Wednesday, October 29, 2003

and she was last seen at tullamarine, leaving on flight 17, it's the saddest thing that i've seen the mabels

well, we'll be at tullamarine airport tomorrow morning meeting sean and holly for the first time. i'm not realy freaking out, not yet anyway. i'm still procrastinating about getting the house ready and all my stuff packed. their room is ready at least, so we can always just blindfold them and lead them in there so they dont see the rest of the house.

i miss my boys. e's still hopping about the place like a little bird, but x left for kindy at 8:30 this morning and i probably wont see him till sunday.

i havent even brushed my teeth yet, thats how far behind i am today....


Monday, October 27, 2003

daylight savings.....

this is th last time i listen to matt when it comes to daylight savings. 'yeah, ' he says, 'you put the clocks backward because then you get an extra hour of daylight, and thats what its like in summer, more daylight'. ok then, i think, and, i change all the clocks. i'm now going to bed at 10 oclock, but thats fine, more time for reading, i say to myself.

the next day we're up early fixing up the house. we do gardening and cleaning and painting and all this stuff, and i'm thinking, wow, its only 11, we've done so much in so little time. then i get a message from vicki 'where are you? auditions start in 25 minutes!!!!'. nah, she's got it all wrong, its only 11, i've got aaaaaages yet before i have to be there. silly girl has set her clocks wrong. i message her back and tell her that, and then i ring up and ask what the time is.

at the third stroke it will be 1 0 7 and 30 seconds beep beep beep

i have to listen to this twice before it sinks in. no, i didnt just forget to change my clock so i'm an hour late, i set it back an hour so im actually 2 hours late.

hello stupid! hello, says carly

Friday, October 24, 2003

exciting unexcitingness

i bought a bathroom cleaning product and it works, and wasnt i stoked. i even told my mum about it and tok matt into the bathroom when he got home from work to show him how shiny everything is.

i am a sad sad girl.

so the reason i'm cleaning instead of sitting around doing my usual thing is because i have....counting...5ish days until matt and i leave for melbourne. why are we going to melbourne? well, you know, it's cool and everything, good shops, jam donuts :), but we are also meeting sean and holly there at the airport.
it'll be the first time we've actualy seen them in real life, not just a computer screen, and it's been liek 2 and a half years or something freakish like that. they're flying from america to come and see us. US. a strange litle family in adelaide in a tiny house with a freaky two-part dog.

i'm falling into disbelief

still, im not panicking yet at least. i still have mundane things to do like the washing and paying bills. i have an audition for aladdin on sunday and i have to remember to pick a bag of lemons for vicki's mum.

it's...i dont know...i dont know if it's sunk in yet

Thursday, October 23, 2003


elliott smith commited suicide....thats made me sad

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

old fashioned values

some boys came over and knocked on my door on the weekend and asked if they could wash my car for a couple of dollars. we gave them 6, that's $3 each.
nice to see them out earning money and helping people.

i still locked my car first though
i think the answer may lie in a cup of tea and a piece of toast....

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

just so you can see how truly fabulous we all were, here are some pics of the cast of the boyfriend.

from the top, left to right: helen, zoe, fiona, carly, tanna, vicki, tanya, me, lorraine, and in the front anita and julia.
second pic : nathan, dave, malcolm, jimmy, james and michael.

i didnt get a pic of the main girls cos they had a different dressing room, but you get the idea.

Monday, October 20, 2003

run, its a catch up post

yeah yeah, i know, i havent written anything properly in ages. but hey, im a busy girl.

so, the boyfriend. well, we fucking rocked. just got better and better with each performance, and we even got a standing ovation on the last night.
yes yes, thankyou thankyou. and thankyou dang, most of all. i know you were there, in disguise, every night. there was the usual fighting backstage, and bitching about each other and tappers...tappers, he he he.

cast party rocked too. i was drunk, oh how i was drunk. and when im drunk, im anyones. well, i was the couches cos it got decidedly harder to get up as the night went on. i was the unofficial winner of charades, because i rule. why is it that i can never think of things to charade when its my turn but when im laying awake at night i can think of billions?
there was bitching there too, relationship problems abounded....abounded? look, im not getting into it, but if i was going out with fiona, i'd fuck her, end of story.

i love vanessa. i dig chicks who play guitar. seriously, me vix and ness singing throw your arms around me could rival the doug anthony allstars.

so in a week and a half matt and i will be standing in melbourne airport and sean and holly will be getting off the plane. weird...i dont think i can say any more about that...
fucking blogger. i wrote a whole lot and now its all gone. gone i tell you!

Friday, October 17, 2003

how many do you agree with?
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was meant to be a secret.


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Thursday, October 16, 2003

'girls have fannys and boys have willys. i have a fanny, and you and mummy have fannys, but yours and mummys are fluffy. thats what happens when you get older'

my friend from kindy

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Monday, October 13, 2003

What Is Your Battle Cry?

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Friday, October 10, 2003

My day was made when I heard a 50 year old woman make the following statement in reference to eminem: "I really appreciate his body of work."

you may not need to hear it again, but i need to sing it again

its so nice to have a cuddle
with a person that you love
feels so good to have a snuggle
with a person that you love
when im hapy or in trouble
i run fast right on the double
just to sit and have a cuddle
with a person that i love

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

a wise man from chicago told me, "Remember - you've only known her for four and a half weeks. I've been in your place before, but you must remember about how long you've known her.

i want her to be able to describe my heart.


things that im happy about today

matt gave me 26 milo bars
i was given a beautiful faerie picture
someone wrote a poem about me that made me smile
i got to see lizzie maguire and degrassi today
i now own the inside of a funky old typewriter
i slept last night
i dont have a headache
i feel like ive settled on my medication amount
im actually not sad
Gentle look at simpler times

THE BOYFRIEND: Opus Performing Arts Community

Noarlunga College Theatre, Ramsay Plc, Noarlunga Centre

Until October 11

Reviewed by Sue Oldknow


SANDY Wilson's The Boyfriend is a romanticised look at the by-gone age of ripping times and jolly good fun that was the Roaring Twenties.

The scanty script is an unashamed device to link together some very catchy ditties such as I Could Be Happy with You and It's Never Too Late to Fall in Love.

At a ladies' finishing school in the south of France, some terribly well-to-do English society girls have a lovely time being "such chums" and looking for that elusive but highly necessary accessory, "the boyfriend".

The production team of Janice Bailey (director), Fiona Bailey (choreographer) and Mark DeLaine (musical director) have come up with a pleasant night out with this quaintly comical musical romp.

Some of the production elements are disappointing. The sets are workmanlike but flimsy and uninspiring, the lighting is utilitarian and the sound unbalanced.

The principles have the luxury of headset microphones that mostly cope but result in thin and sibilant voices.

The choreography shows moments of great promise in numbers such as The Boyfriend and The Riviera but mostly wanders into slow, sparse repetitiveness that sometimes leaves the performers looking decidedly uncomfortable.

There are some very good performances.

Rachel Draheim is a standout as Maisie, combining a bright, energetic comedy performance with a rich singing voice.

Kirilie Blytheman makes a sweet-voiced heroine and Vanessa Eley is a gently elegant Madame Dubonnet.

The finishing school chums, Heather John, Jamie Hibbert and Eliza Bentley, provide a lot of the innocent humour and schoolgirl enthusiasm necessary to move the action along.

But the star of the show is the tight and tuneful orchestra. Some song cues could be anticipated a little quicker to avoid those pregnant pauses but the show will tighten as it progresses.

The music is excellent and ensures that a jolly decent toe-tapping time can be had by all.

The Boyfriend holds no surprises but it's a pleasant way to pass a wintry evening.

· Review published in the Southern Times Messenger, 8-10-03, p. 42.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

'If I could jump and not reach the stony ground, I would fall forever and pretend I could fly.'

a real life girl
australian idol

for your amusement, i present Eyeballs McBulgy and Doofus van Trendy, aka andrew and james

eyeballs mcbulgy, hehehe, i so wanna punch that guy in the face

Saturday, October 04, 2003

I believe we always have a choice, even if it's just between hard and harder.

alex the girl

Friday, October 03, 2003


is there any particular reason, blogger, why you havent published my last entry????
tidying, taverning and talking

*sigh* well, apart from the fact that im devastated dang wasnt in the front row, last night went pretty ok. i got hit with the curtain but managed to get myself out of it without too much trouble.
we had 80 people there, including at least 1 critic. apparently thats not too bad for an opening night opus performance.
afterwards we had to clean up all the streamers, pack up the balloons back into the net thing, and then go to the tavern. colonnades tavern.....sheeesh. they kept telling us to be quiet when all we were doing was talking.
but all in al i had a very nice time, and hope to do it everynight :)

Thursday, October 02, 2003

oh, im starting to feel myself get addicted to lizzie maguire. the fact that its on just before degrassi isnt helping either.

so tonight is opening night for the boyfriend. eeeep. nah, i dunno, im feeling a bit better about it now. we had our dress rehearsal last night and everything went pretty ok. apart from the fact that the falling ballooons didnt fall until after we'd sat down to hear how we went, but thats ok. fat stinky pat still had to pick them all up so sucked in. here, please accept this gift basket that includes deoderant, a toothbrush and extra strength toothpaste, a mega support bra, some anti fungal cream and a shaver.
did i mention that i get i wear a sailor dress? i look so cute
there was much reassuring and hugging and hand holding going on, and i think that helped a lot, especially with the younger girls

so come along, if you dress up in a 20's outfit you might win a prize
apparently i have an addictive personality that goes both ways.
if im happy, people are hapy, if im gloomy, people are gloomy.

im also addicted to spider solitaire