Sunday, February 28, 2010

you know when you're at school, and you're suppposed to be listening to someone teach you about how many metres of wire the farmer needs to fence all his yards, and instead of paying attention, you're thinking 'im never going to be a farmer, when is this EVER going to be of any use to me', and you're doodling in the margins of your page, or inside the back cover of your maths book, and you happen to write your name a few times, probably in cursive, and then you draw some love hearts and then you rest your chin on your hand and stare off into the corner of the classroom where the boy sits who you think is just so amazingly dreamy, but he never notices you, because everytime he looks at you you look away, and you start writing his name in cursive near the hearts so that it says carly loves dave* and then HORROR OF HORRORS daves friends see it and they say 'carly loves dave!' and you get all embarrassed but somehow you make it through to the end of the day, except that you have to come back the next day and the next and the next and so on, and now everytime you happen to glance in daves direction, hes looking at you, or his friends notice and then they tease you and you feel really uncomfortable?

yeah, me too.

and if you'd like to witness that first hand, i suggest you come along to the format festival of song tonight

For the second year running, it's the FORMAT FESTIVAL OF SONG!


A celebration of not-terribly-popular music that is, with due self-deprecating irony, proud to call itself pop.


They've had their song featured in a feature film. They've won the South Australian leg of the National Campus Band Competition, and have thus played at Sea World. They've recorded their first EP, finally, and are set to unleash it upon the world within weeks. They're actually very bloody good.


Two-thirds of Hawks of Alba used to be called Running With Horses; before that, they used to play in punk bands. They went up to Scotland to see whether the grass was greener; and, what with the far greater rainfall, their suspicion proved true. Now they're back in our dry, arid land, they've picked up a new guitarist and within three months scored the Triple J sponsored slot on the 2010 Big Day Out. They too have an EP coming out very shortly, and they are unbearably awesome.


Well, the last two bands have serious achievements behind them. In contrast, it's a fairly solid achievement when all six members of Humble Bee even rehearse together. Still, I guess we've recorded an album, and some brilliant people seem to like it ( And hell, this whole Tweefest! idea was Carly's to begin with. In a long tradition of self-interested promoters, we've put ourselves on the bill.


Okay, so here's the thing. Two-thirds of of the The Keepsakes are now part of Adelaide up-and-comers 20th Century Graduates, and they're quite rightly about to take over the world. But Anthony Wignall - the other one - still writes brilliant songs. They're bloody fantastic. Charming, witty, melodic, engaging and totally dance-worthy. 'Shiny Green Shoes' makes my brain EXPLODE. LITERALLY.

where: format space, peel street, adelaide, off hindley, near the map shop
when: tonight, 9pm
cost: FREEEE
why: why the hello wouldnt you? its going to be amazing
*not his real name. probably should have used chris instead. ha. thats funny for possibly one of you