Monday, August 18, 2003

this program is not responding, would you like to send an error report?

somewhere deep inside a gigantic mansion are two exceedingly well paid employees. they are dressed in white, short sleeved shirts and black pants. you could quite easily mistake them for mormons, but for their electronic pocket protectors and thick glasses.

they rub their hands together, frown, look down, wipe away the $1000 notes sticking to thier hands and rub again.
'here comes another one' the first nerd says, snorting
'should we tel mr gates?' asks the second nerd, almost orgasming with the thought of speaking to his hero.
'not yet, lets wait till it reaches 9384234302084266916'
both the nerds fall about the place in fits of laughter.*
within a nanosecond, 1000's more reports are flooding their computers. the two nerds are convulsing with laughter. they laugh so loud that bill gates hears it all the way up on the top level of his ivory tower.

it would have taken him an hour or so to use the stairs, and around 20 minutes to go down the escalotors and elevators to the control room, had bill not recently purchased the glass elevator from charlie and the chocolate factory.
'they said it never existed, the fools', he thought to himself, 'nothing can be kept from my clutches'

bill walked into the control room and the nerds knelt before him, their eyes filled with awe. bill gave the nod and the nerds commenced an intricate secret handshake/dance/thingo. when they had finished, it was down to business.
'whats all the laughing about down here, guys? i'm trying to come up with another virus and virus killer to get out in the market.'
'oh mr gates, they just keep coming and coming, we cant help but laugh'
bill looked at the screen and smiled, tears forming in his eyes
'the sad, sad fools. how they believe...'
'i know!' snorted the second nerd, 'they keep sending those error reports, thinking that something is going to get done'
'something gets done alright' wheezed the other nerd, he needed his inhaler after all that laughing
'yes boys, the more they click those 'send error report' buttons the more i know windows XP is the most hated system ive created so far. and all it does is make me more determined to do better next year.'
'oh mr gates, you're our hero!' the nerds were back on their knees, kissing the mans brown leather sandals his mother still made him wear, 'we know you can do it!'
'so do i, my do i.....'

yes, the joke is missed my all who are reading this. i'm sure it's some bizarre star trek reference, or perhaps the name of the computer in tron. whatever it is, i dont get it, and i dont want to

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