Friday, July 25, 2003

im sure a few of you have seen the 'rate my blog' thing over there. i have a few questions. 6 people clicked that they hate my blog. now, thats fine. as you are probably aware, i am totally ok with everyone having their own opinions, i encourage it. i know that a few of those were possibly me, clicking the red part instead of the question mark when i had the crappiest mouse in the world*, but what about the rest of you?
let me know what you hate about it, that is, if you ever came here again, and i'll see what i can do about it for you. i'm here to serve! wait a minute, no i m not....for a second there i thought i was back in gor chat cleaning out the dance pit and making drinks in minscule detail, making sure im reaching up high so my skirt rides up and also ensuring im smiling at all time, showing the Masters and Mistresses that i am a good happy girl, willing to please......this goes for the people who said it was ok, and alright and good, and those people who said they loved it by accident.

*i now have a magic laser mouse with a red light in it and a crolly thing, it rocks!

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