Monday, July 05, 2004


i went to high school with ryan fitzgerald. he's on big brother this year.

when i was about 14, when i was in year 10, i had a list of boys in the back of my diary. i'd add to this list whenever the mood took me. it was a list of guys i thought were hot. ryan was one of them.

i think back now about how he'd walk past me and i'd giggle and look away, mummbling how cute he was. now i see him talking to this monica chick every night and i cant help but yell at the tv for him to stop because i can just tell that she is going to rip his heart out.

from the big brother website

15:22: Last night, Ryan and Monica talked about their feelings for each other. Ryan said he wants to wait until they are out of the house before they consider pursuing a relationship.

Last night, some of the HMs stayed up until late, chatting and drinking in the kitchen. Around 2am Monica was feeling tired so Ryan offered to walk her to the bedroom. As they left the kitchen, Ryan kissed her hand and the pair walked arm in arm across the garden. When they reached the bedroom and saw that the lights were out, they stood outside the door for a long time with Monica saying that she didn't really want to go to bed. At Ryan's suggestion, they returned to the kitchen.

Later, they sat alone on the lounge and Ryan tried to set the record straight with Monica. He told her that they have a lot in common and he likes her but they will have to wait and see what happens once they leave the house. Ryan hugged her and told her: "I think you are an amazing chick, and you smell so fucking good." As their conversation came to an end, Ryan asked Monica: "Is this where we kiss, or walk away?"

The HMs eventually went to bed at around 3:30. Before going to sleep, Monica sat on Ryan's bed talking to him. Ryan hugged her and whispered in her ear: "I don't want you to get upset or know where I am coming from." He said he didn't want to pursue a relationship while they are still in the house, he explained that if they wait until they leave "it will make it all the more special". He added: "You don't understand how much I would love to do it right now." Ryan told her: "It is only a few weeks, we can wait that long. For our families and friends it will make it so much better." Then he added wistfully: "My kingdom for a kiss." Monica sighed: "Oh don't say that." Ryan then quoted her lyrics from their favourite song: "You are a tear that hangs inside my soul." At this, Monica ran back to her own bed.

i can see how she's falling for him but i cant trust her. theres something sinister about that girl that makes me want to pin her down, rip her mask off and wait for her to say 'and i would have gotten away with it to, if it werent for those pesky kids'

lyrics to lover, you should have come over

ryan, not long after he left school (second from the end)

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