Thursday, July 10, 2003

i like to know what kind of people read my blog, so i have a tracker thingo down the bottom that lets me know how people got here. apparently, i had been mentioned on a blog called volumes of pointless knowledge. i encourage you to check it out, it'll give you about 30 seconds of reading to do. well, ivan from volumes of pointless knowledge decided to review my blog. im not totally sure why, but, here is what he wrote

Class Project 1:
Blog Reviews

Yes, blog reviews, it doesn’t get more exciting than this kids. The reviews are in, after spending no more than a few minutes scrolling through the seemingly endless hoards of random “blogs”, I have picked two unreservedly “fascinating” “blogs” to rip apart and make fun of, I mean “objectively review”. So, in the spirit of Siskel and Ebert, still reeking of buttery goodness, lets begin !

Blog 1:

observations from a small room in a small house

This little gem of a blog, created by a fellow user, is a prime example of how truly disturbing these “blog” things can be. Endless pages of random thoughts and strange commentary spew forth like a algae covered fountain from a girl obsessed with fairies, boys, new years resolutions and Tupperware. There’s no information about the writer, no description, nothing, just random “journal-like” entries of what I would guess to be a teenage girl with too much time on her hands. This affirms my beliefs that these “blogs” are the next form of hopeless expression, slowing climbing the ranks of those “reality TV shows”. As this “blog” strongly points out, the reality of most is better left unsaid.

now, i have never been one to bag people for their opinions. i respect that people have different views on things than i do, but i would like a chance to make things up to ivan. i feel sorry that he had to sit through my strange commentary spewing everywhere, so this teenage girl with too much time is going to endeavour to make it all better

like, all about me!!!!! :p

name : carly, but you can call me carls, or whatever, just like, dont call me when i'm sleeping or i'm like, way grouchy :p
age : 25, can you believe it! i mean, 25, no way!
where do i live : adelaide, south australia. in oz with the kangaroos mate :p
what do i do with all this time on my hands : look after my, like, 2 kids and do all this, like, mum stuff. i know, like boring, but i've been thinking of selling them...kidding! oh my god! did you totally, like, think i could sell my own kids! :p i was only joking, lol lol lol
what is the coolest way to type : totally, like the coolest way to talk is how those really cool computer people talk, like hackers and stuff, and they use like numbers and symbols instead of letters, thats like, so totally cool
why is my blog full of journal like entries : why the fuck not. ooops :p

should you require any more information, just ask

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