Sunday, February 29, 2004

a sudden memory slam

so it just hits me, its my birthday on tuesday, so if anyone out there hasnt posted off my presents, they arent gonna get here one time. of course, getting a couple of presents here and there throughout the week is gonna help me.....well, not celebrate getting older because i dont believe in that, but it is gonna help celebrate me getting more presents, yay!

im home along and im about to have a shower with NO interruptions.

if any of you call me i am going to kill you

Friday, February 27, 2004


i just got sad because i visited jess's blog and there was a line through my link an di though, 'hey, thats mean crossing me out like that!' and then i started hoping that maybe it was just cos i'd just im not so much frowning anymore, as much as going...hmmm, huh? wow, i really need smilies...that is so amazingly infortunate



Battle Rating

littlefaeriegirl was purchased at a national chain Pet Super-Store

Can your fishy beat littlefaeriegirl ?

Thursday, February 26, 2004

i'll be adding a new link when i come back online this afternoon. yeah, i could do it now, but i dont feel like it.
advice i'm pretending was for me

We're human. We're not rational. We do stupid, stupid things because we're not rational. We care, and so we do the illogical. And there are no apologies to be made or guilt to be had over it. That's just the way of things.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004


if there was a way i could cut myself open and apart and distribute them evenly to everyone who needed them, i would.

i'm sick of being pulled in 50 different ways at once, while i just want to go down.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004


I was hanging upside down from the overpass

Waiting to discover something about the world

I couldn't get with the program

And I couldn't listen to them

It was like trying to think in reverse

And I don't want to slide into apathy

And I don't want to die in captivity

But these monsters follow me around

Hunting me down, trying to wipe me out

Wipe me out

Wipe me out

Wipe me out

I was hiding away under water

Waiting for distance and buying some time

Trying to be two hundred thousand years younger

So I could excuse myself from humankind

'Cause I don't want to be a container

Or a bastard with a ten page disclaimer

But these monsters spin me around

Get me down, just try and shut me out

Shut me out

Shut me out

Shut me out

Hold it in your head

Hold it in your head

Hold it in your head

Believe and make believe and make believe

(Shut me out) I was hiding away under water

(Shut me out) Waiting for distance, waiting for time

(Shut me out) And I don't want to slide into apathy

(Shut me out) And I don't want to live in captivity

Something For Kate

Monday, February 23, 2004

just dont throw rotten fruit, fresh is best thanks

Friday, February 20, 2004

An ad for the Fringe Festival

Monsters Inc. "Children's Theme Film"

Saturday 28th

at 2pm - Kids Monster Party with face painting, games, prizes, scary snacks and drinks. Be a part of the mischief and mayhem by dressing as your favourite monster.

At 3pm - Movie screens Monstropolis on the big screen for the young and young at heart.

All tickets $5

Rocky Horror Picture Show "Cult Theme Film"

Saturday 28th at 8pm

Get out the fishnet stockings, suspenders, red lipstick and feather boas and time warp yourself to this cult film.

Tickets $12 & $10conc

Opus are also competing against other local, interstate and international theatre companies in Clash of the Theatre Titans, a theatre sports event at the Adelaide Fringe Hub, on Monday 23rd February.

During the month of the fringe visitors are welcome to view the OPUS Bizarre Art Exhibition in the foyer by local artists who have created strange, weird and odd artworks.

OPUS BIZZARE can be found on page 50 of the Official Adelaide Fringe Guide, or online, and bookings for these performances are through fringeTIX 8100 2004.

For a comprehensive Program of events please contact Leeza Peters on 0402 422 052 or email or visit the Noarlunga College Theatre between 10am & 4pm weekdays.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

well wishes this way, please

well, i have a job interview on friday. it's for coles myer, who own a whole mess of stores like, coles, myer, bilo, kmart, target and some others too. im not sure exactly which one of these im applying for, but i hope its more the department store kind of ones rather than the grocery stores.
i had to find two referees that ive spoken to in the last 2 months. since i've only really ever had one job, and i quite dislike the manager im finding this last bit quite hard. but claire from kindy said she'd be one for me, so that was nice of her.

hey, mystery man, you should write a nice letter about how good i was at bunnings, that'd help.

i'l let you all know how it goes. i dunno how confident i am. i havent had a job in 5 years and i have two kids, so im probably not the most attractive candidate as far as that goes. as far as looks are concerned, i win hands down. aaaah, fake confidence, how i love thee

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Thursday, February 12, 2004

he looks at me and growls, a face that can only be described as vampirish. buffy vampirish, with the evil eyes and creases above the nose. his stance says to me he's ready to pounce and i step to the side to avoid his grasp.

and he laughs

his face changes, he smiles

'i wuv oo mum'

i love you too eli

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

blurring the lines

i wonder sometimes if blogging and blogs are becoming too much of a part of my life. i constantly find myself thinking what would be good to blog about, and wondering if so-and-so has updated yet.
it also stuns me that i simultaniously think of fellow bloggers in terms of celebrities and friends, for instance, a conversation from the other day :

K: katie from here in katies head writes better when she doesnt have a boyfriend
C: yeah, but her stories are really cool, i check them everytime im there
K: she does write really well
C: did you know that she used to go out with justin from what green tastes like?
K: yeah, i did actually

it was at that point where i realised that we were gossiping like two old ladies over a cup of tea and a tv week magazine

i need to get a life

Monday, February 09, 2004


i just had my first orgasm with my hello kitty vibrator*. well, first, second, third and fourth, teehee

*pic is not exactly like mine, but its close

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

i love the shins

Our story’s beginnings are immersed in the clouded and impenetrable waters of time. Gaia, the Earth Mother, awoke from a century’s sleep to find herself in peril of overpopulation and the consumption of her precious resources. Determined to save herself and the peaceable peoples who inhabited her green lands, she created five magical rings, instilling each ring with one of the five awesome powers of Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Heart. Gaia scoured her far-flung corners to find young men worthy of the rings’ burden and the accompanying responsibility. She found her warriors and directed them to stamp out eco-villains through the four mighty pillars of recycling, reduction, reuse, and rock. When they first united in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1997 and their powers combined, these men became collectively known as: The Shins.

Monday, February 02, 2004

for those of you who havent

i've added a few new links over there, one in particular is digital shiver. i got to visiting charles after commenting on a haloscan comments thing, and seeing his add 'this better get me a girlfriend'. and i found an entry where he had found an anonymous diary and was posting entrys.

this part in particular got me

Sunday, February 01, 2004

confuzzling boys

i still stand by my statement that girls are the more confusing and annoying, especially tricksy girls like me. but its becoming apparent to me that there are a specific couple of boys that enjoy being confusing and making me go wha?

i'll start with the first one. i actually thought you were a nasty girl, but it turns out you're a boy :P

you started visiting my blog quite a while ago and leaving silly little messages like 'is it normal to have hairy nipples' and the like. you pretended to be me. silly. some people discussed ways of blocking you from my blog but i didnt really care. you added a bit of spark to my otherwise dull (but always sexy) tag board. it was when you started thanking people for things, from me, that i got a bit annoyed. cos people didnt know who was who and things got a little strange.

being the girl from nestle just cracked me up. cos it was so what i could hear in the email she sent me the second time. i will be writing to them again soon. the new milo bars are all on special and the boxes are always filled to the there are a few red faces up in the nestel office, dont you think?

anyway, i digress, (me digressing? never, mehehe). so theres you. im gonna call you bob. i have absolutely no idea who you are, bob. i thought you perhaps worked for the sydney swans because i checked my tracker and everytime you'd been here there were visits from there. and everytime i mentioned it 'you' shut up for a while.


then theres a new secret boy. you turned up one day telling me that chris elze was married. i didnt really think much of it until i realised that i'd mentioned chris on another blog, not this one. then i got to thinking....hey, you're some kind of stalker! now i find out that in year 9 you had a crush on me, when i was in year 10 in the eisteddfod. you know, if you had have told me i would have blushed an ran away. i never thought any boys liked me in high school.

im calling you jack.

so far i have found out you were in the year below me, which should actually make you 25 like me. you have brown hair, you play guitar and surf. now, nothing against you, but that could be any boy in the southern area, so you're gonna have to do better than that with the clues.

i know you said we've spoken...i hope i was nice to you.

so jack, bob, you guys are tricksy little blighters....oh, you arent cornish pixies are, you're tricky anyhow, and you should be kinder to me and give me extra clues :)