Thursday, July 29, 2004

i'm 26. it's not very often that i'll admit to that. generally i let people guess and they normally say around 21, 22. i had someone recently think i was 19. i think it's because i dont feel or act 26. in my head and in my heart im still around about 20, and at times as young as 6.
26 seems so grown up. did you know that kurt cobain was 27 when he died? 27. thats about 7 months away for me. i just cant....that doesnt sink into my head and land where it makes any sense whatsoever.

anyway, the whole purpose of this age thing is this.
everyday at 5 o'clock i turn into a 14 year old girl and sit on the lounge and bop along to the theme from out there. i absolutely love it. it's still in reruns at the moment, leading up to the new series which starts really soon, i think. oooh, there you go. 3rd of august. i love out there, and im seriously crushing on miller.ok, so in the show he's 14, but in real life he's 18 or something. i've had a thing for him since he was on all saints a couple of years ago.
im gonna find a way to audition for this show...just you wait

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