Saturday, April 17, 2010

sweet valley high

i read these books when i was in high school. i didnt even like them, i just did it because i thought that was what i was supposed to do. im enjoying these reviews tho

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i realise i havent been blogging as much as i kind of promised myself and you that i would. i dont really have words for what is happpening at the moment. i do...for some things... but not that i can say out loud right now. as i said before, things are happening, and i will tell you about them, just not right now. these things are kind of scary, and have been taking over my brain for some time now. there aare a lot of things in there right now, and thats tricky because im spending more and more time in bed lately; and as much as that is very comfortable and relaxing, its not exactly the best use of my time.
these things are going to take working through and getting used to, and its only by doing them that i'll work it out.

this all sounds a bit too positive for my liking. i'll start tomorrow

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Friday, April 02, 2010

havent posted lyrics for a while, so i thought i'd give you some that dont have music yet, kinda like a sneak peak

if you were a story i wouldnt turn the page
i dont want this chapter to end
i dont feel like acting my age
on one thing this depends

could we pause the movie and go out and play?
save the ending for another day?
tasting frozen treats and walk the streets and swim away?
can you tell me if its ok?

i just need to kiss you one more time
its all thats going on in my mind
i need to prove that night really exists
and i think i could do that with a kiss

settle yourself down
it's been a long day

the kettles on the boil
and dinners on its way
how come, when they make a new toothpaste or panadol that is supposedly the bees knees of teeth cleaning and pain relief, they dont stop making the old ones?