Friday, July 30, 2004

keeping you up to date

current favourite food: special k apple and cinnamon
current favourite show : out there
current favourite band : ross mclennan
current favourite dinner : potato bake
current extracurricular activity : reharsal for cuckoo's nest
reading : the marvelous land of oz
favourite recent purchase : new boots
where did i go today : school then playgroup
where am i going tonight : the stag to see the velveteen habit
weather : sunny with a breeze
looking forward to : the lucksmiths tonight
not looking forward to : my visit to the DPP

Thursday, July 29, 2004

i'm 26. it's not very often that i'll admit to that. generally i let people guess and they normally say around 21, 22. i had someone recently think i was 19. i think it's because i dont feel or act 26. in my head and in my heart im still around about 20, and at times as young as 6.
26 seems so grown up. did you know that kurt cobain was 27 when he died? 27. thats about 7 months away for me. i just cant....that doesnt sink into my head and land where it makes any sense whatsoever.

anyway, the whole purpose of this age thing is this.
everyday at 5 o'clock i turn into a 14 year old girl and sit on the lounge and bop along to the theme from out there. i absolutely love it. it's still in reruns at the moment, leading up to the new series which starts really soon, i think. oooh, there you go. 3rd of august. i love out there, and im seriously crushing on miller.ok, so in the show he's 14, but in real life he's 18 or something. i've had a thing for him since he was on all saints a couple of years ago.
im gonna find a way to audition for this show...just you wait

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Velveteen Habit.

Despite seeming to have just burst onto the scene, Velveteen Habit have actually been around for a while now under the moniker Anatone. They've just decided now's the time to push forward and make things happen and Tim Johnson, who covers vocal, guitar and keyboard duties for the band, is happy to explain the band's history.

"We're a bit of a mishmash of bands from the past," he admits. "Basically the three of us in the band are all related; there's the brothers Matt and Marc and then me who's their cousin. And the drummer was a friend of Matt's. Around a year ago we decided to get back into it and take things a bit more serious this time around. So we decided to get a whole new name, you know - get a fresh start and all of that."

Normally a band would probably play around the local Adelaide scene a bit, get some experience and try to forge a bit of fan base before they hit the studio. Even then, a band would probably only record an EP. But oh no, not Velveteen Habit: they've decided to jump into the deep end. "We got down to the nitty gritty and recorded an album. We figured we'd just put ourselves out there," he laughs. "At least if it doesn't work out we can look back and say 'we recorded a fourteen track album, and that's cool' ."

They've not just managed to put an independent release together, they've also made it sound amazingly professional and included some very catchy tunes. "Some of [the songs] we actually made up in the studio. We did the album in around three sessions, doing around five songs each time. And we found that each session was totally different. And as the sessions progressed, we found we'd developed a bit more of a catchy edge to the songs compared with what we had been writing. I think we were trying too hard [in Anatone] and thinking about it too much, so we kinda let go and everyone involved had a bit of input into it. So everyone was starting to get a bit more creative as time went on, involved with sounds and vocal styles. We're really happy how it came out.

"We come from pretty diverse backgrounds," explains Johnson. "I used to play in a band called Gilmore back in the day - during the first Triple J Un-Earthed competition - which was very short lived, whereas Matt came from a heavier sort of musical background. It's funny though, because we all listen to pretty different styles of music and we don't try to write a certain way, or a certain style at all. I know everyone says they don't want to fit into a certain style or genre of music, but really we just turn up to practice and someone might have an idea for a song or whatever. It's all a bit of a mix really, with a little bit of everything."

The band do, however, sound a lot like some of the better bands of the UK indie rock persuasion. Johnson admits they get that all the time. " I guess it's Marc's David Bowie thing, maybe... we all kind of grew up on that sort of thing - and some of the local bands, they've all had an influence on our sound. Subconsciously, though - we don't try to write like that."

But it's not only the music which morphs the band's various tastes and styles into one impressive whole - the artwork also blends their various tastes and personalities. "The stars on the front are actually made up of little gramophones, which we thought was cool. And a lot of the little things in the background of the art are things that are important to us."

The most perfect example of this is the swirly design you'll see wrapping around the band members' photos on the inner sleeve. Study them carefully and you just might recognise the logo of a certain popular iced coffee drink... "Although we might not want to admit we've plagiarised something on our cover," he laughs.

Ryan Smith

Velveteen Habit launch 'Portraits & Poetry' at the Jade Monkey on Thurs 5 Aug.

brown leather restraining belt/strap, enema bag, nurses uniforms

no, im not making a porno, you sickos.

as you may or may not already know, i am currently rehearsing for 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest'. we are in need of props, or to be more specific, donations of props as we are not a low budget theatre company, we are a no budget theatre company.

items needed are:

all white

magazine rack
8 seater table (wooden)
10 chairs (wooden)
rocking chair
tv cabinet with shelves on wheels


brown leather restraining strap/belt
surgical/medical tray
electrodes for shock therapy
teeth clamp for shock therapy
2 straight jackets
enema bag
cervical collar
nurses watch


games/jigsaw puzzles (empty boxes OK)
old fashioned keys
old electric face shaver
small tv (doesn't need to work)
toilet scrubbing brush with large scrubbing head
big broom with short handle
old mop and steel bucket
white blanket
wooden clip board
desk microphone (for loudspeaker)
steel torch
white painted metal bucket
reel to reel tape recorder
referees whistle
cuckoo clock
old clocks
old machine with switches
clock workings


2 white nurses uniforms (one to be ripped)
white doctor's coat
3 white orderlies uniforms
2 nurses hats
2 nurses capes
leather hat

if anyone can help out i/we would be eternally greatful. donations can be left at the noarlunga theatre care of OPUS, or contact me and i'll work something out.

thanks in advance

Monday, July 26, 2004

i'd buy that for a dollar

i need 290000 of you to send me $1. i promise if i get this house i will invite you all over for a party and you can even sleep over if you want
straight to the hell i dont believe in

according to kirk cameron, im going to hell. i've broken 9 of the 10 commandments. all of them if you count killing bugs. i think i deserve some sort or award for scoring so high, at least a certificate.

kirk asked me if i was a christian, and i clicked the big 'no' button. i had to answer whether i was guilty or innocent of following the commandments. i went back and clicked 'yes' just to see what happenned and the first thing little video kirk asks me is 'who do you know who isnt saved?' its like a big recruitment rally. i'm so glad im not in their club, they wear really bad pants.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

have you got the habit?

Out of the ashes of Anatone come Velveteen Habit, complete with a full-length, 14-track album ('Portraits & Poetry') all ready to be launched at the Jade Monkey on Thurs 5 Aug, with support from Andrew P Street and The Seeds Of Babylon.

db magazine issue #336 14th - 27th july 2004

they're also playing at the stag on the 30th of july. its an acoustic show and they'll be playing a humble bee cover. go me! yeha, and matt and marc too

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

there's nothing i find quite as satisfying as taking my bra off

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

the first day

xander's first day of school went realy well. he was excited, and got dressed and ate his breakfast like a good boy. we got there and went into his classroom, hooked his bag up underneath his name and had a look around.
his teacher is really nice and he knows a lot of the kids in the class. he was a bit worried when they had to line up for an assembly. all the kids form the other classrooms were walking outside at the same time and it was a bit much for him. he looked up at mat and said 'dad, i dont like this'. but when the assembly was finished, matt told him we had to go and he just said, 'ok!' and started to run off. we had to call him back to get a kiss and a cuddle.
today was much the same. mrs koehne rang the bell for them to sit down on the mat and he put his things away, hugged me, kissed me and sat down. no need for me to say, 'ok now xans, pop your stuff away, time to sit down'. nope, he knows it all already.
he was very pleased with himself yesterday, having learned basketball, and getting all the way across and almost all the way back across the monkey bars in one go.

last night he sang me a song before he went to bed. i cant remember how it went, but it was all about how he loves school and he's so excited, and 'i'm a big school boy now!'
yeah! go me!

Germany Egypt Pakistan Malaysia Netherlands Singapore India Malta

im so international

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Man, what a cock

this is why i cant stand commercial radio stations.

jay makes so many good points in that arguement discussion, but they're overshadowed, or at least attempted to be overshadowed by that wanker from austereo.

J: I know, you know what I care about? I care about the fact that there are bands like You Am I, good Australian bands, that are being dropped from their labels right now because, to make room for not only the Australian Idol winner - and I know we're not talking about Popstars right now and it doesn't affect you directly - we're not just talking about the Australian Idol winner, which is full fair enough, we're talking about six of the losers, that are now being signed to these major record companies for what? For these completely short term careers...

now i'll admit, frenzal rhomb are all dickheads, but the fact is that thats ok, because as well as being dickheads, they're intelligent and talented and fucking cool. they were the first australian 'punk' or whatever you want to call it, band that i got into and i've had some of the best moshes at their gigs.
frenzal rhomb are never going to be played on the austereo network, but thats ok, because they dont want to be.

right now im searching for pictures of these wankers and its literally making me wince and feel sick
one more thing

you're probably all sick of photos of my kids, but i need you to see these ones.

x asked personwhosnameimustnevermention to blow up a rubber glove so he could make a chicken. personwhosnameimustnevermention did so, and also drew a face on it to make it look more lifelike.

then x had an idea. 'give me the texta, i need to draw needs a drawing an drawing his bum......yep, im drawing his bum...see, here's his bum'

personwhosnameimustnevermention and i were laughing enough as it was listening to that. imagine us crying and falling to the floor when he showed us this


ha! i fooled you! its not really buzz, woody and harry potter, its x and e. you guys are so easy to fool
out of the mouths of babes

'mum, mickey rooney looks like a pig, do you know why? cos his nose looks like a snout'

do i need to remind you people that he's five? where did i get this kid? this child who when asked by me how he became so annoying and naughty, he answers 'i learned it from you'.

x starts school tomorrow. no doubt he'll learn more smart ass remarks and ridiculous ideas. above all, he'll learn absolutely everything there is to learn about every single thing that captures his imagination. the kid is a sponge.

so my little man is 5 and he's about to step out into the world on his own and be away from me in a learning institution for 6 hours. i'm so stoked. you cannot understand how over the holidays i am. i am so over the holidays. if the holidays were a hill, and you were looking at it from one side, i would be on the other side, having climbed over it. im pretty sure you get it now.
i was a little worried about him starting school. in the last week of kindy he started telling me how he wasnt excited about school anymore. he said he didnt like the white walls there. i've been to his school and i dont remember any white walls, but i'll get him to show me when we get there tomorrow. i've also promised to watch him play on the playground before he has to go into his class room. that's made him happier about going and now i reckon he might be ok.
i'll let you know how tomorrow goes.

Friday, July 16, 2004

before i say anything else
yay at blogger for putting al this specky formatting gear at the top of my posting thingo.  yay
ok, now, what i was really going to write about.
not happy joss
last night was the final episode of angel.  i had been warned not to expect much from a fellow blogger but i was still hopeful.
it started off really good.  witty reparte and things i went 'whoah' to.  in particular the death of that lady senator who was part of the black circle, that was fucking cool.  wesleys death was sad. i almost cried. i love amy acker (fred), and seeing herthat last time was just so cute.  poor wesley and fred.  i guess someone had to die.  lorne was a bit weird, but im glad that he shot lindsey. something about that guy that i didnt like.  and how 'wow, i never even considered that' was harmony? "He's not my boyfriend. I mean I certainly did not betray you." - Harmony demonstrating what a terrible liar she is.   that assistant guy, marcus is a fucker, yay angel for biting him."My blood is filled with their ancient power." - Marcus "Can you guess which word you shouldnt have said then?" - Angel
i dunno about the ending tho. yeah, there was a funny line, "I kind of want to slay the dragon. Let's go to work." - Angel's final words, but what happened? who won? who were they?
damn you WB for cancelling angel. 
lets recap on the good tv shows that are NOT on at the moment
six feet under
the l word
queer as folk
love is a four letter word
at least the abc put out there back on, even if it is repeats.
and now for some more lines from angel that tickled my fancy....(is that what you're calling it now, huh?)
"I'll make trophies of their spines." "Good to have you on the team." - Angel being pretty serious with Illyria.
"I want you Lindsey. I'm thinking about rephrasing that." - Angel going a little Anne Rice as the series comes to an end
"If the next words out of your mouth are kill Spike, we just might have to kiss." - Angel not entirely lying
thanks to peripheral visions for the lines
A Break In Weather
Anthony Atkinson
See this cold front we’re just about to face
She won’t even turn her cheek to sneak a taste
See this heat wave that’s been with us all weekI
t’s kept her in her place
I sense something in the season’s end
I sense she’s holding on for it
But we don’t need the rain, no
We just need the rainbows that are left behind
Her favourite weather man has just gone and let her down
He predicted a change that should have been here by now
She seeks shade whenever she goes out
And people look at her strange
Lets sit down and sit out this thing together
Lets hold on and hold out for a break in weather

Thursday, July 15, 2004

if people dont start being home during the day for me to chat to i might just have to go out and get a job

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

catching courage in a cup

next month i'm going into the city to see the director of public prosecutions. i have to sit there and go over my statement, make sure what i said was right, what they took down was right, see if there's anyone else who needs to be spoken to.

so i need your help. if anyone knows anything that i dont, i need you to help me.

information that you need is here

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

i cant believe keifer sutherland doesnt google his name. he would have found my blog if he did, and im sure he would have commented
ross mclennan

'my sympathies go out to john howard the actor, his nomenclature messed up under histories tractor'

Monday, July 12, 2004

I made the mistake of watching a few minutes of Oprah's Birthday Bash tonight, and the way everyone was blowing smoke up her arse, and her reaction to all the smoke being blown up her arse made me want to vomit. She truly is evil. If I was a guest on the Oprah show I'd unzip my pants and take a piss all over her.

my pet goat

i love this idea. its so cool. the above books are the ones i so subtle in my hinting, arent i :) i think the hot shot one is my absolute favourite, but they're all cool

check out the website and choose your favourites

Sunday, July 11, 2004

its like you never left me

i just downloaded spider solitaire from some website. aaah, i feel like im home. i probably should have remembered the site and linked to it from here out of courtesy but i didnt. what can you do, hey?

in other news, i am DISGUSTED with the reynella shoping centre for having a reindeer on there roof. a reindeer. do they realise its july? apparently not. do they realise its australia? apparently not. disgusted. i repeat, DISGUSTED.

so, what else sucks about my computer at the moment...well, the cdrom drive is fucked. it plays music cds, but not cdroms. i yelled at it but it didnt help.

i also require someone to massage my lower back continuously as i am in constant pain and am about to kill someone if it doesnt stop.

please buy my an emac. there is one in my lounge room presently and i want it.

the end, love carly

Friday, July 09, 2004


never realised, until today, just how much grover sounds like miss piggy

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

the end of my world

my computer has lost spider solitaire

tell it i hate it
things that have made me laugh out loud today

'yes im eating a shaushage!' -eli

'So we broke up, partly because of the windshield, partly because he had this other habit of being a homosexual.' -dooce

'"That's funny that THEY are putting a restraining order on ME," I said. "Because I wasn't the one going into THEIR lawn with shovels looking for burried treasure!"

"Actually," he said, looking at his bullshit paperwork, "it says here that's exactly what you did."
"Mister Zaruba," he started, "I'm not amused by your comments about stabbing people."

"And I'm not amused by your..." I got nothing. "...stupid haircut."' -what green tastes like

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

looky how clever i am

when my new blog is up and running and lookin all pretty and stuff, there will be a new section where you can shop. yes, shop. 'woohoo,' i hear you say, 'but what if i want to know what sort of things will be in your shop now??? i cant wait!! i have no patience!!'
and i would answer
'as my nanna used to say, 'patience is a virtue', but i will let you have a sneak preview'

dreaming in celebrity

what is it with me and celebrity guest appearances in my dreams?

last night it was kiefer sutherland

matt and i were walking around somewhere that i think was glenelg. we were looking for somewhere to go that wasnt dance music and we werent having much luck. as we were walking towards a pub, kiefer sutherland walked past me with his arm around a girl. he was wearing these pants that were made out of some weird material that changed colour from green to orange when he walked. i was trying to get my purse out of my pocket and it was stuck, and he was looking at me like i was weird. HE was looking at ME like I was weird. not the hypercolour pants wearing celebrity walking around with a whore in glenelg, south australia.

stupid kiefer

matt saw him and howled and said 'didnt he play a wolf in some movie?'
then we saw two boys driving around in datsun 180B's that they'd hand painted inside and out with red paint

the end

Monday, July 05, 2004


i went to high school with ryan fitzgerald. he's on big brother this year.

when i was about 14, when i was in year 10, i had a list of boys in the back of my diary. i'd add to this list whenever the mood took me. it was a list of guys i thought were hot. ryan was one of them.

i think back now about how he'd walk past me and i'd giggle and look away, mummbling how cute he was. now i see him talking to this monica chick every night and i cant help but yell at the tv for him to stop because i can just tell that she is going to rip his heart out.

from the big brother website

15:22: Last night, Ryan and Monica talked about their feelings for each other. Ryan said he wants to wait until they are out of the house before they consider pursuing a relationship.

Last night, some of the HMs stayed up until late, chatting and drinking in the kitchen. Around 2am Monica was feeling tired so Ryan offered to walk her to the bedroom. As they left the kitchen, Ryan kissed her hand and the pair walked arm in arm across the garden. When they reached the bedroom and saw that the lights were out, they stood outside the door for a long time with Monica saying that she didn't really want to go to bed. At Ryan's suggestion, they returned to the kitchen.

Later, they sat alone on the lounge and Ryan tried to set the record straight with Monica. He told her that they have a lot in common and he likes her but they will have to wait and see what happens once they leave the house. Ryan hugged her and told her: "I think you are an amazing chick, and you smell so fucking good." As their conversation came to an end, Ryan asked Monica: "Is this where we kiss, or walk away?"

The HMs eventually went to bed at around 3:30. Before going to sleep, Monica sat on Ryan's bed talking to him. Ryan hugged her and whispered in her ear: "I don't want you to get upset or know where I am coming from." He said he didn't want to pursue a relationship while they are still in the house, he explained that if they wait until they leave "it will make it all the more special". He added: "You don't understand how much I would love to do it right now." Ryan told her: "It is only a few weeks, we can wait that long. For our families and friends it will make it so much better." Then he added wistfully: "My kingdom for a kiss." Monica sighed: "Oh don't say that." Ryan then quoted her lyrics from their favourite song: "You are a tear that hangs inside my soul." At this, Monica ran back to her own bed.

i can see how she's falling for him but i cant trust her. theres something sinister about that girl that makes me want to pin her down, rip her mask off and wait for her to say 'and i would have gotten away with it to, if it werent for those pesky kids'

lyrics to lover, you should have come over

ryan, not long after he left school (second from the end)

Sunday, July 04, 2004


i need to add the russian federation, india, spain and 41 visits from ghana to my list of countries

i love it when new people read my blog and comment, and leave their web address so i have somewhere new to go.

Catching bees in our hands so they buzzed round like flies. Mistake once as I clap and she's caught where the heels meet: with the flare of the pain I slash open my hands, the sting pulsing in one and the bee on the grass, and the tears in my eyes as I realise I've killed her.

Never again.

And I've cried dry-eyed for all of my life. Yet wept wet for the innocent's loss of life-left.

It's not so much a Capturing, as a Sharing in your hand of a moment in your Eyes


Friday, July 02, 2004


sssh, its a secret. go over to seans blog and poke him 30 times. cos 30 is a funny number for him at the moment
another journey inside my head

my dreams are getting more and more complex. more and more like movies. more and more unlike my life. and i don't mean that in the way that in my life i wouldn't get the chance to have oral sex with ewan mcgregor, johnny depp or a sexy islander boy. i mean it in the way that even though unexpected things happen in my dreams, i don't feel useless and without power while im there.

im forgetting everything. paying bills, where i left my keys, xanders school visits. i feel like im slowly losing the frail grip on control that i had not long ago. seems like carly is switching off again.

my dream last night included riding an elephant through the sea. the water was up to my knees as i sat on its back and her trunk was swaying in the air as we paddled towards the shore. when we got there i was to feed her macadamia nuts. one for every kilometre traveled. i tried to only give her three as i knew that i wasn't supposed to ride her for that long, but in truth i owed her twenty or more. i also knew that by feeding her 20 macadamia nuts, she would be sick and everyone would know that i had been away longer than i should have.
i had to buy the nuts from a scary man that looked like faggin from oliver. he was mean and dobbed on people. i held more than enough nuts in my turned up t shirt and walked away towards the elephant keeping my eye on faggin. i fed her three, and then threw her a couple more, hoping that she would find them later.
then the bizarreness began. there were chases. someone was after someone and the chased them into the house of a mean police chief. he outsmarted the police chief and locked him inside his own house. there was a test. the answers were in alphabetical order, A through to G. there was a party for the end of school. massive. i was looking for jake, couldn't find him anywhere. i was hiding beneath mattresses and running from the people looking for the guy. 'i hid your bag behind the whorehouse, they'd never look for it there'. there was the pretty girl i had to look after. more elephants and a re-enactment of a bold and the beautiful scene that i got wrong and an argument between my aunty and the rest of my family about how she was never around...

perhaps my waking life is a little easier to understand. and if not, i'll just close my eyes and see where the dream takes me

Thursday, July 01, 2004

only in dreams

oooh, i should go listen to weezer, but first

in my dream last night, karlie and i were vying for the attentions of johnny depp/ewan mcgregor (poor dear couldnt make up his mind, kept switching). i was dancing with him a lot, i was winning. sucked in :)

also, i was on holidays with my mum and henk, and i was trying to call this islander guy who was like, so fucking hot it was unbelieveable, but eva carlsson kept getting in my way. wanting to take a bath in the front room where the phone was. and then i asked if i could use her phone in her room, (why she was staying in my mums holiday house is beyond me), and she sayd, 'oh, if you must, but dont get my sheets wet'. and im thinking, its only a phone call and you're the one in the bath, but hey, whatever.
then i called him and his mum didnt speak english, but i met up with him later on and he was still fucking hot. yep, dreams