Thursday, July 01, 2004

only in dreams

oooh, i should go listen to weezer, but first

in my dream last night, karlie and i were vying for the attentions of johnny depp/ewan mcgregor (poor dear couldnt make up his mind, kept switching). i was dancing with him a lot, i was winning. sucked in :)

also, i was on holidays with my mum and henk, and i was trying to call this islander guy who was like, so fucking hot it was unbelieveable, but eva carlsson kept getting in my way. wanting to take a bath in the front room where the phone was. and then i asked if i could use her phone in her room, (why she was staying in my mums holiday house is beyond me), and she sayd, 'oh, if you must, but dont get my sheets wet'. and im thinking, its only a phone call and you're the one in the bath, but hey, whatever.
then i called him and his mum didnt speak english, but i met up with him later on and he was still fucking hot. yep, dreams

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