Sunday, July 18, 2004

out of the mouths of babes

'mum, mickey rooney looks like a pig, do you know why? cos his nose looks like a snout'

do i need to remind you people that he's five? where did i get this kid? this child who when asked by me how he became so annoying and naughty, he answers 'i learned it from you'.

x starts school tomorrow. no doubt he'll learn more smart ass remarks and ridiculous ideas. above all, he'll learn absolutely everything there is to learn about every single thing that captures his imagination. the kid is a sponge.

so my little man is 5 and he's about to step out into the world on his own and be away from me in a learning institution for 6 hours. i'm so stoked. you cannot understand how over the holidays i am. i am so over the holidays. if the holidays were a hill, and you were looking at it from one side, i would be on the other side, having climbed over it. im pretty sure you get it now.
i was a little worried about him starting school. in the last week of kindy he started telling me how he wasnt excited about school anymore. he said he didnt like the white walls there. i've been to his school and i dont remember any white walls, but i'll get him to show me when we get there tomorrow. i've also promised to watch him play on the playground before he has to go into his class room. that's made him happier about going and now i reckon he might be ok.
i'll let you know how tomorrow goes.

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