Sunday, November 28, 2010

FAIL + cop out

i gave myself a month tp write 26 entries, and so far ive done 8.

i am so good at stuff....


J jebediah, jodi phillis,

K keepsakes, kneivel

L leighstardust, love stereo, leroy lee, lucksmiths

M mountbatten, the mabels

N no through road


P princess one point five, philidelphia grand jury, poly and the statics

Q quiet in the lab!

R radio spectacular!!!, ratcat, rail, running with horses

S screamfeeder, smudge, sincerely, grizzly, steering by stars

T tantivy fair, theresa sugars, 20th century graduates



W washington, walter marsh, we grow up, the whitlams, wheres the pope


Y you am i

Z zeta
dont listen to me, im still in love with 2006

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

the honey pies

i would pash them all. even baby honey pie. who was born in the 90s. actually i wont pash baby honey pie... thats just wrong

they had their album launch the other night, and miffy and i got dressed up and drunk for the occasion

the next day we had to get up for the pageant. FUN TIMES

the honey pies make me happy, and they make me dance, and you should check them out

humble bee

actually, go here, and comment

hawks of alba

i love love LOVE this band. it helps that i had a massive crush on sarah a few years ago, and that hannah is so lovely, and than aidan is so wonderful, but its about music too, and their music is so freaking awesome. LISTEN NOW. they're playing an all ages show today too, you should go along
the go betweens

ive been listening and watching and thinking and i cant choose just one. listen. listen to them all. and go read nick earls

Monday, November 15, 2010


even are ridiculously talented. whenever theres something like a tribute show where they need a backing band, its even. i cant find any videos of even, but i did find this

the fauves

here is an ausmusic thing about the fauves. coxy, if you're reading this, will you marry me?

hmm... i just realised i have to be somewhere. i'll finish this later

go listen to some music

Monday, November 08, 2010

darren hanlon

I Wish That I Was Beautiful For You

I wish that I was beautiful for you
I wish that I inspired tiny fireworks inside the way you do
So delicately made
A prayer left unprayed
Before the morning sky fades
Up to blue
And I wish that I was beautiful for you

I wish that somehow I could find a pill
For a quick fix modern tonic that would change me with one swallow I would

Watch folks line up to pay
Stare at me all day
But I'd turn them all away
If that be thy will
One tiny little innocuous pill

But a wish is just a pin
In a swimming pool of needles
If for one night you need the room
I wish to be your tomb
You can lie in me

Is it possible I've other things you need
But to be worthy of a single page out of one of those magazines you read
As glossy as a mirror
But mirrors never lie
They're difficult on the eye
It's true
And I wish that I was beautiful for you

I dreamed that we were travelling on a bus
Speeding along an unnamed plain towards somewhere and nowhere there was us
Our hands lay useless in our laps
Like beetles on their backs

We came to a stretch of road where a fire
Had burned the edges all along it looked as though the highway wore eyeliner
You kissed me by surprise
When I opened my eyes
You'd turned into some old guy
I screamed
But don't forget of all these things I've only dreamed

If for one night you need the room
I will be your tomb
You can lie in me
have you heard darren hanlon? do you own a record of his? have you been to one of his shows? if the answer to any of those questions is no, could you please rectify that now?

i'll wait

i hate saying something is my favourite, it makes it seem so final. darren hanlon is definitely one of my favourite singers/songwriters ever. ever ever. his lyrics are sweet and funny and clever, which are also great words to describe him. he has been nothing but sweet each time i've met him, and once allowed the boys to come to a soundcheck so that they could see him play. then he played a song just for e, while x helped bree set up her drums. they both still talk about it now. darren has invited the kids along to his christmas show this year too. he is just so lovely, and his songs are amazing.

please listen

Saturday, November 06, 2010

in the six minutes before it turns over to 12am, i will mention australian bands i like that start with c

career girls
cheer advisory council (hehe)
clare bowditch
clue to kalo

Thursday, November 04, 2010

the bearded clams

there was a time when it seemed like i was out every weekend with sharyn, seeing the bearded clams. every weekend. me, sharyn, rory, peter, james, john, tim and more. this was when going out every weekend was fun. i dont know if i can explain quite what the experience of seeing the bearded clams live was like. maybe no through road compares, but not in the camaraderie that existed. no through road is fun, and we're all friends. but bearded clams was more than that, and theres no way to describe it without having lived through it

bluebottle kiss

generic teen

Sitting behind you last night and our conversations died years ago far below
One year we were on the ferry near the harbour bridge and you
Asked me where the planes land...
Well how was I supposed to know?
And I'm the worst conversationalist you're ever likely to meet
When I'm sweet on someone my words stay clenched right between my teeth
But that was my chance at teenage romance but...
It always took place in my head or on my radio

You were the first you were the worst
It's clear you could see that you had a hold on me

A hold on me
Hold on

i only saw bluebottle kiss once, but i was in awe the whole time.

the british robots

congratulations british robots! you are the first adelaide band in my a-z of australian music. its a shame you're not a band anymore. thankfully i'll get to see the majority of you in oh minor

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

oz music month

there was a time when if anyone asked me what kind of music i liked, my answer would be 'australian music'. that time is pretty much still now, and the bands i like are still the same, they've just been added to

i had this idea yesterday about writing about an australian band every day in november. ive tried blogging more, i've tried nanowrimo, im thinking of this as something a little in between.

i thought i'd do it alphabetically, and do a letter a day, but its already the 2nd of november, and there are more than 26 days in the month, so i'm gonna give myself a vague plan.

1 letter per day
as many bands as i can be bothered writing about
if i cant think of a band i like starting with that letter, i'll just write about a band i like
since there are more days than letters and i am lazy and unreliable, its ok to have days off

day 1

augie march

There's No Such Place

There is no such place, o yes I have seen it too
Just a little different from how you do,
A river winding blue among the dunes and a marble bed
A sun that doesn't set but settles.
There is no such place.
If I lower mine to yours would you kiss me on the face?
If you're looking for an unmarked place,
There is no such place -
Blasted in appearance and a composite of fearful minutes
Frozen in the waking instant

Longing, things I long for,
Peaceful nights, strangers at the door,
O come in, come in,
You've been here before.

There is no such place, so perhaps we have a reason
For our long and falling face,
Above all it would be warm but we would keep our heads all
Clear as Winter, storms would be a sight to make us shiver
But without the chill
Of thinking all is hither-thither -

Longing, Things I long for,
Peaceful nights, strangers at the door,
O come in, come through the door,
You've been here before,
You've been here before

There is no such place, o yes I have seen it too
Just a little different from how you do,
A house upon a hill with no windows
Just a can upon the sill
To catch your tears
To feed your garden.

augie march are one of those bands that remind me of living with voldemort, but in a good way. one or more of their albums were always in the cd player; thanks for the memes, waltz, or sunset studies. i remember him being at work one year on the same day as the big day out, and calling me because he could hear augie march playing down the road. i remember seeing them at a big day out too, and they played 'the train song' (that was what they called it) and it was amazing. loud and rhythmic and stomping and fun.
it also reminds me of voldemort because when he went to see another band play, glen richards, the singer from augie march, was the support act, and when voldy told him he'd come to see him, he was so humbled and amazed.
we were supposed to play with glen richards when we supported clare bowditch the other night, but he was sick and couldnt make it