Monday, October 31, 2005

yep, i think im gonna call it...

there was music and mayhem, there were laughter and (almost) tears, and there was you am i.

for the second weekend in a row i found myself at the gov hotel at hindmarsh, this time to see the amazing you am i. i think my favourite you am i gig of al time was the 96 thebarton gig when they played with powderfinger and flat stanley. as far as an overall feeling coupled with the support bands and the fact that gavin came up to me afterwards and we stared at each other, gobsmacked by what we had just witnessed, it was perfect. friday night, however, had the added bonus of playing at the gov which is a brilliant venue, you're so close to the band, its great. but also, the night was good because of the highs and lows that made it up.

to start off the day, i took tom to colonnades so that he could experience southern culture. and didnt he just. aaah, colonnades, what would we do without you?

tom said 'shouldn't you know everyone here?' just as we were walking towards embers store. before we got there we passed a girl i went to highschool with, and then we went to campbells newsagency where another girl i went to school with, works and also, lisa (james gf, natashas sister) was there buying lotto tickets. so yeah, it was good timing. except that at that moment, tom elected to go to a party, rather than see you am i. so we bought one ticket.

we went to target so tom could buy shoes, and he decided that he did want to go. but the campbells there doesnt sell tickets, so we tried to make it back to colonnades, but it was closed by the time we got there. 'we'll get one online!', nope. only tickets available at the door now.
so after we watched harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, we made our way to the gov to find it totally sold out. totally, completely, utterly sold out.

and no one had a spare ticket. no one. then it happened, personwhosnameimustnevermention turned up with l. ooooh, switcheroo time! 3 in about 10 seconds. i couldnt look anyone in the eye, someone tried to start crying and i managed to stop that, but then someone else took over and almost yelled and i managed to stop that too.

then i was sad, very tired and a little headachey. i had decided to sell my ticket to some guys who were after one as well, and sit in the front room, getting drunk and listening to you am i, when a guy came up to us and asked if we needed a ticket. apparently his mate just hadnt turned up, and we looked so sad out there he wanted us to have it.


i looked for kent once i got inside, but couldnt see him anywhere. a couple of guys looked at me, and i looked at them, and there was a flicker of possible recognition, but both of us just kept walking.
we made our way to the front and got a great spot. i went to get drinks after a while, and both on the way to the bar and the way out, i almost ran straight into personwhosnameimustnevermention and l after emerging from the packed in masses.
there was a cute girl next to tom and i who kept saying 'do you know how excited i am? have i told you how excited i am? you do know how excited i am, right?' we knew, she was very cute and danced with me and we did the clapclap clap together at the exact same time. i informed her i'll be looking for her at the next you am i gig and she blew me a kiss.
there was moshing, there was jumping jumping jumping and singing at the top of our lungs. it was fucking fantastic and as they left the stage i felt a sense of euphoria, a satisfaction that timmy and the boys were back to their true form and they definately absofuckinglutely ARE NOT and HAVE NOT split up.

tom and i were kissing and we got a bit heckled. apparently tom is setting a bit of a high standard among the guys and they dont like it. i was informed i was very lucky to have someone like him, and since then ive been reminded of the 'high standard' of my boyfriend.


managed to get sunburned yesterday after spending about an hour on the beach. all covered up, even wearing a hat. still burned. hurts lots. ouch. x is worried my skin will fall off


banjo is home and has a nice long scar running down her tummy. i'd show you a picture but personwhosnameimustnevermention has the camera and i dont know how she'd feel about me putting her on the scanner


one of x's friends at school has a new baby brother. he brought him in to show the class today.
'this is clayton, he's a week old and he weighs 9 pounds, any questions?'
the first question? 'what do you think it felt like when the baby came out?'

Thursday, October 27, 2005


i called the vet. banjo is 'in high spirits, perky and bright' so im guessing thats a good thing.
clancy has gone insane while she's been away


she's running around like mad, hiding around corners and pouncing at me, wrapping her paws around me as i walk past. right now she's sitting in my bag, snuggled up in my clothes, resting her head on my deoderant

banjo will be home tomorrow
again with the 'why i love matthew baldwin'

October 25, 2005

Fairyland Headline News

Bodies of field mice found in forest
D.A. may seek goon penalty

"Marriage is between a dish and a spoon," says monarch

Baffling code, in which letters are replaced by hand claps,
has confounded linguists for centuries
"We're pretty sure it's 'Bongo'," says expert

defective yeti

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


yeah, i know. quiet. well, not exactly quiet, just not wordy.

been to a couple of gigs lately. missy higgins and ben lee, as you would have read about below, and the whitlams on friday night. there are some photos from the missy and ben show here on vickis blog.

friday night was fun. i got to take tom to see the whitlams. i explained beforehand that whitlams fans were of the 'singing very loudly' type, and made sure to include 'by now pay later' on the mixed cd i made him. i think it prepared him a little but possibly not entirely. yeah, they're a piano based band, but fuck, can jak rock out on that guitar. and i dont know that tim could scream any louder, or bang on those keys any harder.

tom has asked for some live whitlams tracks and i am happy to oblige

once you go live...

this saturday night i'll be venturing back to the gov to see you am i. its been quite a while since i've seen you am i. i think maybe the last time they were playing at the tiv? or whatever it was called then...maybe heaven. thank fuck for the gov, huh.
the thing thats putting me off seeing them is that a certain person will be there. this person has every right in the world to be there. and every right in the world to be there with the person they'll be there with. its just that i dont want to see it. im fine for it to happen, i just dont want to see it. is that wrong of me?

she tells her parents she's sleeping at her friends house instead of his, for fucks sake...


banjo was in surgery for an hour and a half 'but i'll only charge you for a 45 minute surgery' says the vet. well thankyou. why it costs $1000 to cut open a cat is beyond me, but apparently she's doing well and i should be able to bring her home tomorrow afternoon or maybe friday morning.

inside her small intestine, and reaching out either side into her stomach and intestines, was a ball of cat and people hair. she had a hair ball. thats all. it was a particularly nasty one though, and she needed to be sliced in three places to get it all out. poor baby cat. but as personwhosnameimustnevermention said, she's a tough little bitch
for kent


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sylvanian banjo

banjo is at the vet. she's been throwing up white froth for the last couple of days

Monday, October 24, 2005

make me smile

I tried to read some of her posts but then I
fell asleep, then I got hungry, then I had a shower, now I'm talking
to you! Woohoo!

mattyb is my hero

ben is currently, and has been for quite some time, the object of affection for both vicki and myself. this is a job he loves and takes pride in. but lately he's been asking more of us than our usual 'i love you ben'.
he's asked that we both write about how he loves us more
i bumped into him today in loot homewares and told him i'd been thinking over my essay and he explained it didnt need to be an essay, it could take any form, a sonnet perhaps.

so here is my contribution, not an essay or a sonnet, not a limerick, but a haiku

oh ben, he loves me
way more than he loves vicki
infinity, ha!

im not sure about punctuation in haiku but that will do for now

Saturday, October 22, 2005

my current love

middle of the hill
josh pyke

When I was a kid I grew up in a house on a hill, not the top, not the bottom but the middle.

And I still remember where I cracked my head, in the vacant lot, there's a row of tiny houses there now.

And we used to light fires in the gutters, and I could cool my head on the concrete steps.

But the girl down the street hit my sister on the head with a stick and we hid behind my father as he knocked on her parents door, to tell them what she did, but the parents were drunk so they really didn't give a shit.

And the girl down the street said her dog couldn't bark, because a man with an axe cut its voice box out.

But my older sister told me that it probably wasn't true, and I believed what she said because she took me by the hand one time, when a couple of men drove down the hill in a white van said there was a phone box filled with money 'round the corner, and I would've gone along, but she took me by the hand to the house in the middle of the hill.

And our Mother knew the words to a lot of different songs, and we'd always sing the harmonies when we'd sing along.

She had cool cool hands when the fever hit, and then the noises that the trains made sounded like people in my head.

And the stories that the ceiling told, through the pictures in the grains on the pinewood boards.

And I could stay outside till the sky went red, and I could cool my head on the concrete steps.

And you can never really see the top from the bottom.

I don't pay enough attention to the good things when I've got them.

i love this song. i heard it for the first time yesterday on the way home from work. it perfectly sums up what it was like to grow up in the 80's and early 90's.
when we could leave the house in the morning, and be safe all day, playing in the creeks and streets around our block until the sun started to go down and it was home time.
now i worry about letting my kids play in the front yard

currently searching for

the word that lies between besotted and love

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

further proof of eli's coolness

he's just asked to listen to the decemberists and is now sitting in the loungeroom singing along

Sunday, October 16, 2005

why am i always standing next to the bored people at gigs? people who dont sing along and who stand perfectly still unless its to check the time or stare up at the sky with a huff...

i went to see missy higgins and ben lee last night at adelaide uni. it really was about 5 times bigger than it needed to be, but i guess, it sold out so it did need to be that big. honestly, there were so many people there, it was like the festivals that used to be on there. like o-ball or something. people everywhere, and not just people, but lesbians.
when we got closer to the front where the people actually sang, we were standing in the middle of a river of lesbians and i felt a litle like a traitor thinking about tom.

we were first situated behind some bored BORED people. bored, i tell you. why go to a gig if you're just gonna stand there, look bored and complainy, and stare at your watch? so ember and i sang and sand and sang and danced right behind this girl and she still didnt get into it. thats when i decided it was time to find a better spot.

it was raining and people were huddling under blankets and jumpers, trying to keep dry, and completely blocking the views of the people behind them. there was a group of six women under a blanket, and i told them as i walked past that i thought it was really mean of them to block everyone else's view just for the sake of keeping your hair wet
'its not about the hair, actually'
'oh its not? hmm' i said, and kept walking
apparently there was some bitchiness as i walked off but fneh, they eventually got out of the rain and let people see again.

it was a really good night. lots of singing, dancing and so much talent it was astounding.

i never ever thought i'd get to see 'laid' performed live, and ben and missy did it and it was fucking awesome

and just one thing i need to add


thankyou, and goodnight

Monday, October 10, 2005

so, ive been thinking

four year olds really shouldnt drink beer. at four, you should know beter than to drink alcohol, mainly for the taste factor. you're old enough to say, nah, that actually tastes pretty gross you know, and i dont feel like digesting it. thats why we've now gotten e onto ginger beer. its the same sort of shaped bottle, except without the alcohol content. he's almost mastered the alphabet now so he's already showing signs of his brain cells regenerating.

at only a month old though, you dont really have a choice what you injest. so here i would like to share with you a photo of x and his first beer
xans first beer
he's not really that much bigger than it. we had to tuck it into his blanket cos the little guy was so drunk he couldnt hold it. couldnt hold his beer. piker.

when he got a bit older he was much better at it
xans beer
you can tell by this photo that he can hold his beer much better. this is his christmas beer. he was really into it and only needed a little bit of help to hang onto it.
on that day, to prove what great parents we are, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i left x with his grandparents and went and spent mats christmas money on a star wars figure. cant think of his name. you know the one. tall, green and yellow, carries around skulls on a stick. yeah, that one

Thursday, October 06, 2005

over it

ive tried not to let it bother me. and all the other times it has happened, it hasnt gotten to me. ive had people come here and accuse me of trying to steal their boyfriend. they wont, of course, say who they are, or who their boyfriend is beacuse then i may actually be able to defend myself. instead they hide behind anonymity, make their comments, and run away.
i've had people pretending to be me and my friends, commenting on posts and leaving tags on the board.
and now there are people, anonymous again, coming here and reading my thoughts and leving their comments. and thats fine. leave your comments and your thoughts on my posts, but when there are personal attacks on me, my friends or my family, thats when its not ok.
we cant even 'fight back' because your comments are just uncalled for.
you know full well that my son was not drinking beer, so why say that i'm feeding him alcohol? what was actually going on, was that he has really good taste in music,(he was singing a wilco song), he's just not so great at hearing the right words.
how dare you attack a 4 year old. cowardly, that is.
you critisize us for airing our personal thoughts and feelings, yet you will quite happily read them all and comment on them
i just dont understand how this is fun or entertaining for you. i dont understand how you can look down upon me for sitting on the floor to eat, when you find it so easy to poke fun at people and make them feel bad? i really dont get it.
all you know of me is what you read, you really have no right to judge me as a person. im quite willing to meet you in person. but im sure you wont do that. it would be too easy for me to find fault with you then.
the thing is that im not like that. i dont go round other peoples websites and leave nasty comments, and i really dont understand what you get out of doing it

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


eli is holding a jar of moisturizer, a pair of my knickers, a glow in the dark bracelet, a torch and some deoderant.
he is laying under my bed, singing 'you wont spill my beer'

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

im pretty sure clancy just fell in the toilet