Monday, October 31, 2005

yep, i think im gonna call it...

there was music and mayhem, there were laughter and (almost) tears, and there was you am i.

for the second weekend in a row i found myself at the gov hotel at hindmarsh, this time to see the amazing you am i. i think my favourite you am i gig of al time was the 96 thebarton gig when they played with powderfinger and flat stanley. as far as an overall feeling coupled with the support bands and the fact that gavin came up to me afterwards and we stared at each other, gobsmacked by what we had just witnessed, it was perfect. friday night, however, had the added bonus of playing at the gov which is a brilliant venue, you're so close to the band, its great. but also, the night was good because of the highs and lows that made it up.

to start off the day, i took tom to colonnades so that he could experience southern culture. and didnt he just. aaah, colonnades, what would we do without you?

tom said 'shouldn't you know everyone here?' just as we were walking towards embers store. before we got there we passed a girl i went to highschool with, and then we went to campbells newsagency where another girl i went to school with, works and also, lisa (james gf, natashas sister) was there buying lotto tickets. so yeah, it was good timing. except that at that moment, tom elected to go to a party, rather than see you am i. so we bought one ticket.

we went to target so tom could buy shoes, and he decided that he did want to go. but the campbells there doesnt sell tickets, so we tried to make it back to colonnades, but it was closed by the time we got there. 'we'll get one online!', nope. only tickets available at the door now.
so after we watched harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban, we made our way to the gov to find it totally sold out. totally, completely, utterly sold out.

and no one had a spare ticket. no one. then it happened, personwhosnameimustnevermention turned up with l. ooooh, switcheroo time! 3 in about 10 seconds. i couldnt look anyone in the eye, someone tried to start crying and i managed to stop that, but then someone else took over and almost yelled and i managed to stop that too.

then i was sad, very tired and a little headachey. i had decided to sell my ticket to some guys who were after one as well, and sit in the front room, getting drunk and listening to you am i, when a guy came up to us and asked if we needed a ticket. apparently his mate just hadnt turned up, and we looked so sad out there he wanted us to have it.


i looked for kent once i got inside, but couldnt see him anywhere. a couple of guys looked at me, and i looked at them, and there was a flicker of possible recognition, but both of us just kept walking.
we made our way to the front and got a great spot. i went to get drinks after a while, and both on the way to the bar and the way out, i almost ran straight into personwhosnameimustnevermention and l after emerging from the packed in masses.
there was a cute girl next to tom and i who kept saying 'do you know how excited i am? have i told you how excited i am? you do know how excited i am, right?' we knew, she was very cute and danced with me and we did the clapclap clap together at the exact same time. i informed her i'll be looking for her at the next you am i gig and she blew me a kiss.
there was moshing, there was jumping jumping jumping and singing at the top of our lungs. it was fucking fantastic and as they left the stage i felt a sense of euphoria, a satisfaction that timmy and the boys were back to their true form and they definately absofuckinglutely ARE NOT and HAVE NOT split up.

tom and i were kissing and we got a bit heckled. apparently tom is setting a bit of a high standard among the guys and they dont like it. i was informed i was very lucky to have someone like him, and since then ive been reminded of the 'high standard' of my boyfriend.


managed to get sunburned yesterday after spending about an hour on the beach. all covered up, even wearing a hat. still burned. hurts lots. ouch. x is worried my skin will fall off


banjo is home and has a nice long scar running down her tummy. i'd show you a picture but personwhosnameimustnevermention has the camera and i dont know how she'd feel about me putting her on the scanner


one of x's friends at school has a new baby brother. he brought him in to show the class today.
'this is clayton, he's a week old and he weighs 9 pounds, any questions?'
the first question? 'what do you think it felt like when the baby came out?'

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