Sunday, November 21, 2010

the honey pies

i would pash them all. even baby honey pie. who was born in the 90s. actually i wont pash baby honey pie... thats just wrong

they had their album launch the other night, and miffy and i got dressed up and drunk for the occasion

the next day we had to get up for the pageant. FUN TIMES

the honey pies make me happy, and they make me dance, and you should check them out

humble bee

actually, go here, and comment

hawks of alba

i love love LOVE this band. it helps that i had a massive crush on sarah a few years ago, and that hannah is so lovely, and than aidan is so wonderful, but its about music too, and their music is so freaking awesome. LISTEN NOW. they're playing an all ages show today too, you should go along

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