Saturday, August 30, 2003

the boy friend

for those of you who are interested, and who live in adelaide, the play i'm doing at the moment is a musical called 'the boy friend'

it's going pretty well. i'm in the chorus, and at first i thought that this was gonna be cool, cos i'd have lots to do. then for the first few rehearsals all i did was take, literally one step on stage, sing a chorus/verse/chorus and step off. i almost gave up. i wasnt going to give up my time to practice that twice a week and then perform it...oh, fun!
then we started really getting into it and i have many dances and songs to learn, and not a lot of time

i do get to wear a swishy 20's charleston dress though which is really cool

Friday, August 29, 2003

i'll make ya famous

i wonder sometimes if i'd make a good role model. younger people are, for some reason, drawn to me, and i always end up talking to them about my life. i dont sugar coat it, and i dont often put it into younger kid languange.
they still hang around me though.
i was told last night that it was because they think i'm about 15.
im not sure if its a good thing that i talk to them like i do. i dont want to spoil their ideas, and put mine there instead, and i dont want to break any pretty pictures they have in their head about what their life could be, and what they think life when you're a grown up is.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

a letter

dear impersonater me,
how are you? good i hope. i'm doing pretty ok. so, i had this idea, right. i was thinking, you should write your own blog, letting everyone know stuff about me, like, how i have hairy nipples, and how i like to let people watch me play withmyself....oh, and like how i have small boobs, and then, come back here and give us the address for it. then, everyone can choose whethere they like to read about me or alterno me.
i only hope that alterno me doesnt have a more exciting life than real me. oh well, i guess i can always live vicariously through you

just something to think about

love from real me

welcome to the inside of my head, please leave your logic hat at the door

sometimes i think about leaving matt and one of the major things that keeps me with him is that if i met someone else, i'd have to go through the whole uneasy stage again. like, how soon can you fart/burp/ask him to get you a tampon. i can do all that with matt and more.
and then, or course, theres that whole part where he's just an all round nice i think i'll just stay

Monday, August 18, 2003


She said anytime that you want
i'll be there for a talk
Just pick up that phone and dial
tha number on your wall

Cos she thinks that she needs some time
to rediscover freedom
there's some things that
she thinks she's without

The one day she ran away to
live by the ocean the ocean
people would say it's a little strange
a crazy notion of emotion yeah!

i never wanted to live at sea
She dont wanna be angry just free
No she'll never get angry with me

spencer tracy
this program is not responding, would you like to send an error report?

somewhere deep inside a gigantic mansion are two exceedingly well paid employees. they are dressed in white, short sleeved shirts and black pants. you could quite easily mistake them for mormons, but for their electronic pocket protectors and thick glasses.

they rub their hands together, frown, look down, wipe away the $1000 notes sticking to thier hands and rub again.
'here comes another one' the first nerd says, snorting
'should we tel mr gates?' asks the second nerd, almost orgasming with the thought of speaking to his hero.
'not yet, lets wait till it reaches 9384234302084266916'
both the nerds fall about the place in fits of laughter.*
within a nanosecond, 1000's more reports are flooding their computers. the two nerds are convulsing with laughter. they laugh so loud that bill gates hears it all the way up on the top level of his ivory tower.

it would have taken him an hour or so to use the stairs, and around 20 minutes to go down the escalotors and elevators to the control room, had bill not recently purchased the glass elevator from charlie and the chocolate factory.
'they said it never existed, the fools', he thought to himself, 'nothing can be kept from my clutches'

bill walked into the control room and the nerds knelt before him, their eyes filled with awe. bill gave the nod and the nerds commenced an intricate secret handshake/dance/thingo. when they had finished, it was down to business.
'whats all the laughing about down here, guys? i'm trying to come up with another virus and virus killer to get out in the market.'
'oh mr gates, they just keep coming and coming, we cant help but laugh'
bill looked at the screen and smiled, tears forming in his eyes
'the sad, sad fools. how they believe...'
'i know!' snorted the second nerd, 'they keep sending those error reports, thinking that something is going to get done'
'something gets done alright' wheezed the other nerd, he needed his inhaler after all that laughing
'yes boys, the more they click those 'send error report' buttons the more i know windows XP is the most hated system ive created so far. and all it does is make me more determined to do better next year.'
'oh mr gates, you're our hero!' the nerds were back on their knees, kissing the mans brown leather sandals his mother still made him wear, 'we know you can do it!'
'so do i, my do i.....'

yes, the joke is missed my all who are reading this. i'm sure it's some bizarre star trek reference, or perhaps the name of the computer in tron. whatever it is, i dont get it, and i dont want to

i get jealous very easily, and it's generally over people who say and do the things that i, for one reason or another, cannot.
i'm not going to listthe people i am jealous of, just know that if you catch me staring at you funny and it looks like i hate you, i probably do, but only for that moment when i am wishing i could do what you do

Thursday, August 14, 2003

is my season changing?

i am a winter girl. well, an autumn girl really. i like being inside, all warm and snuggly and listening to the rain. but i've had enough of being so freezing i cant move. i think this is why this is my favourite song at the moment

t shirt weather - the lucksmiths

Hey Mike, you busy?
All this sunshine’s making me dizzy
Went outside, all my clothes dried
And if I’m babbling, please forgive me
But it’s the first hint of sunshine
For a week or so, I’d say
And I’m keeping well, I’m in good health
But I sneeze when I look into the sun today

There’s my bike looking dusty
The spokes are broken and rusty
But I’m happy to walk
I’m happy with anything today
‘Cause I’m out in the sunshine
While my friend’s at home asleep
I guess that’s just the downside
To the money he makes and the hours he keeps

And I say hey, it’s a beautiful day
And I’m starting to feel a lot better
So wake up, wake up
It’s T-shirt weather

Ba-ba-ba how could things be better?
This afternoon in the pub I met her
Maggie May on the juke-box
Hey, things are okay
“Just two things” she tells me,
“If you want to keep things friendly –
no beer for me, no peanuts, and I’ll be happy…
oh, and no football, well I guess that makes three”

It’s a beautiful day
And I’m starting to feel a lot better
So wake up, wake up
It’s T-shirt weather
It’s T-shirt weather

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

the way it should have been

i feel like a proper 15 year old. i'm obsessing and upset about a tv show, im reading virginia andrews and not having sex.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

this is the end

Buffy R.I.P
March 10, 1997 - May 20, 2003
She saved the world. A lot.

tonights the night. i'm excited and sad, i almost dont want to watch, but i will, i have to. all of my 20's has been taken up by this show, and it's all coming to an end tonight.
I have an idea of what's going to happen too, and i dont like it. i wont spoil it for people who don't know yet, but i think i'm going to cry.
re runs just arent gonna be the same....and angel...not the same either. i'll still watch angel, i'll still watch the re runs. i'll still laugh at xander, cack myself at anya, aaaaw at andrew, and wriggle at willow.
its just that tv wont be the same anymore

Monday, August 11, 2003

a second chance?

except in this case it would be a third or fourth or even a fifth chance. this girl...i've been so mad with her in the past that i've wanted to throw a D sized battery at her head, and i would have too, had i not been so wussy. but she's apologised now, and although it wasnt to me, it will be soon. i'm not totally sure how to go about it all. i'll accept her apology, but i dont want to have to go through all the crap again. do i wasnt the throw a battery feeling again? probably not. will i feel it again if i see her enough? probably. is an old friendship like that worth saving? we did have a lot of really good times, but i dont know if i can do it again. i want to be there for people who need help, and i know that she could use the support. im just not sure of how much of me i'm willing to get hurt in the process

Friday, August 08, 2003

oh, and it's my mums birthday today, so

happy birthday mum

here is the new and improved, if this doesnt work im gonna kick blogger in the nuts, 100 things list

100 things

i am a great stealer of good ideas. i saw on katies blog the other day that she had made a 100 things list. now im going to. dang also has one, and holly does a 5 things list occasionally. but i am going to attempt a 100 things list.
100 things

1. i used to wish my name was sarah or samantha. i didnt used to like my name because no one could say it right, they always called me kylie. i liked sarah because it was princessy, and samantha because it was cool and could be shortened to sam. the main reason why i chose those names was because if i had to write them in fancy cursive, the 's' would look really nice. writing 'c' in fancy cursive just ends up like an 'e', making my name 'early' which is just wrong

2. another reason was that there arent a lot of words that rhymed with carly. and when i was at primary school, kids always sang that song

and there was carly, carly, eating sugar and barley
in the store
in the store
there was carly, carly, eating sugar and barley
in the cornermasters store
my eyes are dim, i cannot see
i have not brought my specs with me
i have not brought my specs with me

and it was aaaaaalwyas barley. i never liked that

3. on that note, oh ha ha, i once laid in my hammock at my old house and sang a song for hours over and over. it went like this

of ghoulies and ghosties and long legged beasties and things that go bump in the niiiiight, the lord preserve us

i've asked around and no one else knows that song, i might have made it up

4. also, i once sat on one of the hammock chairs after i got out of the pool, and i needed to wee but i couldnt be bothered going inside so i just wee'd where i was. yanneke was there and she said 'you're weeing!' and i said that i was just dripping from the pool

5. i didnt have a lot of friends when i was at school until about half way through feburary when i'd start handing out invitations to my birthday party. because i had a pool and a spa, everyone wanted to come to my party. i didnt mind this because i got more presents and i didnt like many people anyway, so i never had to speak to them for the rest of the year

6. there was a boy that liked me when i was younger called jarrod baker. i liked him too, but i never told him or any of my friends. he came to one of my parties and gave me a box of crayons. he was a year older than me, and when i started high school and he was in year nine, i think he decided he was too cool to like me anymore and he used to pay me out. i dont know where he is now

7. the first boy that i remember liking me was daniel stone. he used to give me pretty hankies and soaps carved into roses and things like that. i always thought he stole them off his mum. i never liked him

8. i get addicted and obsessed with things very easily, and my habits are hard to break. some things i have been addicted to are faerie bread, watermelon, pancakes, french toast and tea. tea is the only habit i havent gotten out of but im fine with that. i also watch the boy who teaches harry how to play quidditch in harry potter, whenever he is on the screen, even if he isnt speaking.

9. my hands and bum are almost always cold

10. since the movie came out, i have only said its name once. the movie is about dinosaurs and they live in this park thing and they go mad i guess and start attacking people. i dont know for sure cos ive never seen it and dont wish to

11. i really like strawberry shortcake

12. i used to really like strawberries but now i only kinda like them. my mum used to buy them for me as a special treat and i'd cover them in sugar and eat the whole punnet in one go

13. i have honey in my tea instead of sugar

14. i have a scar on my cheek from where i had a birthmark removed. i used to tell people that i was standing on the end of a jetty one day and a pirate ship pulled up and the pirate took a swipe at me with his hook. now i just tell them the truth

15. i can sleep anywhere, any time

16. from year 9 to half way through year 12, i was totally in love with chris elze. i think he knew because anytime i tried to talk to him he'd tell me to fuck off. my maths teacher mr dempster told me that it was because he liked me. i think thats just what people tell ugly people to make them feel better because the good looking people are throwing things at you

17. my hands are freezing

18. i watch and enjoy big brother

19. i enjoy reading

20. i enjoy reading erotica although im not a big fan of actual real life sex

21. i really like the whitlams and the last couple of times they've come to adelaide, i've hung out with jak and pai and they are sweet and lovely, /end brag

22. i really wish i liked beer

23. i once had $6000 in the bank, and then i moved out, and ten i got pregnant, now i have no savings

24. i get very mad, very quickly at people who call me and ask me for money. 'dont you want the poor children to go on a camp???' well yes i do, and if you'd have just left me alone, i may well have donated money so they could, but since you asked, you get nothing.

25. this also goes for christians/jehovahs witnesses/mormons who knock at my door. leave me alone, or i will sprout horns and a tail and smack you with it

26. the first girl i ever liked was drew barrymore. the first real girl i liked, i didnt even know her name. she was in the rock and roll eisteddfod with me when i was in year 10 and she was in year 12. she had black hair and was really cute. i waited out the front of school with her one day and i liked her ever since. i dont even think i spoke to her

27. my favourite colour is blue no matter how much i try and change it. i also like pink and green and red. when i buy clothes that are these colours and i had a choice between them and blue, i make myself choose the other colours. then when i get home, i always wish that i chose the blue one

28. i have a scar on my hand from stabbing myself with a stanley knife in art one day. our teacher showed us the right way to use them and then said, 'and if any of you cut yourselves by using it wrong, dont come crying to me'. so when i cut myself by using it wrong i just asked to go to the toilet and stayed there until it stopped bleeding

29. one day my dad sent me up the shops on my skateboard to buy a bottle of coke. on the way home the bottled rolled off the skateboard....ok, i'll explain. i couldnt ride a skateboard standing up, only on my knees, so i put the bottle between my hands and scooted off. i took some broken glass back to the shop and told the man what happened but he didnt give me my money back or give me a new bottle of coke. always thought that was mean

30. i used to steal mini easter eggs from that man right in front of his eyes. he watched me and let me

31. maybe he felt sorry for not giving me a free bottle of coke

32. i know the words to the movie labyrinth

33. i also know the words to the breakfast club

34. the doug anthony all stars used to be my favourite group. no one at my school knew who they were. this happened quite a lot through high school. i liked being 'different'

35. i used to have a recurring dream where i found a tiny little box. when i opened it i got sucked into the box and stuck against the wall. then the box would shut and float off till someone else found it and they'd get sucked into it

36. personwhosnameimustnevermention doesnt generally like listening to my dreams because they go on for ages and mean nothing

37. i only like tomatos if they're hot or have been turned into something like soup or sauce

38. same goes for ham, but i dont know what you can turn it into.....i only like ham if its hot, like a toasted ham and cheese sandwhich

39. when people lose things and ask me where they are and i say 'its in the bedroom, on the shelf, under the book' and they say 'no it isnt' i like to say 'if i go in there and find it......' and then go storming in there and find it, just like a real mummy

40. i dont handle change very well at all

41. i really like the smell of green tea

42. i really like the smell of holly too, and sean and holly sent me her perfume so i can smell her whenever i want

43. i like reading erotica and have attempted writing not very good

44. again, i am freezing

45. i am quite lazy. sometimes i'll even put off going to the toilet until im almost busting because i cant be bothered getting up

46. along those same lines, if i could fit out my computer with tea making facilities, i would

47. i will be in the next star wars movie, im posting off my resume today

48. one of my favourite plants, lantana, is considered a weed in the eastern states of australia

49. i cant play any musical instruments, but in a play i had to play 'come as you are' on acoustic guitar, and i did it

50. reggie won big brother!!!!! i know you dont care, but i do

51. i enjoy getting splinters out

52. of myself and other people

53. i also like to put peroxide on sores so i can watch the white bubbles. fingers have lots of germs, iven if you dont have sores.

54. i own a mobile phone, but if any companies ask me if i have one, i lie and say no because i dont want them to have my number

55. i really wish i could draw. i once got given a 'how to draw horses and ponies' book. there is evidence of me trying to draw a horse and a pony inside the front cover. i give up very easily

56. i really do give up very easily. and i always have. i found my report card from year 3 and it said that i need to have more confidence in myself. that if i cant do it the first time, it doesnt mean i'll never be able to do it and just give up.

57. i like to wear dresses and skirts and be girly

58. when i was younger i was in a gang and we used to have meetings on top of the shed mear the pool. we were so tough. we never did anything gang-like, but we had lots of meetings. sometimes we'd pretend taht the dog next door was mean, and we'd dare each other to jump over the fence, that was about the extent of our toughness.

59. we also used to do lots of bike tricks, like jumping over people. we would all lay on our backs and andrew would jump over us. we'd put mark at the end incase andrew didnt make it the whole way over us

60. my favourite book used to be the folk of the far away tree by enid blyton. i dont have a new favourite book, so i guess its still my favourite

61. im reading it to x right now, one chapter per night

62. i know for a while there my favourite books were the power of one/tandia by bryce courtenay. whenever the power of one is on tv, i have to watch it

63. i crunch very loudly

64. its as if theres a speaker in my head

65. its very echoey

66. i just used up 3 things for one comment. im struggling and im only into the 60's

67. it realy annoys me when people use the saying 'cheap at half the price' because of course it would be cheap at half the price, moron

68. i cant watch burgos catch phrase without yelling at the tv

69. for instance, a picture of a really big foot, is of course 'bigfoot' but its not a catch phrase, its the name given to some massive thing that lives in the hills somewhere

70. i just wrote 69 and didnt make a joke about it

71. i get side tracked very easy, but i have good attention span for most things

72. i have many of half written stories....many....many many

73. i am attracted to shiny things. if there is something shiny on the side of the road i will see it, and pick it up. i get lots of jewellry this way

74. i like the old playschool better than the new playschool

75. i used to have tamarisk green 1970 morris 1300. i love that car. i miss it. now i have a 1991 hyundai character

76. i really wish i had a cat

77. my first proper boyfriend once asked me if he could 'lick my shmoo'. after i eventually gave in, he squated between my legs and stuck his tongue in me. yes in me. didnt wriggle it, didnt even go in and out, nothing. then he sat up and said, 'hmm, wasnt that good, was it?'

78. i am good at making toast

79. water is not my favourite drink, no matter how much i try to force it to be

80. it is tea

81. with milk

82. and honey

83. and yes, i have just succeeded again to stretch out one comment into, this time, 4 sections

84. counting that one 5, and this one, 6

85. i will never, ever, be a tidy person, its not part of my personality. i like to have piles of things sitting around, that way, i know where everything is. if you are annoyed by this, please feel free to coe over and clean my house, i will not stop you. just be ready for a barrage of 'where's my (insert object here)' when you are done

86. i used to have pet rats. brett bought one home from school. her name was tinkerbell. it was a mean rat because kids used to poke it through the cage. he took it home because if someone didnt it would have been killed. we got her home and she had 4 babies which i proceeded to name after 4 boys in my class. scott, ashley, mark and dazza. scott was my favourite and he got eaten first. yes eaten. by the other rats. disembowelled. then they all went one by one. i cant remember who the last rat was. mark or dazza, i think. nasty pieces of work, rats

87. i really like tampon boxes. i wish they didnt freak people out so much cos some of the pictures are really cool

88. i remember the words to weird 80's commercials. skate skate skate skate, skate skate skate, play play play play plaaaaaaaaaaaay, walk walk walk, walk walk , go go go go, go gallop run shuffle jump giggle cycle hit, sway wirggle paddle sit, hop tickle hurdle knit, etc :)

89. i now, as of today, own 2...not 1, but 2 hello kitty vibrators, um, massagers, i mean

90. i will tease people if the opportunity arises, i am always nice about it though

91. as opposed to yanneke who said i couldnt go to her cabbage pach kids birthday party with james, because he was only a patch kid

92. i dont have many memories of my dad. one i do have is of him sending me to my room for taking a bite of the coffee crisp bar that was in the fridge for mum, even though it wasnt me

93. in the same house that happened in, my brother and two girls from around the corner found a porno on top of the fridge and watched it. the younger girl, katie went home and told her mum. i cant remember if i got in trouble

94. my ears are always sore

95. when i was little i used to wet the bed and my mum and dad took me to the hospital to get tests done. the doctors filled me full of fluid and thn strapped me to a bed and made the bed move so it was as if i was standing up and then i had to wee everything out. i didnt understand

96. i did eventually stop wetting the bed but sometimes when its about 4 in the morning and its freezing, i wish that i could do it again so i wouldnt have to get up

97. i once ruptured my ear drum with an ear stick. i had a towel around my head, holding my hair away from my face and i was cleaning my ears and my cat ran in front of my feet and as i was tripping over the towel fell down, i went to push it away and pushed the ear stick into my ear. it really hurt

98. i will let you play with my hair for hours......and hours

99. this also goes for massages :)

100. one more huh,, lets see.....*big breath out* gee....this is tricky.....i like chicken

Monday, August 04, 2003

ok, after much putting off and slacking i have finished my 100 things list. its down there somewhere, read it if you want
The Doug Anthony Allstars, comprising of Tim Ferguson (the pretty but vacuous one), Richard Fidler (the guitarist) and Paul McDermott (the short, nasty one) first appeared on the Canberra busking scene in the mid-1980s. Paul was not originally a part of the trio, but the third member was forced to leave the group, so Richard approached Paul to join, after seeing him perform with Gigantic Fly, a group who parodyed 30s films.

DAAS gained attention on the streets of Canberra by performing outrageous stunts, such as Paul setting himself alight and jumping into a clothing bin. Eventually, the group made it to the Adelaide Fringe Festival, where they won the pick of the fringe. After this, they made their way to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (the first of six for the Allstars).

They released their first album, "Let It Swing", around this time, which was a short collection of covers and original songs. It was only sold at their gigs, and was later released through the Doug's fanclub, Hateline.

They enjoyed great success in the UK, making many television appearances and gaining a lot of recognition. In the late-80s they returned to Australia, where they were still relatively unknown. That was until Ted Robinson approached them to appear on a new stand-up show for ABC-TV, called "The Big Gig".

From their first appearance on the show, their popularity began to rise, seeing them release their first book, entitled "Book", in 1989. It was a dark collection of short stories, which was quite different to their stage shows.

Continuing on from the relative success of Book, they released an album in 1990, "Icon". Icon was a collection of original DAAS songs, with Bottle being the single which was released to promote the album. As well as this, they released a video of one of their live shows, "Live At The National Theatre", which was recorded over the course of two shows, in Melbourne (not New York, as the video cover states!).

They continued to appear on the Big Gig every week, until 1991, when their own series, DAAS Kapital, premiered on ABC-TV. It was a half hour sitcom, set in the future, which focussed on the boy's adventures on the underwater museum of history, Titanic II, where they were supposed to be cataloguing artefacts. They were joined by performers such as Bob Downe (Mark Trevorrow), Flacco (Paul Livingston), Psycho Bob (Michael Petroni) and Khym Lam (who was later to marry Richard) in their misadventures. Each of the episodes were named after one of the seven deadly sins.

A second series of DAAS Kapital was commissioned, and to accompany it, a book of scripts from the first series was released. In the second series, the submarine had been blasted out into space by a nuclear explosion, which was designed to destroy the ship, along with all traces of human history. In this series, the episodes were named after the seven virtues. In 1992, they also recorded a television special for the BBC in London, entitled "DAAS Love".

1993 was a big year for DAAS. They released their film, The Edinburgh Years, which followed Paul in his quest to discover the truth about the murder of his ancestor Jose Phillipe McDermott, but it happens to coincide with the Fringe, so his efforts keep getting interrupted by Tim and Richard being more interested in the goings on in the city.

They also released an official bootleg of one of their shows through their fanclub in 1993, "Live In Edinburgh", as well as releasing their "Dead & Alive" show on both CD and video.

They spent a lot of time in London during their last years together, hosting their own show on Channel 4, called "Viva Cabaret", which was a live variety show, in a similar vein to The Big Gig, but with more music. They also did some work for Channel Nine's "Today Show" during 1994.

In the months before their break-up, they recorded Blue in London. It was never officially released for various reasons, but it has been extensively bootlegged over the internet. It is an album of 'serious' songs and covers.

They released one final book, "The Farewell Songbook", which was was sold at their last gigs, containing lyrics and guitar tabs to some of their most popular songs, as well as a couple of extras thrown in. ABC-Radio aired four of their farewell gigs in 1995, two of which were released on cassette and CD.

After over a decade of terrorising audiences all over the world, lying to the media about what they were up to and pushing the limits of good taste, the Allstars disbanded, due to a difference of opinion over which direction the group should take, performing their last show in Perth in December 1994, but their fan base has continued to support their work, even gaining new fans, through the screening of DAAS Kapital and The Big Gig on Pay TV.

for all of you who asked, 'who are the doug anthony all stars'...well, ok, for sean, i'm going to compile a little bio for them, but for now, here are the lyrics to one of their songs


This is one of the most beautiful songs we've ever had the pleasure of doing in the twenty seven years of
the Doug Anthony All Stars. You get as much out of this song as you put into it.

I fuck dogs, in the park, after dark,
When the moon is up high in the sky.
The Great Dane is too tall,
Chihuahuas are too small.
But the dog that I like to quell lonely nights,
Well the dachshund is best of all.
Because he is longer than he's thin,
He love's to let me in.
His eyes fill with love, he fits like a glove.
And that's why he is man's best friend.

I fuck dogs, I fuck dogs.
We all fuck dogs in the park.
She fucks dogs, She fucks dogs,
We all fuck dogs in the park.

He's got bed bugs, ticks and nits when he scratches then I itch.
But the kennel is cramped and though he's a scamp,
Life with a dog is a bitch.

You'll never be alone if you give the dog a bone.
I'm not weird we don't kiss.
But the problem is this - his bark woof woof woof woof woof woof
Is worse than his bite.

I fuck dogs, in the park, after dark,
When the moon is up high in the sky.
And I'm not proud.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

the doug anthony allstars fucking rule

Friday, August 01, 2003

i'd just like to take this opportunity to apologise to all the people who search for sex related things and end up finding my blog. i'm sure that when you're searching for '12 year old girls sticking weird things up their cunts' and you find my blog that you get pretty disappointed. i feel the same way when i try to look up, say, acting schools, and i come up with 'girls acting badly and their mistresses have to send them to school to be spanked'...or something