Wednesday, January 14, 2009

looking forward

so far this year has been pretty good all round. although i got some sad news yesterday, and there's some annoying ongoing things to deal with, it's been more good than bad.

humble bee played at the jade on saturday night, with radio spectacular and cheer advisory council

our cds are done too. you can listen to the album here. if you wanna buy one, let me know

death cab for cutie tickets go on sale on friday, and i shall be treating myself to one of those. feel free to join me.

on tuesday, miffy and i fly over to melbourne to see glen hansard and marketa irglova sing and play beautifully, and im sure i will cry.

laneway festival is coming up, and i won a ticket to that in a colouring in competition, which makes it even super awesomer.

frente are playing!

then its adams birthday, and he'll be home from work, so yay

then, its march already and it'll be my birthday. thats quite scary that i'm looking towards march when its still early january, but i think that may be a good thing. this time, im not looking at it, hoping it will be better, i'm looking and knowing it'll still be good

Saturday, January 03, 2009


new years 046, originally uploaded by faeriegirlcarly.

i hope you all are too