Sunday, November 28, 2010

FAIL + cop out

i gave myself a month tp write 26 entries, and so far ive done 8.

i am so good at stuff....


J jebediah, jodi phillis,

K keepsakes, kneivel

L leighstardust, love stereo, leroy lee, lucksmiths

M mountbatten, the mabels

N no through road


P princess one point five, philidelphia grand jury, poly and the statics

Q quiet in the lab!

R radio spectacular!!!, ratcat, rail, running with horses

S screamfeeder, smudge, sincerely, grizzly, steering by stars

T tantivy fair, theresa sugars, 20th century graduates



W washington, walter marsh, we grow up, the whitlams, wheres the pope


Y you am i

Z zeta

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