was brought up in an ultra religious family where it was beaten into me that touching myself was a bad thing. on the other hand its not like my mum encouraged it like playing a team sport or something, i just, for some reason, found it..naughty? bad? to be touching myself 'down there'. this was at 15. at 7 or 8 mind you, i was having fantasies about two boys running their fingers over my flat little chest at once. yeah, i ruled when i was 7. but somewhere between 7 and 15, something in my brain clicked that it was a bad thing for my finges to touch my vagina. as if everyone whould know the next morning that i had been doing something naughty the night before.
even after i had had sex, i still didnt do any touching. of myself and of the boy i was sexing, for that matter. actually, that hasnt changed much. i just wonder where it all came from.
what was i going to talk about? oh yeah, masturbation. i think the first time i did it was with matt. i didnt cum. i had this little bullet shaped vibrator thing, and it was cool and everything, but it didnt work. i think it was mostly due to the fact that i was embarrassed and felt like i shouldnt be enjoying it, so my body, in turn, switches off and doesnt work to its full potential.
sean and holly sent me a lovely little vibrator caled a pocket rocket. to all girls..and guys i spose..who've never cum through masturbation, i cant sing the praises of this machine highly enough. i got my pocket rocket when i was 23. i started having sex at 15. 8 years of sexual stuff happening to me, and none of it coming from my own two hands.
there are people that i know who wank quite a bit. like, more than once a day. they wank, they cum, they clean themselves up and get on with their day. i cant even fathom this. i remember the first time i did cum with the pocket rocket, i rang matt and i was all giggly and stupid like this little girl who'd just eaten a kilo of lollies or something. i was still embarressed and weirded out by it, but i did it anyway, and quite often.
and now im back to thinking that its a bad thing. the whole idea makes me frown and worry. it would be fun to be 7 again, and have no inhibitions. to fantasise about those two boys, and maybe let my fingers do the walking down below and make myself cum, and not feel like a terrible person afterwards. wanking shouldnt make you feel like a bad bad girl, and even if people could tell that you'd done it, they wouldnt look at you is if you were naughty....naughty in a good way maybe, but not like you are disgusting.

my head needs to stop thinking and start fantasising

Monday, July 14, 2003

mmmmmmmm, baklava
i am having the weirdest dreams lately. little tahnee jade, im sure she's a beautiful little princess of a baby...well, in my dream last night she was two tiny doll sized babies, about the size of my hand. and then, i was swimming with the people from big brother, and gaz and woz, the gay guys from the block. what is my subconscious thinking?

Friday, July 11, 2003

You know...there's times that one of those Men-in-Black Neuralizers would be SOOOO useful.

"Adrian, if I told you you were a hopeless idiot, and should give up your life goal of being a male model because you don't have a hope, would you take it badly? Yes? OK... just look here for a moment..."


"Matilda, if I told you I'd had a crush on you since commencement camp, would that be bad news? Yes? Righto. Hey...just look over here for a moment would you..."


"Marcus? Hold still."
"I've wanted to do that for months. Now, if you'll just look here..."



Thursday, July 10, 2003

i like to know what kind of people read my blog, so i have a tracker thingo down the bottom that lets me know how people got here. apparently, i had been mentioned on a blog called volumes of pointless knowledge. i encourage you to check it out, it'll give you about 30 seconds of reading to do. well, ivan from volumes of pointless knowledge decided to review my blog. im not totally sure why, but, here is what he wrote

Class Project 1:
Blog Reviews

Yes, blog reviews, it doesn’t get more exciting than this kids. The reviews are in, after spending no more than a few minutes scrolling through the seemingly endless hoards of random “blogs”, I have picked two unreservedly “fascinating” “blogs” to rip apart and make fun of, I mean “objectively review”. So, in the spirit of Siskel and Ebert, still reeking of buttery goodness, lets begin !

Blog 1:

observations from a small room in a small house

This little gem of a blog, created by a fellow user, is a prime example of how truly disturbing these “blog” things can be. Endless pages of random thoughts and strange commentary spew forth like a algae covered fountain from a girl obsessed with fairies, boys, new years resolutions and Tupperware. There’s no information about the writer, no description, nothing, just random “journal-like” entries of what I would guess to be a teenage girl with too much time on her hands. This affirms my beliefs that these “blogs” are the next form of hopeless expression, slowing climbing the ranks of those “reality TV shows”. As this “blog” strongly points out, the reality of most is better left unsaid.

now, i have never been one to bag people for their opinions. i respect that people have different views on things than i do, but i would like a chance to make things up to ivan. i feel sorry that he had to sit through my strange commentary spewing everywhere, so this teenage girl with too much time is going to endeavour to make it all better

like, all about me!!!!! :p

name : carly, but you can call me carls, or whatever, just like, dont call me when i'm sleeping or i'm like, way grouchy :p
age : 25, can you believe it! i mean, 25, no way!
where do i live : adelaide, south australia. in oz with the kangaroos mate :p
what do i do with all this time on my hands : look after my, like, 2 kids and do all this, like, mum stuff. i know, like boring, but i've been thinking of selling them...kidding! oh my god! did you totally, like, think i could sell my own kids! :p i was only joking, lol lol lol
what is the coolest way to type : totally, like the coolest way to talk is how those really cool computer people talk, like hackers and stuff, and they use like numbers and symbols instead of letters, thats like, so totally cool
why is my blog full of journal like entries : why the fuck not. ooops :p

should you require any more information, just ask

happy birthday sean!!!!

just cos i wasnt around when it happened, so i though tid make a big deal of it now :)
hope you had a good day

Wednesday, July 09, 2003


well, im here, i'm in front of this rather large piece of computerishness that apparently holds all my old stuff but i cant seem to find any of it. computers....

so, what happened, i hear you ask. well, i was sitting there, chatting away with sean as is my want most of the time im online, and what should happen but my chat screen disappears to be replaced by blackness. a dark, scary looking square and absolutely no sound. nothing. no bang, no whimper, no smoke or flames, just nothing. upon speaking to computer guy (read sean), he decides that the power supply had gone. *sigh* yep so i thought that it would be a good idea to just get a whole new computer, since you've read recently that my old computer was just a big pile of crap. so now i have this huge screen, 40 gig hard drive and 256 MB of RAM. dont ask me anything else cos they are the only numbers i can remember. all i know so far is that i cant find anything and i had to download mirc and they'd better not make me pay for it or there'll be trouble, trouble i tells ya! i'm shaking my fist now, can you tell?

in other news, i auditioned for a musical and i got in. rehearsals start on thursday night. we're doing 'the boyfriend' and its a 1920's musical, so hopefully i'll be doing a lot of charlstoning. im only in the chorus, but its better than nothing.

personwhosnameimustnevermention and the band, anatone, are recording a full length album at big sound studios up in the hills. x and i went up there on monday and it sounds really good. it's not finished yet but it shouldnt be too far off. personwhosnameimustnevermention, x and i went to look at some horses and x slipped through the gate. all of a sudden, personwhosnameimustnevermentions practically throwing him back over. i didnt see it, but apparently he was only about a foot away from a red bellied black snake. nice. exactly where i like to see my son.
he bought a new bass, a 1976? i tink? fender jazz. he loves it. when he got it home he laid on the floor with it and snugled. he told me not to tell anyone...oops

my car is fixed, so at least theres that. $600 and about 2 weeks got that fixed. another computer problem. why we couldnt have just spent that money on fixing my old green car, i'll never know. i miss my car.

i went to see jak at the supermild last week, i think. it was really cool, im gonna get his album if i can find it. stupid girl was there, cant think of her name right now. she gave me a dirty look, of course, and i smiled. heehee

thats about all, i think. nothing much exciting has happened.

if anythng exciting has happened to you, let me know

its nice to be back

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

technology? bring it on!

yeah! im back and i have a shiny new piece of equiptment at my fingertips.
updates will follow, but for now i'm gonna go and check up on what you've all been doing while i've been away