Wednesday, July 09, 2003


well, im here, i'm in front of this rather large piece of computerishness that apparently holds all my old stuff but i cant seem to find any of it. computers....

so, what happened, i hear you ask. well, i was sitting there, chatting away with sean as is my want most of the time im online, and what should happen but my chat screen disappears to be replaced by blackness. a dark, scary looking square and absolutely no sound. nothing. no bang, no whimper, no smoke or flames, just nothing. upon speaking to computer guy (read sean), he decides that the power supply had gone. *sigh* yep so i thought that it would be a good idea to just get a whole new computer, since you've read recently that my old computer was just a big pile of crap. so now i have this huge screen, 40 gig hard drive and 256 MB of RAM. dont ask me anything else cos they are the only numbers i can remember. all i know so far is that i cant find anything and i had to download mirc and they'd better not make me pay for it or there'll be trouble, trouble i tells ya! i'm shaking my fist now, can you tell?

in other news, i auditioned for a musical and i got in. rehearsals start on thursday night. we're doing 'the boyfriend' and its a 1920's musical, so hopefully i'll be doing a lot of charlstoning. im only in the chorus, but its better than nothing.

personwhosnameimustnevermention and the band, anatone, are recording a full length album at big sound studios up in the hills. x and i went up there on monday and it sounds really good. it's not finished yet but it shouldnt be too far off. personwhosnameimustnevermention, x and i went to look at some horses and x slipped through the gate. all of a sudden, personwhosnameimustnevermentions practically throwing him back over. i didnt see it, but apparently he was only about a foot away from a red bellied black snake. nice. exactly where i like to see my son.
he bought a new bass, a 1976? i tink? fender jazz. he loves it. when he got it home he laid on the floor with it and snugled. he told me not to tell anyone...oops

my car is fixed, so at least theres that. $600 and about 2 weeks got that fixed. another computer problem. why we couldnt have just spent that money on fixing my old green car, i'll never know. i miss my car.

i went to see jak at the supermild last week, i think. it was really cool, im gonna get his album if i can find it. stupid girl was there, cant think of her name right now. she gave me a dirty look, of course, and i smiled. heehee

thats about all, i think. nothing much exciting has happened.

if anythng exciting has happened to you, let me know

its nice to be back

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